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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEGRO

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Autobiography, 105:up against the racial problem. I had no anti-Negro feeling, except that I did not believe inAutobiography, 105:education) we most carefully saw to it that the Negro was not equal. Things are better in the NorthAutobiography, 105:better in the North than in the South but the Negro problem is one that the American people willAutobiography, 105:them. I remember at Lane Theological Seminary a Negro professor, a Doctor Franklin, had beenAutobiography, 105:own home for lunch. The discovery of the anti-Negro feeling was like discovering an open door intoAutobiography, 106:[106] problem of the minorities. I have many Negro friends and I think I may claim that weAutobiography, 106:that the attitude of the cultured and educated Negro towards the undeveloped members of their raceAutobiography, 106:race is reasonable and sound, and as a prominent Negro lawyer said to me once: "Most of us areAutobiography, 106:at my club and when he arrived I found he was a Negro and a very black Negro at that. He was aAutobiography, 106:arrived I found he was a Negro and a very black Negro at that. He was a charming and interestingAutobiography, 107:of many Americans to their fellow-Americans, the Negro minority. The problem will have to be solvedAutobiography, 107:will have to be solved and room made for the Negro in the national life. They cannot be kept down,Autobiography, 107:fact that all men are brothers and that if the Negro is a problem it is our fault. If he isAutobiography, 118:has prevailed and where the problem of the Negro is better understood than in the United States, IAutobiography, 118:two suffering minorities. The problem of the Negro has always seemed to me simpler than that of theAutobiography, 185:to me was to discover in what high esteem the negro troops were held for their courtesy and theirAutobiography, 220:years ago when I came to the U.S. was a Negro woman and they stand with equal importance to me inExternalisation, 210:they German, American, Jewish, British, French, Negro or Asiatic. I call you from your dreams ofHealing, 261:beings enact, perfection is non-existent. The Negro is not free in this land of the free, andHealing, 267:will be solved by intermarriage; that of the Negro will not. This will mean concession andProblems, 69:the persecution of such minorities as the Negro race and an ignorant and arrogant nationalism,Problems, 85:right and sound, particularly in the case of the Negro. These ambitions are often exploited andProblems, 86:type of temperament, as is the case with the Negro minority in the United States of America, whichProblems, 95:world. Their problem is, therefore, unique. The Negro Problem. This is another unique problem, withProblems, 95:This is another unique problem, with the Negro constituting a majority in that great (and as yetProblems, 96:are largely [96] responsible; in the case of the Negro, the separative instinct derives from theProblems, 96:instinct derives from the white people; the Negro is struggling to end it and, therefore, theProblems, 96:forces of the world are on the side of the Negro. Problems, 105:IV - The Problem of the Racial Minorities 2. The Negro Problem This problem is totally different toProblems, 105:call the "civilized" peoples. In the case of the Negro, we are considering a people who haveProblems, 106:is much reason for optimism. The problem of the Negro falls into two divisions: the problem of theProblems, 106:the problem of the future of the African Negro and the problem of the future of the Negro in theProblems, 106:Negro and the problem of the future of the Negro in the western hemisphere. Africa is potential andProblems, 107:particularly in those of the missionary. The Negro is naturally religious and mystically inclined,Problems, 107:is understood by the emotionally focused Negro. Behind the many separative religious cults of thatProblems, 107:ahead. In considering the problem of the African Negro, it is the long range vision with which weProblems, 107:benefits conferred far outweigh these, and the Negro, in spite of his natural and understandableProblems, 108:its better ways of living is as much for the Negro as for the white man. Problems, 108:ignore that which is evil and undesirable, the Negro problem, both in Africa and in the westernProblems, 108:is their responsibility to solve. In Africa the Negro greatly outnumbers the white population; theProblems, 108:outnumbered by the white people. In Africa the Negro is virile and militant; in America and theProblems, 108:must be firmly established between the emerging Negro empire and the rest of the world; the newProblems, 109:world trends must be fostered in the receptive Negro consciousness and in this way "darkest Africa"Problems, 109:and expressing true freedom. Increasingly these Negro races will forsake their emotional reactionProblems, 109:the environment and the circumstances of the Negro. We might express the possibilities as follows:Problems, 109:by a long cycle of wars between the different Negro groups which people that continent? Or will theProblems, 109:be paralleled by an ability on the part of the Negro races to move slowly and wisely, to avoidProblems, 110:should carefully consider. They can place the Negro peoples as rapidly as possible on an equalityProblems, 110:possibilities. The innate endowment of the Negro is very rich in content. He is creative, artisticProblems, 110:and the scientists who have come out of the Negro race and by the fact of their aspirations andProblems, 110:when the white man must cease to look upon the Negro as a field laborer, a factory hand, a beast ofProblems, 111:and the opportunity which is due him. The Negro of Africa is emerging fast and when a few moreProblems, 111:a willingness to give complete freedom to the Negro races. The future peace of the world dependsProblems, 111:of the Racial Minorities The problem of the Negro in the western hemisphere constitutes a very uglyProblems, 111:two centuries ago and forced into slavery, the Negro has never had a fair deal or any trueProblems, 111:all men are regarded as free and equal; the Negro, however, is not free or equal, particularly inProblems, 111:much racial discrimination. The treatment of the Negro in the southern states is a blot upon theProblems, 111:upon the country; there the fight is to keep the Negro consistently down, to refuse him equality ofProblems, 111:do not exist to the same extent, but the Negro is steadily discriminated against, is refused equalProblems, 112:American citizens. The cry of the south that the Negro is not educationally fitted to vote isProblems, 112:prove; the cry that paternalism is what the Negro needs and that only the southerner understandsProblems, 112:the southerner understands how to handle the Negro is disproved by the Negro himself who wants noneProblems, 112:how to handle the Negro is disproved by the Negro himself who wants none of it; his repudiation ofProblems, 113:between paternalism (which keeps the [113] Negro backward, uneducated and under obligation to theProblems, 113:he wants to share with all men in the world. The Negro is naturally easy, accommodating, kindly andProblems, 113:conditions. When they do so, they will find the Negro as responsive to good and fair treatment,Problems, 113:which he now labors. This applies to the entire Negro problem in the western hemisphere. The NegroProblems, 113:Negro problem in the western hemisphere. The Negro cannot be discriminated against for all time; heProblems, 113:Public opinion is on the side of the Negro and there is a steadily growing determination among theProblems, 113:responsibility for this minority and study the Negro problem; he should learn to know the NegroProblems, 113:the Negro problem; he should learn to know the Negro personally as a friend and a brother; heProblems, 114:time! If by an act of immediate legislation the Negro minority gained its full rights the problemProblems, 172:unchristian and undemocratic treatment of the Negro peoples in the United States and Africa whichRays, 594:racially as the Japanese and the American or the Negro and the Russian. It posits an ability toRays, 751:not constitutional aid to the just cause of the Negro minority within the States? Why accuse otherReappearance, 19:He may appear as an Englishman, a Russian, a Negro, a Latin, a Turk, a Hindu, or any other
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