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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEGATIVE

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Rays, 246:however, as human approach to that will remains negative, submissive, and acquiescent (as it doesRays, 482:as dynamic, positive energies, as receptive, negative energies, or as magnetic, attractive forces.Rays, 482:of establishing constructive relations between negative and positive energies and the subsequentRays, 541:essential duality of manifestation itself; the negative and the positive poles present within theRays, 541:active and positive work and effort) is rendered negative to that which is being invoked, and byRays, 541:tension - connotes essentially the fusion of the negative and the positive aspects. Owing to this,Rays, 541:of that positive focal point is then rendered negative to that higher vibration or contact which isRays, 571:of this seventh ray is to bring together the negative and positive aspects of the naturalRays, 574:Purpose, goodwill is the reflection. To readjust negative and positive relationships, and - today -Rays, 624:Germany as a nation is too young, immature, and negative to realize the true uses of power; sheRays, 627:you have the presentation of a positive and a negative energy, and when they are fused and blendedRays, 668:of male and female, or of the positive and negative poles in the human family. This is right andRays, 669:the magnetic relationship between the now negative personality and the positive soul, withRays, 670:its relation to its opposite pole - either negative and feminine or masculine and positive. To theRays, 671:the head then become correspondingly active; the negative and the positive elements affect eachRays, 677:specific and undesirable to him. He is now negative to their appeal and positive to the higherRays, 681:lowered its prestige and made its position both negative and negligible to the world. It is theRays, 681:and great power and their victims, plus the negative reactions of the remaining nations. There isRays, 742:values; that can be slowly righted. They are negative as yet in action, and prone to words and notRays, 757:Commandments are didactic and [757] present the negative angle. Then Christ came and gave to us theReappearance, 114:submission of mankind to the divine will is a negative submission; the true submission is aReappearance, 146:East have over-emphasized these laws so that a negative, acquiescent attitude to life and itsReappearance, 146:or refuse to be an accepting Christian, or a negative professional Christian, and go to anReappearance, 186:Goodwill is today a dream, a theory, a negative force. It should be developed into a fact, aSoul, 54:positive nucleus, or positive nuclei, as well as negative aspects, so in every etheric body thereSoul, 54:are positive centers of force in the midst of negative substance. The human being too has anSoul, 54:too has an etheric body which is positive to the negative physical body, which galvanizes it [55]Soul, 57:Life is as positive electricity, substance negative. Life is dynamic, substance static. Life isSoul, 58:is positive, while the dense physical body is negative. The etheric body is the cohesive factor,Soul, 113:between [113] the vehicles of the positive and negative Pranas. The nerves are the positive, theSoul, 113:nerves are the positive, the bloodvessels the negative system of the body. Wherever there areSoul, 141:the center between the eyebrows. This center is negative to the center in the head which isSoul, 142:its part. A relationship is set up between the negative center and its counterpart, the pituitarySoul, 147:of these will inevitably and completely negative the whole field of science, for determinism to beTelepathy, 25:power to motivate: 1. The force of love with its negative quality which Attracts the neededTelepathy, 39:victim will be definitely serious, rendering him negative, and with a weakened will. The result ofTelepathy, 139:of occultism is, at this time, relatively negative to the fact and the nature of the etheric body.
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