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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEITHER

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Fire, 783:who touch but see not. The Pitris who hear but neither see nor touch. As they all have the gift ofFire, 831:under law is being sought, and the Self is neither entirely identified with its sheaths, norFire, 846:and the mineral and the vegetable; they are neither the one nor the other. On a large scale, thisFire, 846:of the physical plane of the solar system is neither a full exponent of the subconscious life ofFire, 846:to man. Esoterically he is stated to have "neither sight nor hearing"; he is neither deva nor humanFire, 846:to have "neither sight nor hearing"; he is neither deva nor human in essence. He is occultlyFire, 934:indications can be given and touched upon. It is neither safe nor advisable as yet to impart to menFire, 956:own thought forms. He constructs them, but is neither strong enough to send them out to do theirFire, 971:Imagination is kama-manasic in origin, being neither pure desire nor pure mind, and is a purelyFire, 996:of hell await, and lunar fire dies out. Then neither sun nor moon avails him, only the highestFire, 1005:in connection its "form of manifestation") shall neither die for lack of vital sustenance norFire, 1014:land and water meet. The midway spot which is neither dry nor wet must provide the standing placeFire, 1072:is responsive to a type of energy which is neither fire nor water but is a combination of the two.Fire, 1135:are found in those forms of life which are neither mineral nor vegetable but which bridge the two.Fire, 1158:to be responded to and he knows himself to be neither the man nor the angel, but a divine, essenceFire, 1244:factor is responsible for them - that which is neither Spirit nor matter, that which will beFire, 1265:a protecting shell; both parts are required, and neither can exist without the other. It is so inGlamour, 146:to the Jew, though not the physical persecution. Neither attitude, as you well know, is justifiableGlamour, 155:leading to a life of equilibrium wherein neither aspect appears to dominate; after that the balanceGlamour, 244:this; God is not that; God is no-thing; God is neither time nor space; God is not feeling orHealing, 33:to convey to you the truth, because there exist neither the terminology nor an adequate groundworkHealing, 97:you start any group work in healing. Thought neither cures disease nor causes it. Thought must beHealing, 132:and yet initiating sound, concerns that which is neither Time nor Space; it lies outside theHealing, 213:pineal or the thymus glands, and this because neither the head center nor the heart center isHealing, 231:into retreat and are inaccessible to humanity; neither can I indicate to you the particular methodsHealing, 254:side by side and in the fullest cooperation. Neither group can do a complete task without theHealing, 263:Promised Land at the point of the sword, sparing neither man, woman nor child. Their religiousHealing, 265:nations, from the time of the Egyptians, have neither liked nor wanted them. It has always been theHealing, 268:humanity should assume in the words: "There is neither Jew nor Gentile." The evil karma of the JewHealing, 269:of the old duality - Jew and Gentile. There is neither Jew nor Gentile; there is only Humanity.Healing, 269:Again, I say, that the Masters of the Wisdom see neither Jew nor Gentile, but only souls and sonsHealing, 285:analogous emotional and mental centers. This is neither possible nor permissible to the ordinaryHealing, 287:for the healing force or prana. This prana is neither mental nor astral in nature. It is pureHealing, 449:the greater whole in which it finds its place. Neither form nor quality (body nor consciousness)Healing, 578:in the patient being the sacral center; neither the heart nor the head centers were used. Prana, toHealing, 632:I realize that what I have said here will please neither the spiritual healer nor the orthodoxHealing, 699:The rays are similar in both cases. The rays of neither soul nor personality are the same. The soulHealing, 705:therefore coming under the control of his soul; neither can they work through a healer who isHercules, 61:to function in that early creature, which was neither animal nor strictly human. With the coming ofHercules, 78:commanding accents said: "The doe belongs to neither maid, O Hercules, but to the God whose shrineHercules, 94:of spirit and of those spiritual realities which neither instinct nor intellect can reveal to him.Hercules, From n:from The Gifts of the Spirit by Dane Rudhyar, neither of which had appeared at the time theHercules, 117:taken in adultery, of whom the Christ said, "Neither do I condemn thee. Go in peace and sin noHercules, 127:to understand. It is the first sign that has neither a human nor an animal symbol, except thatHercules, 159:abstruse sign in many ways because the man is neither the soul nor the body. Libra is the balancingHercules, 163:has been called the chrysalis stage; the man is neither one thing nor the other. In the chrysalisInitiation, 12:reached where the man is controlled entirely by neither. Later the Ego controls more and more,Initiation, 59:can be given out anent the two English Masters. Neither of them takes pupils in the same sense thatInitiation, 73:of consciousness where balance is seen, and neither pleasure nor pain dominates, for they areInitiation, 152:- Chapter XV - The Giving of the Word It is neither possible nor desirable to enumerate the WordsInitiation, 190:shell, and both parts are required, and neither can exist without the other. So in this greaterIntellect, 17:arrival at this knowledge - a knowledge that is neither eastern nor western, but which is known toIntellect, 122:God... Apart from this common dependence on God neither is dependent on the other." - Morgan, C.Intellect, 127:man pushing forward, and seeking for that which neither the mind (as he knows it) nor hisIntellect, 131:I put mind out of mind?" For as my objective is neither sensation nor feeling, neither is itIntellect, 131:my objective is neither sensation nor feeling, neither is it thought. Here lies the greatestIntellect, 170:eyes, nor through the thoughts of my heart; neither do the five outer senses take part in thisIntellect, 246:[246] no doubt. They believed what they said. Neither is there any doubt of their beingIntellect, 251:control of any entity, incarnate or discarnate; neither will he render up his hand blindly for anyMagic, 17:extremes always do. In between are those who are neither totally ignorant nor intuitively wise.Magic, 26:growth, the nature and purpose of that which is neither body nor soul, neither force nor matter,Magic, 26:purpose of that which is neither body nor soul, neither force nor matter, but which is the cause ofMagic, 35:to each other. [35] The soul therefore, is neither spirit nor matter but is the relation betweenMagic, 37:time will be found to be functioning fully as neither purely animal nor purely divine, but can beMagic, 38:plus a God". Later it is more strictly human, neither purely animal nor entirely divine, butMagic, 68:cases arise where choice still remains in which neither common sense nor logical, discerning reasonMagic, 225:which the aspirant finds and treads, turning neither to the right nor to the left. It must beMagic, 235:land and water meet. The midway spot, which is neither dry nor wet, must provide the standing placeMagic, 241:souls of all men stand free from illusion, and neither can be destroyed, deluded nor manipulated.Magic, 245:to appreciate that "the midway spot which is neither dry nor wet must provide the standing placeMagic, 247:stand. This is the spot of vital import. It is neither land or physical, nor water or emotional. ItMagic, 277:may be made in due time and order and be neither too rapid - hence destructive to all right tiesMagic, 318:so many ramparts around himself that he can neither get out nor can any contacts be made with him.Magic, 330:new generation of young people who are part of neither band and whose ideas are largelyMagic, 331:3. That emanating from the masses who belong to neither group and who are wielding force as yetMagic, 375:until there comes a life of balance, wherein neither preponderates. This produces in the man aMagic, 386:well. Pendant I hang betwixt the two, desiring neither. "God from high Heaven speaks. There is aMagic, 438:of constellations in the case of the man who is neither purely human nor purely spiritual. TheMagic, 440:figures are useless at this time for they can neither be proved correct nor incorrect. LaterMagic, 476:an idea." Note how all inventions (which are neither more nor less than embodied concepts) comeMagic, 482:three main groups: The vast majority, who are neither good nor bad, but simply unthinking, andMagic, 567:of forces has here to be arranged, so that neither too much energy is used in the work, nor tooMagic, 568:to this phase of the great work and consider neither the work of the soul as it takes incarnationMagic, 590:body is in poor condition or is diseased. Neither should it be undertaken when the pressure ofMeditation, 10:It puts a man into an attitude of equilibrium, neither utterly receptive and negative, nor utterlyMeditation, 125:no physical. In this latter case he is left with neither emotional nor physical. The cause lies inMeditation, 154:way attempted to enter into particulars. It is neither desirable [155] at this stage nor proper. AtMeditation, 155:a foundation of right living has been laid which neither storms nor attack will be liable easily toMeditation, 348:It is the part of wisdom in all who serve neither to rate themselves too highly nor to underratePatanjali, 20:upon the quality of his desires; being therefore neither good nor evil, low nor high, can bePatanjali, 110:true nature, and the seer can say with Christ: "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them alsoPatanjali, 136:the reverse of the preceding one. The true yogi neither feels aversion or desire. He is balancedPatanjali, 190:of opposites is given in these two translations, neither one being fully complete without thePatanjali, 202:which confine it to the form so that it can have neither free ingress nor egress; Assimilation ofPatanjali, 231:into the mental body or the mind so that neither the physical nor the astral any longer limit orPatanjali, 292:to the heart, others to the head. Technically neither of them are entirely right, for to thePatanjali, 367:the freed soul, the liberated man, the Christ. Neither time nor space exist for him, andPatanjali, 369:the mind is not the source of illumination. 20. Neither can it know two objects simultaneously,Patanjali, 391:again be offered. That type of activity which is neither all good nor all bad, which is spoken ofPatanjali, 392:itself. The final type of karma is described as neither black nor white. No karma of any kind is
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