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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEGATIVE

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Astrology, 15:body which is pre-eminently automatic and negative in its reactions) must and does ever respond. AnAstrology, 31:planetary Logos and the other the relayer of the negative aspect. There is, therefore, a directAstrology, 43:These Hierarchies are all interrelated and are negative or positive to each other, as the case mayAstrology, 118:cycle of manifestation. He is, at this stage, negative, fluid and endowed with an instinctualAstrology, 123:environment. The hidden powers of the soul are negative and the powers of the form nature areAstrology, 183:of a low grade type or purely trance mediums - negative and usually unintelligent - are born inAstrology, 184:or of consummation; they will not in any case be negative lives or lacking in direction, event orAstrology, 233:between the Sheep and the Goats, between negative and positive, and between those who blindlyAstrology, 234:established and soul and body (positive and negative) are permanently related in the lives of theAstrology, 236:between so-called right and wrong, between negative and positive and also between East and West.Astrology, 255:mother because she represents cosmically the negative pole to positive spirit; she is the receptiveAstrology, 270:their relation to the seven Rishis. Provide the negative pole to the positive aspect of the sevenAstrology, 309:frequently gives the Leo subject an apparently negative attitude to life; he inevitably believesAstrology, 460:Motivating, blended energy, neither positive nor negative. A responsive point of negative energy. AAstrology, 460:positive nor negative. A responsive point of negative energy. A major center, completing theAstrology, 480:and through intent, and will not concern his negative reaction to the conditioning energies. Astrology, 584:selfish ends, as in the case of the sensitive, negative German people and its use by the AxisAstrology, 674:in a positive incarnation and the other in a negative) caused a planetary alliance. Light flashedAstrology, 684:two schemes is due largely to their positive and negative polarity, and I pointed out that aAstrology, 686:[686] are equally so) why they should be termed negative if they are the donors and not theAstrology, 686:are the donors and not the receivers, for to be negative is surely to be receptive. This is indeedAtom, 34:the sun by the planets - with many electrons or negative corpuscles, thus subdividing the atom ofAtom, 34:according to the number and arrangement of these negative electrons around their positive nucleus,Atom, 61:nucleus, which holds rotating around it the negative electrons, so all forms in all the kingdoms ofAtom, 78:charge of electricity energizing a number of negative particles. It became apparent to us that theAtom, 84:energizing unit may constructively control its negative aspect. We are all of us entities,Atom, 110:is perhaps usually understood by that word, a negative, receptive state of mind, or a state ofAtom, 111:of thought, and an attitude which is neither negative nor positive, but an equal balance betweenAtom, 120:when we speak about "centers of energy," "negative and positive force," and "electrical phenomena";Atom, 122:or central sun, with the electrons, or the negative aspect, revolving in their orbits around it.Atom, 135:of "medium." The average medium is a man of a negative or receptive nature, and usually so looselyAtom, 136:shall be Knowers. But this is a positive, not a negative thing, and means the putting of oneself inAtom, 151:within the group, and from being positive become negative in regard to a greater life, if it isAtom, 157:all matter, they may perhaps [157] represent the negative aspect, whose polar opposite, or theAutobiography, 9:of one's life. It is what metaphysicians call a negative statement. But the statement is true. I doBethlehem, 80:simply says: "This is so." This believing yet negative attitude has been held too long. Looking onBethlehem, 139:under the good, he will form a secondary and negative self, a disinherited self, hostile to theBethlehem, 144:spoken from Mount Sinai through Moses, with its negative emphasis and its punitive interpretation,Bethlehem, 269:heard when a man succeeds in becoming so utterly negative and so emptied of all intelligent thoughtDestiny, 45:and definitely relegates him to the realm of the negative, of the uncontrolled and of materialDestiny, 55:is useful to bear in mind that some nations are negative and feminine and others are masculine andDestiny, 57:race. The emotional and mental patterns are the negative and positive aspects of the personality ofDestiny, 79:assertion is realized by many in Germany but the negative Piscean personality attitude provides aDiscipleship1, 11:and that is your deep sincerity. It is not a negative thing (as some claim) to point out a fault orDiscipleship1, 118:vehicle, is also active in the right sense (negative to the world of the senses and receptive toDiscipleship1, 152:sense - it has little life of its own. It is negative to an amazing extent and this againDiscipleship1, 184:attitude to your group brothers is somewhat negative, is it not? A more positive contact would beDiscipleship1, 249:was discovery - discovery of weakness, not a negative discovery but one which was fraught withDiscipleship1, 504:temperament leads you to draw to yourself negative people and you are happier with them than withDiscipleship1, 557:the most important of them all. The idea is not negative, as you suppose. The personalities of theDiscipleship1, 557:goal. For long cycles, the soul has been negative in its effect upon the personality, and theDiscipleship1, 748:been achieved. The implications are, therefore, negative. This is frequently desirable whereDiscipleship1, 749:and intelligent. [749] The Law of Positive and Negative Relationships underlies all these stages.Discipleship1, 749:That which is higher is, at first, always negative to that which is lower; then interim changesDiscipleship1, 772:human activities and human welfare. Nor is a negative attitude adequate to the solution of theDiscipleship2, 68:superior knowledge. All this is expressed in a negative, unconstructive manner. To this manyDiscipleship2, 202:mystical, and though not futile, is nevertheless negative in creative results. Members of the NewDiscipleship2, 396:Plan. This is the positive and not the negative aspect of these words. The disciple moves always inDiscipleship2, 452:These phases of activity - both positive and negative - can be applied in all aspects of life andDiscipleship2, 482:- shrinking and sensitive - took refuge in a negative attitude to people as a whole; you developedDiscipleship2, 483:reactions to those who desired contact have been negative, and this at times when you yourselfDiscipleship2, 489:life, fixedly waiting for the moment when your negative attitude to the physical plane and yourDiscipleship2, 489:making no resistance but remains quiescent and negative - able to make the Great Transition withoutDiscipleship2, 524:of your life be triumphant in love; let them be negative to criticism; all your group brothers areDiscipleship2, 531:they produce impractical attitudes and negative activities. The one who thus holds them frequentlyDiscipleship2, 641:the position of listening without becoming negative or losing the [642] recollection of who you areDiscipleship2, 683:is a positive protection, but does not lead to a negative attitude of being cared for on the partDiscipleship2, 686:expression. It can, and eventually will, be negative to the soul, revealing the higher mind. It isDiscipleship2, 686:whilst considering the pairs of opposites (the negative and positive factors) to study theDiscipleship2, 686:Spirit - Positive Soul - Balancing Personality - Negative Higher mind - Positive Soul - The pointDiscipleship2, 686:Soul - The point of balance Lower mind - Negative Lower mind - Positive Emotional nature - FieldDiscipleship2, 686:Emotional nature - Field for balancing Brain - Negative You have, in the above groupings, threeDiscipleship2, 730:strength again. But be not depressed; simply be negative to all the suggestions of glamor and beDiscipleship2, 733:in a more dynamic life, instead of the basically negative life you at present demonstrate; you willExternalisation, 8:Lower Psychism: Animal - Uncontrolled - Negative - Automatic - Mediumship These distinctions areExternalisation, 9:the higher. That between the lowest type of negative Mediumship and the highest type of inspiredExternalisation, 10:The first thing to be borne in mind is that negative, unintelligent Mediumship and psychism reducesExternalisation, 13:subject themselves they must avoid the present negative methods, and instead of "sitting forExternalisation, 13:out of its present ignorant, speculative and negative position to one of potent assurance, provedExternalisation, 14:will have to cease. The goal for the low-grade negative psychic should be the training of the mindExternalisation, 32:during the next few decades. The masses are negative to the plane of desire and of feeling, and theExternalisation, 32:We have therefore in the human family: Masses - Negative - responsive to desire - CivilizationExternalisation, 32:The spiritually minded people of the world are negative to the higher spiritual world as itExternalisation, 33:the masses and the intellectuals together negative in their turn to the positive impression of theExternalisation, 33:esoteric aspirants in their turn constitute the negative pole to the positive impression and energyExternalisation, 33:or occult Hierarchy. Consequently, we have: Negative Groups - The Masses - The Churches andExternalisation, 34:a bridging group which would be neither entirely negative nor entirely positive which prompted someExternalisation, 34:both the phenomenal and the impulsive, the negative and the positive, the material and theExternalisation, 35:They are a bridging group, bridging between the negative mass of mankind and the positive agency ofExternalisation, 82:depression. If you give way to these, you become negative and destructive focal points in yourExternalisation, 118:spiritual element not attached itself to the negative material aspect, the present world conflictExternalisation, 124:of the Ten Commandments. These, though negative in their form and dogmatic in their attitude, haveExternalisation, 221:two banners or in some one of the neutral and negative countries. Your problem in all three casesExternalisation, 224:themselves the slightest enthusiasm. It is this negative and lukewarm attitude, this mentalExternalisation, 228:with your environment, you can eliminate the negative and more selfish reactions and (for the sakeExternalisation, 239:same time have chosen and are still choosing the negative and weak way; and through fear, aExternalisation, 248:and to synthesize, has passed through a negative stage and through an interlude wherein it was notExternalisation, 345:selfish ends, as in the case of the sensitive, negative German people and its use by the AxisExternalisation, 377:and never again can they sink back into the negative condition of the past. There is faith on everyExternalisation, 379:more often than for good. Of this tendency the negative and helpless attitude of the German people
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