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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEGATE

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Astrology, 16:[16] steps to determine what should be done to negate the planetary influences where it is deemedAstrology, 139:or orthodox planets and that they do not negate their influence. They only supplement [140] andAstrology, 324:sacrificing soul. It is in order eventually to negate the space-time concept and to prove it anAstrology, 523:democracies can eventually restore world order, negate the old order of selfishness and aggressionBethlehem, 11:It will be a revelation which will in no way negate our divine spiritual heritage, but will add theBethlehem, 15:Eastern doctrine of rebirth had tended to negate. Time was long; opportunity would endlessly recur;Bethlehem, 89:unfoldment of man's consciousness can verify or negate this theory of uniqueness. Today, as we lookDestiny, 17:the free expression of the life of God, for they negate the new culture and render inactive theDestiny, 98:democracies can eventually restore world order, negate the old order of selfishness and aggressionDiscipleship1, 48:or constructive group relations. It does not negate the expression of love or happy [49] groupDiscipleship1, 113:or cycle of experience which may temporarily negate your present cycle of influence but this shouldDiscipleship1, 138:of achieving a closer soul contact. This will negate the sense of inferiority. I call you also to aDiscipleship1, 167:and with a sense of urgency. This will [167] negate all lost motion and will permit no opportunityDiscipleship1, 286:upon yourself that discipline which will not negate or inhibit your efforts, but which will produceDiscipleship1, 289:of any personality can delay, but they cannot negate success. Basically, fundamentally andDiscipleship1, 327:made and every attitude assumed, so as to negate all tendency to emotional misrepresentation. ButDiscipleship1, 388:all your effort should be bent. This will not negate the use of worldly wisdom and the rightDiscipleship1, 426:say and let not any reaction to spiritual pride negate the import of my words. In my lastDiscipleship1, 519:will silently increase. This will in no way negate your right usefulness on planes other and lowerDiscipleship1, 552:and self-forgetfulness which will offset and negate that spiritual diffidence and dissatisfactionDiscipleship1, 576:or change the goal of your work; it will not negate in any way the methods in which you seek toDiscipleship1, 610:you and your fellowmen and will definitely negate your usefulness. It is the "organization spirit"Discipleship1, 632:processes of love - processes which in no way negate the holding of these attitudes but whichDiscipleship1, 678:yields to the cooling draught. Water and pain negate each other. Long is the process of the coolingDiscipleship2, 480:has to consider and which are potent enough to negate much of his effort (as has been the case inDiscipleship2, 582:into prominence, the initial effect is oft to negate the activity of the personality. This is oftDiscipleship2, 692:in terms of one group. This you are learning to negate and the loneliness of your present life hasDiscipleship2, 702:disciplines which will feed your aspiration and negate and render futile all desire. I look to seeEducation, 29:This, however, when rightly understood, will not negate individual effort. That always must be met;Education, 95:field of education in the new age. They will not negate the activities of modern science but willEducation, 96:which will finally end the fear of death, [96] negate all sense of separateness, and make a manEducation, 134:there are certain innate reactions which will negate conception, and that then the mechanical meansExternalisation, 106:conscious and which the conflict itself does not negate. Is this a hard saying? I seek to indicateExternalisation, 129:of that which is. They endeavor constantly to negate the new and to hold back the evolution andExternalisation, 215:of any possible peace - a goodwill which would negate any premature peace at this time, because theExternalisation, 605:yet remain deplorable and which would appear to negate all claims to divinity, is the wonder ofExternalisation, 617:a degree of holiness on His part which would negate His appropriation of a physical body of aFire, 955:It involves likewise the ability to negate or render futile all impulses arising from the lowerFire, 964:sweep of activity, till their energy tends to negate that of the lower centers, to absorb theirFire, 973:all the efforts of mental workers eventually to negate, offset, and transmute. These forms, whichFire, 1039:are not right, in so far as they overlook and negate the six other types of impulses, of equal orFire, 1054:fire, and solar fire itself in due time will negate the effects of fire by friction." Fire, 1064:investigators to lose their way, and thus negate the conclusions of years of study. They confuseFire, 1065:form, and had managed to pierce through (or to negate) both the dense physical [1066] body and theFire, 1110:bodies [1110] to the mental body, and thus negate the necessity of our entering upon the subject inGlamour, 223:factor which the true fifth ray person is apt to negate and refuse to admit, the fact of the HigherHealing, 101:many cases. In others, the patient's anxiety can negate the desired effects. In radiatory healing,Healing, 110:prevalent diseases, and so enable the wise to negate effects. This brevity and this system ofHealing, 137:Personality life and focus, which attempts to negate this soul control, and which is largelyHealing, 350:can set in motion superior energies which can negate or retard disease. The whole subject of faith,Healing, 355:light and knowledge may be received, they negate any possibility of such creative use of the unitedHealing, 368:a discovery which will revolutionize, though not negate, the majority of their theories. IndividualHealing, 368:occult light upon what he says, or which may negate his hypothesis. Then they would be growingHealing, 380:issuing from the Center where They dwell may negate the truth of man's free will." I am hereHealing, 394:of a concept of continuity which will negate disturbance, and emphasize the idea of one life andHealing, 401:to clear reasoning; among the arguments which negate its accuracy lies the fact that [402]Healing, 523:Laws of the Soul and will completely offset and negate the Laws of Nature; these laws will beHealing, 546:wise to grasp this important point, for it will negate disappointment. Disease is not going toHealing, 662:certain of the essential freedoms may eventually negate the beauty and the hope of the initialHercules, 118:render ineffective", and that for Virgo is to negate the whole purpose of the sign, for it is saidHercules, 142:this destruction. However, it is impossible to negate the powerful picture of the world disciple inIntellect, 68:the divinity of man himself, though it does not negate the mystical premises of the other group. ItIntellect, 96:application, will lead a man for instance, to negate the form aspect which his fellowman mayMagic, 185:exist in a man's record those conditions which negate his admission in this life. Magic, 225:comes to an end, as climatic conditions will negate form-life as we understand it. In relation toMagic, 358:yields to the cooling draught. Water and pain negate each other. Long is the process of the coolingMagic, 376:which emphasize the life aspect and appear to negate duality. Other schools (such as theMagic, 504:of the life energies above the diaphragm and so negate the attractive power of the solar plexus.Patanjali, 9:mind shut off the light of the soul and negate spiritual consciousness. Union is impossible as longProblems, 155:present attitude of the churches would seem to negate any possibility of a universal religion atPsychology1, 69:Lord of form. God and His form are one. Negate the dual concept. Lend color to the form. The lifePsychology1, 70:point of peace. Time and the timeless One negate the thoughts of men. But time is not. Form isPsychology1, 304:in these days is true, but that fact does not negate the greater fact that man has been created byPsychology1, 405:the egoic ray of the fourth kingdom, gradually negate the rays governing the personality as the manPsychology2, 99:constitute a tremendous mystery, and in no way negate the truth that Venus has a peculiar andPsychology2, 317:as the building agency, but at the same time to negate or offset the material concept ofPsychology2, 596:in the case of the majority of [596] my readers negate any such action. The old rule that aspirantsPsychology2, 668:hatreds, and the teaching given out will tend to negate the present ideas which are powerful inRays, 199:Shamballa face when the time comes for Them to "negate" our planetary life-expression andRays, 200:pass on to the cosmic astral plane. There They negate its existence as They have earlier negatedRays, 282:will aspect of the Monad supersedes but does not negate love (which has become, in its turn,Rays, 420:and type of realization: First ray souls have to negate their "isolated unity" and study the beautyRays, 420:ray Master who decides to go this way has to negate his attractive, magnetic tendencies and learnReappearance, 52:yet remain deplorable and which would appear to negate all claims to divinity, is the wonder of
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