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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEGATIVE

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Fire, 671:it involves the study of the positive and negative interaction. As says the old Commentary again:Fire, 672:substance itself, through the interaction of negative and positive deva lives. Substance itselfFire, 694:- Positive. The fourth subplane - mental units - Negative. The egoic groups - causal bodies -Fire, 695:is completed. The lower three kingdoms, being negative to the higher force, the mutual attractionFire, 701:which is occultly the same. The lesser was not negative to the greater Life. Where the Spark wasFire, 701:was implanted we have the receptivity of the negative aspect to the positive force and thereforeFire, 704:aspect in manifestation and pass down into [704] negative matter, deva or hierarchical substance,Fire, 704:evidences of activity. The Hierarchies are the negative aspect as far as the Rays are concerned andFire, 704:electrons or lesser lives within the form are negative. The mystery of the Manasaputras is hiddenFire, 729:apparent. He is positive electrical force, plus negative electrical force, plus the equilibrisingFire, 744:energy which seizes upon its polar opposite (negative substance), and utilizes it. [745] TheFire, 779:of atomic substance, and in their lower are the negative [780] aspect of the same substance. TheyFire, 780:on the three planes. The lowest group are the negative aspect of energized substance and the matterFire, 782:of attractive force. 3. The response of the negative substance concerned and its molding into theFire, 832:Positive force - Or that which energizes. Negative force - Or that which is the recipient ofFire, 833:- positive energy - Father. Fire by friction - negative energy - Mother. Solar fire - radiantFire, 833:their own ranks a dual energy, both positive and negative. There is the positive life of the egoicFire, 833:the energy of the petal substance itself, or the negative aspect which is swept by the positiveFire, 835:of the light produced by the commingling of the negative and positive energy. All that is left inFire, 836:has had such a [836] remarkable effect. This negative type of force gradually dissipates, orFire, 875:said. (Bible. John XIV, 8.) The Mother, or the negative aspect, builds and nourishes, guards andFire, 887:in the three worlds, those who represent the negative aspect of force, being on the involutionaryFire, 888:vitality of the third Logos. These lives, being negative energy, are responsive to their polarFire, 888:the forms themselves become in their turn negative, and responsive to still another type of force,Fire, 888:the three fires meet: Fire by friction, or the negative Brahma Aspect, the third Aspect. SolarFire, 888:the third Aspect. Solar Fire, or the positive negative Vishnu Aspect, the second Aspect. ElectricFire, 897:"vault"; both forms are hollow, both have their negative and positive extremities, their poles, soFire, 917:in its fourfold differentiation, and the triple negative receptive lower substance - thatFire, 917:energy of the three ensuing etheric levels. The negative receptive energy of the three planes [918]Fire, 918:has dealt principally with the Mother, with the negative receptive matter, and is only now becomingFire, 1014:are subsidiary to this. Through manipulation of negative and positive energy, thus bringing them toFire, 1014:astral sheath. On the physical plane the negative force of the solar Angel is all that is needed toFire, 1039:by the impact of the positive charge upon the negative charges. This is true of all atoms, cosmic,Fire, 1044:of life from the male attractive planet to the negative and receptive one, and finally, at a laterFire, 1045:impulses. Yet all can be expressed in terms of negative and [1046] positive force, manifesting asFire, 1061:First, that the tangible objective exterior, negative, receptive, and occultly unorganized, isFire, 1065:from what might be called the electronic or negative lives within the atomic periphery, but doesFire, 1065:of any atom in due course of evolution becomes negative to a greater life toward which it isFire, 1075:of a higher vibratory activity, and when the negative lives within the atomic periphery areFire, 1081:fourth progression, Electric sparks, Units of negative resistance, The equilibrized atoms. ManyFire, 1094:point of active positive force - the hub. The negative stream of life - the radiating spokes. TheFire, 1103:as positive. The physical bodies are regarded as negative to the mental. The astral vehicle is theFire, 1133:being. It provides that energy which is the negative basis for the [1134] positive inflow which canFire, 1134:the vegetable kingdom similarly provides the negative energy for the astral permanent atom of aFire, 1134:and thirdly, the animal kingdom provides the negative force which when energized by the positive isFire, 1134:The energy of the physical permanent atom - negative. Man is then closely linked with the threeFire, 1135:the two, and connects the positive and the negative. The types of most intense rajas or activity inFire, 1141:the downward, and the upward arc, is in itself a negative force impelled into activity by aFire, 1141:are demonstrated in the fact that some forms are negative-positive, others positive-negative,Fire, 1141:forms are negative-positive, others positive-negative, whilst still others are at the point ofFire, 1153:and energies of the septenate of schemes as the negative basis for the reception of positiveFire, 1156:the lowest and being related to the dense and negative matter. It will be apparent that the pastFire, 1158:being received. The etheric body is formed of a negative aspect of fire, and is the recipient of aFire, 1166:is the basic law of one pole, that of the negative aspect; the Law of Synthesis is the basic law ofFire, 1167:aspect. The Law of Economy is the law of the negative electron; the Law of Synthesis is the Law ofFire, 1169:(or the Soul with the physical substance). The negative planetary lives with the positive onesFire, 1172:the planetary Entity. This force works upon the negative, or lowest, aspect of all physical forms.Fire, 1186:Activity (Universal Mind). Fire by Friction. Negative. PLANETARY LOGOS: 1. Planetary Causal Body.Fire, 1186:Planet. Systemic Activity. Fire by Friction. Negative. MAN: 1. Human Causal Body. Jewel. Monad.Fire, 1186:Angels. Lower Threefold Man. Fire by Friction. Negative. PLANES: 1. Plane Raja Lord. A DevaFire, 1186:Solar Fire. 3. Electrons. Nuclei. Elementals. Negative. Fire by Friction. As time goes on, scienceFire, 1189:of the etheric centers and certain forms of negative energy of the lowest kind. Such, for instance,Fire, 1195:31 The Rays are vehicles and are, therefore, negative receivers. The Hierarchies are the users ofFire, 1201:These hierarchies are all interrelated and are negative or positive to each other as the case mayFire, 1208:This can also be viewed in terms of energy. The negative lives of a hierarchy follow the followingFire, 1208:of a hierarchy follow the following sequence: Negative energy. Equilibrated energy. PositiveFire, 1208:The positive lives of one hierarchy become the negative lives of another when they pass into it,Fire, 1208:view it also in its transitional state, as the negative blends and merges into the positive, andFire, 1208:into the positive, and the positive becomes the negative pole of a higher vibratory stage. ThereFire, 1209:a positive emanation, and a hierarchy which is a negative emanation of the Logos, upon which HisFire, 1213:and purposes) and that which should be negative in the human kingdom was stimulated into a positiveFire, 1214:Human energy - Equilibrized. Animal energy - Negative. Or, to word it otherwise, the positiveGlamour, 28:for the positive auras subordinate the negative auras. What is required is a combination ofGlamour, 31:which is divorced from the danger of a negative receptivity and is responsive, at the same time, toGlamour, 155:control, the Dweller is positive and the Soul is negative in their effects in the three worlds ofGlamour, 155:changes and the personality steadily becomes negative and the soul or psyche becomes dominant andGlamour, 156:of oscillation. Sagittarius - controls the negative Dweller. It might be added that the three signsGlamour, 209:the positive light of the mind and the negative light of the brain and is carried forward throughGlamour, 217:and held by the positive personality, for a negative attitude is not desirable. The retained lightGlamour, 223:and thus delay their liberation from it by a negative attitude of inferiority and distress. TheyGlamour, 242:quality upon the physical plane; they make him negative or positive to various types of impactingGlamour, 256:of the Spiritual Triad; in other words, the negative receptor of thought (the brain), the agent ofHealing, 16:party, and should be passive, quiescent and negative. Secondly, there is the appearance of the workHealing, 25:in the masses. This leads to a relatively negative etheric body which is tuned in on the entireHealing, 35:in incarnation: the energy of life itself, the negative energy of the personality, and the positiveHealing, 50:good effects, according to the quality of the negative dense physical body. These differ accordingHealing, 52:the soul forces as they are faintly indicated. A negative analysis concerning what is not presentHealing, 53:force pouring into the etheric centers. A negative analysis of those aspects of soul energy whichHealing, 71:self-pity, self-consideration, or in a focused negative condition, that his vision is narrowed andHealing, 72:physical form, producing good and bad results, negative or positive results, as the case may be.Healing, 92:in the simple word acceptance. This is not a negative state of settling down to a submissive nonHealing, 109:system is masculine too. The fact is that the negative faculty or the feminine aspect dominates,Healing, 141:and plexi and their many ramifications are the negative aspects of the positive energies whichHealing, 143:personality. Each is therefore both positive and negative; each can be described as a unit ofHealing, 154:of the sacral center. In that center the negative and the positive creative energies are embodiedHealing, 307:(when it does not affect the gland except in a negative sense), or as it leaves it (when its effectHealing, 310:produces some form of disease. It is again the negative and the positive aspects brought into aHealing, 316:sex organs are a lower correspondence of the negative-positive relation existing in the brainHealing, 322:when present and positive, protects. When it is negative and weak, it leaves the physical bodyHealing, 335:for this life is the spleen. In the spleen, the negative life of matter and the living energy of
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