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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEPTUNE

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Fire, 207:Venus Mercury. Moon (substitute for another). Neptune and Uranus are not here enumerated, norFire, 207:not here enumerated, nor Vulcan. The orbit of Neptune includes apparently the entire ring-pass-not.Fire, 369:Saturn. The three synthesizing planets: Uranus. Neptune. Saturn. The One Resolver - The SUN. IFire, 378:via the three synthesizing schemes - Uranus, Neptune, Saturn - the latter, Saturn, being the focalFire, 389:and to drop the names as at present used: Neptune. Venus. Saturn. Earth. Mercury. Mars. Jupiter. ItFire, 406:Venus and Mercury will merge into Uranus and Neptune. No importance need be attached to theFire, 406:The dual fact is all that is necessary to grasp. Neptune, Uranus and Saturn will, therefore, haveFire, 406:for the analogy is not in detail. Uranus and Neptune are reflections of the logoic astral andFire, 414:have seen the moon chain portrayed with the Neptune chain omitted. In the chart as given two chainsFire, 415:life of matter itself remains. Simultaneously Neptune arose over the horizon, and took its place asFire, 415:planetary Logos. We are here dealing with the Neptune chain of the earth scheme. The Moon chain hasFire, 534:and the lesser Dragon, who have their habitat on Neptune and work with the sixth principle in theFire, 597:first, or the Law of Vibration. It is Vulcan and Neptune in opposition, which is as yet an almostFire, 777:Those who are working in the Uranus, the Neptune, and the Saturn scheme work somewhat differentlyFire, 777:group-active. In connection with Uranus, Neptune and Saturn, this might be expected as they are theFire, 793:time. The three major planetary schemes (Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn) have not, as yet, receivedFire, 838:planets, nor yet those in the orbit of Neptune, are yet discovered, although they are stronglyFire, 897:One of the most occult of the planets, Neptune, presides over the "devas of the waters"; theirFire, 898:Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals The name Neptune is one under which the planetary Logos ofFire, 898:for the latter determines the former. The planet Neptune therefore has a profound effect and aFire, 898:or the sixth ray. The major scheme over which Neptune presides forms a systemic triangle of greatFire, 898:in the three pronged trident which the god Neptune [899] is always portrayed as holding, the prongsFire, 899:The heart center. The solar plexus. The planet Neptune, along with the planetary Logos of the sixthFire, 900:will find it well to bear in mind the fact that Neptune is one of the major or synthesizingFire, 1072:in the fertilization processes of all plants. Neptune, the God of the Waters, has a curiousFire, 1138:vegetable kingdom - Rajasic - Planetary Logoi - Neptune. Son aspect. Elemental group - mineralFire, 1154:the "frictional fires of systemic space"; Neptune is looked upon as the repository of the "solarFire, 1177:major [1177] planets of our system - Uranus, Neptune and Saturn - and to those found in the threeFire, 1179:whose work is along the lines of the destroyer. NEPTUNE - This school concerns itself with theHealing, 143:by Saturn. The blood stream is governed by Neptune. These four systems are in reality theHercules, 15:felt secure. He had yet to prove his strength. Neptune arrived with horses twain and handed them,Hercules, 25:the twelve labors and go forward unafraid. From Neptune, the god of the waters, he received horses.Hercules, 25:gift is very interesting. Horses, as well as Neptune, the god of the waters and the deity of theHercules, 25:that the disciple possesses. With the aid of Neptune and the rapid steeds, Hercules could be enHercules, 140:a drought occurred. Amymone besought the aid of Neptune. He bade her strike a rock, and when sheHercules, 190:Interpretation of the Test Augeas, the son of Neptune, the god of the waters and the sun, keptHercules, 212:Christ). Rulers: Exoteric, the Moon; Esoteric, Neptune. Keywords: From the angle of form, "LetInitiation, 96:scheme. In the three great planetary schemes, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn, the method of initiationPsychology1, 132:This does not necessarily mean that a dweller on Neptune would see our planet glowing with anPsychology1, 245:- Mercury and Saturn. The kingdom of souls - Neptune and Uranus. Synthesizing these five - The Sun.Psychology1, 335:- 5th ray. Jupiter - 2nd ray. Saturn - 3rd ray. Neptune - 6th ray. Uranus - 7th ray. Non-Sacred -Psychology1, 336:The Earth. Ray IV - Mercury - The Moon. Ray VI - Neptune - Mars. These relationships will provide aPsychology1, 421:major rays are: [421] Ray I - Uranus. Ray II - Neptune. Ray III - Saturn. A study of this will make
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