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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEGATED

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Astrology, 320:form to hold the soul in captivity has been negated and tests and trials of the initiate up to theAstrology, 657:[657] scheme concerned, then cosmic evil will be negated and a relative perfection achieved." (C.F.Destiny, 85:controls, and personality aims and ambitions are negated. Discipleship1, 137:complex. This tendency, though it has not negated achievement in your personality life andDiscipleship1, 211:personal isolation is thereby infringed and negated. With you, however, this isolation is not theDiscipleship1, 360:in a great city, this inferiority complex is negated a great deal because you see the fruits ofDiscipleship1, 375:factor is your will. Self-will you have negated, through love. This you have achieved, and it isDiscipleship1, 400:sorrow and suffering which has eventually to be negated; this tendency is one of the problems whichDiscipleship1, 433:of the free, spiritual consciousness are negated by an inner attitude of mind. It is theDiscipleship1, 557:inner sense of weariness will then be carefully negated and consciously and intelligentlyDiscipleship1, 628:attachment and of inclusiveness. This has to be negated in the case of attachment and necessitatesDiscipleship1, 654:wise and powerful, but all this is relatively negated because you cannot step out of the center ofDiscipleship1, 739:always persists, though it may be temporarily negated in the need of the larger group to protectDiscipleship2, 701:felt when the higher triumphs and the lower is negated. You might ask me why this is so? I wouldDiscipleship2, 731:and your instantaneous cooperation, completely negated that possibility, but the tendency to glamorDiscipleship2, 732:my corrective teaching and aid, has been largely negated by your supine acceptance of failure, byExternalisation, 224:of the waiting Forces of intervention is being negated by the faithlessness of the world disciplesExternalisation, 244:and thus the sense of individual futility is negated. To the most unimportant man in the mostExternalisation, 326:that their work on the side of evolution is negated, and that effort to promote the development ofExternalisation, 436:law of hate and of separation must be negated and offset. The problem with which the Christ isExternalisation, 480:within a few minutes. Time and space are now negated. Externalisation, 568:They have completely transcended and utterly negated. There is nothing in the three worlds withExternalisation, 609:world arena wherein His earlier message has been negated, forgotten or misinterpreted for twoExternalisation, 688:to us all) weakens, and glamor and illusion are negated by a rapid spiritualizing of humanity, theFire, 154:less potent. Gradually (so gradually as to seem negated when viewed from the physical plane) theFire, 990:scheme concerned, then again cosmic evil will be negated, and a relative perfection achieved. ThisFire, 1021:own inherent energy neutralized, and its purpose negated. They might also produce such a powerful,Fire, 1044:of the confining spheroidal wall is negated, and a blaze results. The old Commentary expressed thisFire, 1049:is so dominant that the influence of the form is negated, and leads to its eventual discarding.Fire, 1103:the "reflecting astral body." Thus separation is negated. Students will note, therefore, that theGlamour, 62:it in such a way that its usefulness is negated. Thus, from the very first moment of contact, theGlamour, 180:the mystical way and though not intended to be negated in the disciple's life, is not used at thisHealing, 35:the aspirant or disciple, and becomes so utterly negated that eventually it constitutes one of theHealing, 283:for mainly physical requirements have soundly negated its basic tenets. Otherwise Man might haveHealing, 283:Hierarchy, and its usefulness has been largely negated. Healers and healing groups work as yet at aHealing, 290:karma in the three worlds is met, overcome and negated; at the same time karma connected with theHealing, 481:inner spiritual man, those conditions will be negated and those habits avoided which today leadHealing, 502:but upon the Path of Initiation pain is largely negated, not because the initiate endeavors toHealing, 640:lives of the threefold personality is completely negated. But (to return to our theme) the atomicHealing, 661:a complete imprisonment of the soul and negated all true growth for the masses of men. From theHealing, 672:that elevation both time and space are totally negated, for the vision of Christ ranged from theInitiation, 154:- that of Shiva the Destroyer, - the not-self is negated, and all that is not of spirit passes intoInitiation, 170:understand how karma in the three worlds can be negated. The relation of that hierarchy ofIntellect, 112:and outer things have been steadily negated; this has not been accomplished through a passiveIntellect, 125:have hitherto engrossed its attention can be negated and a new field of awareness become possible.Intellect, 125:of awareness. When these activities can be negated and the rich and sensitive mind can be refocusedIntellect, 135:of practical and physical affairs is temporarily negated. If the student is not naturally of theMagic, 83:does not exist. When the life of the spirit is negated, when the manifesting life concentratesMagic, 392:kingdom, and is realized but merged into and negated by the greater forms and consciousnesses whichMagic, 438:nor purely spiritual. The ordinary horoscope is negated. The horoscope is not possible as yet ofMagic, 440:offset almost entirely and sometimes completely negated. It is not possible to cast the horoscopePatanjali, 84:and as the sense contacts are continually negated by the real man (who no longer seeks to identifyPatanjali, 92:an act of the will whereby the form is negated by the senses and the knower passes behind it toPatanjali, 131:(as we understand the term) is, of course, negated, but it cannot be too frequently emphasized thatPatanjali, 234:body which make it visible to the human eye are negated (or withdrawn) and the yogi can renderPatanjali, 270:karma will be adjusted and possible future karma negated and the process of liberation will proceedPatanjali, 280:body which make it visible to the human eye are negated (or withdrawn) and the yogi can renderPatanjali, 281:light and when that is the case visibility is negated and (from the standpoint of the human eye) hePatanjali, 409:a scheme of life and a kingdom of being hitherto negated by us, because not seen. Hence the needPatanjali, 422:hindrances and obstacles could be overcome and negated are most carefully given and from the momentProblems, 112:the Negro is not educationally fitted to vote is negated by the fact that he can and does vote inProblems, 176:and the monied interests in many countries have negated their efforts. Russia has no moniedPsychology2, 158:whole, wherein his own desires and urges are negated in the interest of the wider life of humanity,Psychology2, 427:too important, and this should be definitely negated. That the crisis faced indicates progress andRays, 183:to be destroyed, dissipated, dissolved or negated. Maya is in reality an aspect of time, andRays, 200:They negate its existence as They have earlier negated the existence of the astral plane, soRays, 234:of World Servers is very real and cannot be negated. Rays, 264:glamor are mastered and the control of maya is negated; under the Law of Attraction the nature ofRays, 283:and mastered and finally had to be completely negated - negated in such a manner that it droppedRays, 283:and finally had to be completely negated - negated in such a manner that it dropped below the levelRays, 437:time will be ending and the Law of Karma will be negated; it is at present so closely related toRays, 706:their repudiation of spiritual opportunity has negated His use of their racial type again. It wouldReappearance, 56:world arena wherein His earlier message has been negated, forgotten or misinterpreted for twoReappearance, 115:it as giving him plenty of time; this has negated the driving effort to achieve a goal. The averageSoul, 79:by a world of energies which cannot be negated. We live in a universe animated by forces. Speed,Telepathy, 64:have their effects - these effects being negated and rendered useless (or innocuous, if you preferTelepathy, 79:forward by humanity is modified and often negated by two factors: Human ignorance and selfishness,
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