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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NETWORK

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Astrology, 417:some understanding of that intricate, interwoven network which he himself possesses and to whichAstrology, 605:prototypal pattern which lies behind the etheric network and is its final, conditioning influenceAutobiography, 303:work ceased altogether. The building of the Network of Light and Goodwill by establishing theDestiny, 90:his anvil, through fire and blows, that linking network which covers all the nation and makes itDiscipleship1, 23:analogous groups) be set in motion on earth a network of spiritual energies which will facilitateDiscipleship1, 75:this will finally establish that golden network of light which will serve to create a powerfulDiscipleship1, 80:golden energy and the light of love and thus a network of light will be established which will formDiscipleship1, 716:is to see that the aspirant escapes from this "network of futility," as it is sometimes called, andDiscipleship2, 38:Servers will be peculiarly active, creating the network of light; in the objective work, the menDiscipleship2, 38:of goodwill will bestir themselves, creating the network of goodwill. The function of the New GroupDiscipleship2, 38:both fields, creating and building both types of network. This you can do now, and you can formDiscipleship2, 168:at this time - becomes obvious. Through the network which the Triangles are creating, light orDiscipleship2, 168:Also, as the work of the Triangles grows and the network spreads all over the Earth, the idea of aDiscipleship2, 170:terms scientifically, [170] and that the network of light is veritably substance, and therefore theDiscipleship2, 170:it is necessary to realize that it is one network, composed of two types of energy. For thisDiscipleship2, 170:However, in this world crisis, the origin of the network in both its aspects is hierarchical; theDiscipleship2, 170:law, "energy follows thought." The work of the network of light and goodwill, focused on the planeDiscipleship2, 579:Ashram is (as well you know) connected with the Network of Light which must be created in theDiscipleship2, 579:and your subjective meditation upon the Network of Light with your two Triangle members willDiscipleship2, 580:is far easier than the former. The growth of a network (through organized enterprise) is somethingDiscipleship2, 593:- individual, group, and eventually a veritable network of interrelated groups - should now beEducation, 66:the world of meaning spread like an intricate network over all activity and every aspect of theEducation, 66:every aspect of the phenomenal world. Of this network the etheric web is the symbol and design; andEducation, 123:subsidiary groups constitute a vast interlocking network throughout the world which is indicativeExternalisation, 94:and the reaction of these groups be such that a network of them may be started on a large scaleExternalisation, 102:spreading throughout the world of an esoteric network. For this the majority are not yet ready, butExternalisation, 312:through planned group activity. To construct a network of light and service in every land. This isExternalisation, 316:various countries as focal points in the great network of light which is forming everywhere underExternalisation, 321:plane. Provide the subjective synthesis or network of light, [322] embodying the force of goodwillExternalisation, 322:goodwill; others, such as the creation of the network of light, through the formation of triangles.Externalisation, 324:of light and goodwill, so that an inner network of people, pledged to goodwill, to the use of theExternalisation, 383:and later by direct communication. Thus a great network of relationship will be set up which willExternalisation, 384:in their turn, do the same, and thus a great network of goodwill can spread throughout the world.Externalisation, 554:the Triangles and increase the potency of the network of light and of goodwill, already inExternalisation, 698:touch with each other. From that time on, the network of initiates and disciples under theFire, 79:body. The etheric body has been described as a network, permeated with fire, or as a web, animatedFire, 82:incarnation. Third. The etheric body is a web or network of fine interlacing channels, formed ofFire, 84:over the entire body via the etheric network it demonstrates in surface radiation as the healthFire, 98:the entire system. The etheric body is really a network of fine channels, which are the componentFire, 152:with the seven planes) a vast interlacing network. These two sets of spheres (planes and rays) formFire, 944:centers. The etheric web is literally the fine network of fiery threads which spreads itself overFire, 1093:streams of deva monads: fire on every side - a network of fiery rivers of living energy, focalFire, 1158:center. A man is then seen as he is truly - a network of fire with flaming focal points,Healing, 3:of light. It constitutes part of the vast [3] network of energies which underlies all forms whetherHealing, 79:which the outer form is patterned; and it is the network of nadis (infinitely intricate) whichHealing, 85:to the nervous system through the medium of the network of nerves and the "nadis" which underlieHealing, 85:of nerves and the "nadis" which underlie this network. These nadis are the threads of life forceHealing, 141:directorates. This is a relatively tangible network of energies and forces which are the outerHealing, 141:outer expression of the inner, vital, dynamic network of the etheric body and the millions of nadisHealing, 167:that the structure of power and vitality and the network of energies and forces which compose theHealing, 195:the etheric counterpart of the entire intricate network of nerves which constitute the nervousHealing, 195:they constitute an intricate and most extensive network of fluid energies which are an intangible,Healing, 196:world of causes will be that much nearer. This network of nadis forms a definite life pattern whichHealing, 196:quality of the nervous system with its extensive network of nerves and plexi covering the entireHealing, 196:physical body. The nadis, and consequently the network of nerves, are related primarily to twoHealing, 330:body (with its major and minor centers and its network of nadis) to the nervous system of the humanHealing, 332:found scattered all over the body. The etheric network which is composed of streams of energy,Healing, 333:fibers which radiate out from every part of the network and underlie every part of the tripleHealing, 333:result of the inner activity of the centers, network and nadis, is the heart, the endocrine systemHealing, 375:the inner side of life, and the production of a network of true healers all over the world. A freshHealing, 416:- Page 85. a. The etheric body is in reality a network of fine channels which are the componentHercules, 131:threads of relationships, creating a sensitive network of meanings. The result of such activity isIntellect, 134:apparatus, the brain and that vast interlocking network which we call the nervous system. The worldMagic, 19:his part. This coordinating nervous system, this network of interrelating and sensitive nerves isMagic, 45:if they remember this, picture to themselves a network of nerves and plexus running throughout theMagic, 290:its aliveness, and also upon the interlacing network in which the centers have their place, andMagic, 418:to be held before your eyes is that of a vast network of groups, working along the many possibleMagic, 592:free play of the fires of the body. A complete network of nadis and centers underlies and is thePsychology2, 139:each of them, can meet and interlace, and form a network of light in the world. This constitutesPsychology2, 592:There is no part of the physical body which this network of energies does not underlie orRays, 57:the soul upon its instruments of expression, the network of the seven centers and the subsidiaryRays, 172:move and have our being; it is related to the network of life channels which keep the form aspectRays, 253:phases of their work, i.e., the forming of the network of light as the channel of communicationRays, 253:Humanity, and the forming simultaneously of the network of goodwill, which is the objectiveRays, 499:evocation of the human mind through the network of educational institutions throughout the world.Rays, 759:work of the Triangles and helping to build the network of light and goodwill, to do all that isSoul, 34:we become aware of the tangible, and through the network of nerves, plus the spinal cord and brain,Soul, 40:we have distributed over the head and torso a network of important glands, which, it is claimed,Telepathy, 145:or allowed for. Within the physical body, the network of the etheric body is to be found permeatingTelepathy, 146:related to the dense physical body by the network of nadis. Five of the centers are to be found inTelepathy, 151:in any particular etheric body, create a network of channels; they produce fine tubes (if I may useTelepathy, 152:but which are like an intermediary web or network. These relate the etheric body as a whole to theTelepathy, 157:direct, completed and unimpeded; the etheric network of light is then of great brilliance, and allTelepathy, 162:ago I used the word "tubes," thus inferring a network of tubes through which the transmittedTelepathy, 163:etheric body of the planet are at this time a network of squares. When the creative process isTelepathy, 163:has done its work, these squares will become a network of triangles. Necessarily this is a symbolicTelepathy, 163:intention in view of its transformation into a network of triangles in this solar system. In theTelepathy, 163:God works out, the etheric body will begin as a network of triangles, but this will be resolvedTelepathy, 163:of triangles, but this will be resolved into a network of interlinked circles or of linked rings,Telepathy, 163:dual growth or progression and expansion of the network because, starting with the initialTelepathy, 164:for man to draw or make a picture of the network of triangles and, at the same time, see themTelepathy, 164:now the case - through or around a square and a network of squares.
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