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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEIGHBOR

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Atom, 90:or atoms, each one of them separated from its neighbor, each one of them distinguished by its ownAutobiography, 116:whilst the other two children were playing in a neighbor's yard. My doctor drove up and came intoAutobiography, 127:and, leaving the children in the care of a neighbor, I went out into the woods alone. For hours IAutobiography, 128:they needed hands. I made an arrangement with a neighbor to look after the babies, paying her halfBethlehem, 16:This was the message or command to love our neighbor as ourselves." (St. Matt., XIX, 19).Bethlehem, 131:and still another spreads; Friend, parent, neighbor, first it will embrace; His country next; andBethlehem, 261:hatred and separation, telling us to love our neighbor as ourselves. He gave a message which wasExternalisation, 164:Spirit of Peace. Phrase 2. - 1st Aspect Love thy neighbor as thyself - The Men of Goodwill. PhraseExternalisation, 199:is talk of a new order in Asia, of the Good Neighbor policy in America, of a Federal Union of theExternalisation, 319:commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor - anywhere in the world. [320] FranklinExternalisation, 412:new age, voiced for us in the words "love your neighbor as yourself." Individual effort, groupFire, 984:which had originally derived its root from its neighbor the Sanskrit. - Lucifer, Vol. X, p. 157. Fire, 1036:upon itself, and likewise cycles around its neighbor, producing an effect of extraordinaryMagic, 339:adjustment to [339] and in the condition of his neighbor. He assumes the duty of being in a veryMagic, 407:world wherein love of God means love of one's neighbor, and where the motives underlying allProblems, 151:of God, voiced for us in His words, "Love your neighbor as yourself". Individual effort, groupPsychology1, 301:for us by Christ when he told us to "love our neighbor as ourselves." To this we have paid, as yet,Psychology1, 301:we like. But to love universally and because our neighbor is a soul as we are, with a naturePsychology2, 155:the necessity to seek the good of one's neighbor in contradistinction to one's own good, and to
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