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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEGATIVE

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Externalisation, 379:Nazi rulers is the outstanding example. But this negative receptivity (which does not deserve theExternalisation, 428:mentality for a great length of time. This negative nation, with its arrogant psychology (one ofExternalisation, 428:righteousness must take the place of the present negative acceptance of evil. With humility andExternalisation, 475:preparing to obsess and ultimately possess the negative German people, ruled by a group of men ofExternalisation, 475:peace" when there was no peace, and present a negative [476] aspect of love-to-all-peoples whilstExternalisation, 487:of indecision, of ineffective action and of negative yet deep discouragement. Workers will be proneExternalisation, 496:the group of evil forces who were impressing the negative German people were unable to attain theExternalisation, 544:then and today by the Jews - given [544] in a negative and not a positive form. The ChristExternalisation, 587:psychic powers. He deplores and represses all negative conditions and forms of thinking as heExternalisation, 689:in detail from the cosmic astral plane. From the negative or purely material forces of the planet,Fire, 4:Person - Holy Spirit, Form, Active Intelligence, Negative energy. Each of these three is alsoFire, 4:being composed of a positive nucleus, the negative electrons, and the totality of the outer [5]Fire, 97:The etheric body may therefore be described as negative or receptive in respect to the rays of theFire, 156:from without. Every atom is both positive and negative; it is receptive or negative where theFire, 156:both positive and negative; it is receptive or negative where the inflowing force is concerned, andFire, 236:First this takes place between Themselves, the negative and the positive rays merging and fusing,Fire, 280:as the vibration becomes sufficiently strong. A negative planet will be attracted by a positive,Fire, 296:is better ascertained (and by this I mean their negative or positive interplay), then it will beFire, 321:electronic activity or energy of the mass of negative atoms awaiting the stimulation that willFire, 321:and demonstrates as: Involution, wherein the negative electrons of matter preponderate. TheFire, 322:wherein, due to the action of manas, these negative atoms become stimulated and either dissipateFire, 322:vortices of force which - having absorbed the negative - will demonstrate as electrical phenomenaFire, 323:out, however, that the generative organs are the negative pole to the throat center as is the solarFire, 323:of the planetary schemes are positive and others negative; three of the schemes are dual, bothFire, 323:negative; three of the schemes are dual, both negative and positive. The same can be predicatedFire, 323:one in a positive incarnation and the other in a negative - caused the working out of an old debtFire, 324:are related, as we already know; the astral is negative in relation to the buddhic plane. When theFire, 324:freedom. Further, when the relationship of the negative form to the positive Spirit is grasped, andFire, 325:positive in his own nature but his vehicles are negative; hence he is the central unit of positiveFire, 325:as regards their own vehicles) are but the negative cells in the body of a Heavenly Man, and areFire, 325:regards the lesser lives, but in Their turn are negative as regards the greater Life that containsFire, 325:Fire - Positive - Spirit. Fire by Friction - Negative - Matter. Solar Fire - Light - The twoFire, 375:two schemes is due largely to their positive and negative polarity, and I pointed out that aFire, 377:are equally so) why they should be termed negative if they are the donors and not the receivers,Fire, 377:are the donors and not the receivers, for to be negative is surely to be receptive. This is indeedFire, 414:Earth chain formed two units, or two polarities, negative and positive. The point of merging wasFire, 432:progresses, these forms become receptive and negative and are thus responsive to the positiveFire, 441:seventh interact, one acting temporarily as a negative force and the other as a positive. The fifthFire, 467:force for the feminine or deva aspect, being negative, becomes responsive to the positive energy ofFire, 467:results. Constructive results transpire in the negative etheric matter of the plane and on the fourFire, 477:at present termed electrons by science, are the negative aspect, and this is true not only of theFire, 478:that it eventually scatters the electrons or negative points which compose its sphere of influence,Fire, 478:the solar system is dual, and is in itself both negative and positive: positive as regards its ownFire, 478:positive: positive as regards its own form, but negative as regards its greater sphere. Every atomFire, 479:Every atom therefore is [479] both positive and negative, - it is an electron as well as an atom.Fire, 479:atom is eventually broken down. The electrons or negative units seek a new center. The central lifeFire, 479:to merge with its polar opposite becoming itself negative and seeking the positive. This isFire, 482:of things. The black magician works with the negative aspect, with the electrons, if I might soFire, 488:energy. The dark Brother deals with the negative electrical energy. Second. The white BrotherFire, 492:being the latent fire of the atom, or its negative aspect; the process is carried on through theFire, 492:its most mysterious angle. Fire by friction, the negative electricity of substance, has been forFire, 506:fire, of the Spirit (electric fire) meeting the negative fire of matter, or "fire by friction";Fire, 524:just in one of its aspects as at present; the negative electricity of the planet is all that is asFire, 524:that this term is used in the sense of negative in relation to solar electricity. When man hasFire, 524:positive solar electricity in combination with negative planetary electricity, we shall have a veryFire, 527:itself, and subsequently builds into form, the negative or third aspect. But it must here beFire, 527:the vehicle of the divine Ray." (S. D., I, 108.) Negative force forms a receptacle for positiveFire, 528:of that cosmic Entity Who is to the Logos the negative aspect of electricity. Every form 73 andFire, 528:of positive force and its interaction with negative energy. It is the vitality of the second aspectFire, 536:we have dealt with the positive force in all negative forms above, and including the human kingdom.Fire, 560:will have given place to the broader concept of negative and positive energy as the two aspects ofFire, 560:- or the union of the male and female, the negative and the positive, on the physical plane - willFire, 560:mental levels, and clothing itself in a veil of negative substance. These two factors in turn willFire, 560:man, is the union of a positive emanation and a negative. These two are the emanations of a Unity,Fire, 575:Logically this would be so, for involution is negative, receptive, and corresponds to the feminineFire, 575:along the. line of least resistance; they remain negative, taking the line of acquiescence, ofFire, 589:The concrete Rays have an especial effect on the negative evolution of the devas, who form theFire, 600:major Rays will always be the dual Rays - the negative-positive Rays, the masculine-feminine Rays -Fire, 612:themselves positive force, and those which are negative force, the conscious and the blind workers.Fire, 612:phenomena whilst the lesser Builders are the negative aspect. Two types of force are represented inFire, 613:positive center of force, and which sweep the negative aspect into the line of that force, and thusFire, 613:The union of Father (positive force) and Mother (negative force) produces that central blaze whichFire, 613:positive life or energy which, through action on negative force, creates bodies of manifestationFire, 613:Fire Elementals The lesser Builders 95 are the negative aspect and are swept into action in groupFire, 614:in substance, viewing substance as that which is negative, and therefore occultly to be moved, andFire, 614:balance forces and deal with positive and negative energies as appears best in the interests of theFire, 614:to be positive force in essence, works with negative substance, or with the lesser Builders toFire, 616:plane. This focusing of the positive affects the negative substance of the four lower planes andFire, 617:and it is their action upon the negative aspect which produces the human Ego (on a large scale,Fire, 617:as cosmic force); it is their action upon the negative or mother aspect which, on cosmic levels,Fire, 617:and fecundating matter, whilst the negative or lesser Builders correspond to the Virgin Mary. TheFire, 618:govern. The positive can always manipulate the negative. When the negative line is followed and theFire, 618:can always manipulate the negative. When the negative line is followed and the line of leastFire, 618:then we have evil. In the first solar system the negative substance aspect, the Mother aspect orFire, 619:Thought, and this through the manipulation of negative substance; they utilize the heat of theFire, 619:Deity, a self-conscious Entity, works with His negative aspect through positive force, from logoicFire, 624:of least resistance for a particular type of negative force to pour through. The Cosmic PhysicalFire, 636:construction of forms. They produce the union of negative and positive substance, and thus bringFire, 637:human, and deva substance is also feminine and negative, the human Hierarchy being masculine.Fire, 637:the positive activity of the centers, the negative deva substance is influenced, built andFire, 639:are the result of: Reflex action on the part of negative substance for the lower three are negativeFire, 639:of negative substance for the lower three are negative to the higher four. Synchronous vibration,Fire, 639:higher four. Synchronous vibration, inherent in negative substance, the residue of an earlierFire, 643:activity is produced by the interplay of the negative and positive aspects of Brahma, theFire, 646:and the fire or vitality which animates them are negative and positive to each other. This centerFire, 650:of manifestation, or Spirit-matter; with the negative or the mother aspect, in the divine duality,Fire, 654:electrical phenomena. Those which embody the negative aspect. That group which - in time and spaceFire, 660:body of man is positive to the physical plane, negative to the mental, and positive to the buddhicFire, 660:and the separative processes of that plane, and negative to the buddhic plane, or receptive to theFire, 671:subject of the devas in their dual aspect as the negative and positive substance which produces
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