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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEUTRAL

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Autobiography, 292:hate. This decision on our part not to hold a neutral position was according to the will of theDestiny, 65:spirit was one of the dangers to which the neutral powers were at one time prone, particularly theDestiny, 65:under beautiful words and misty idealism, of any neutral power who stands aloof from the happeningsDestiny, 65:happenings of the present. The Hierarchy is not neutral. It is one with the right element in everyExternalisation, 53:office in this capacity, made by a fair-minded neutral, will usually demonstrate the fact that theyExternalisation, 176:themselves and the liberties of humanity. The neutral nations, seeing the issues involved and facedExternalisation, 178:an end, or should they stand on the side of the neutral powers, frantically pursuing ineffectiveExternalisation, 179:allied democracies, and endeavor to awaken the neutral nations to the issue. They ranged themselvesExternalisation, 185:aggressors, of allied democracies and of anxious neutral nations must be changed into a world whichExternalisation, 188:and consequently even those nations at present neutral must be brought under the German sphere ofExternalisation, 189:this freedom, the allied nations and the neutral powers must preserve the spirit of goodwill, evenExternalisation, 220:as a citizen. The problem of those living in neutral countries is different, and along what linesExternalisation, 221:other of the two banners or in some one of the neutral and negative countries. Your problem in allExternalisation, 226:of the Forces of Light; you are, therefore, not neutral in thought. See to it also that when takingExternalisation, 229:by the combatant nations, or withheld by the neutral nations, is also registered in yourExternalisation, 231:with which the masses of people, even in neutral lands, have been deluged. [232] Externalisation, 235:evil forces count when they face the greatest neutral of all, the United States of America, and forExternalisation, 235:their comrades, the machine of evil marches on; neutral nations, resting back upon their peacefulExternalisation, 235:at the same time, the greatest and most powerful neutral nation in the world arms for defence ofExternalisation, 240:that basically govern neutrality and make the neutral nations, including the Americas, arm forExternalisation, 258:will save the day for the broken nation. The neutral powers are still selfish (though they seek byExternalisation, 320:fighting countries and the neutrals also. In the neutral countries (of which the United States isExternalisation, 364:perspective among those nations at that time neutral. Above everything else was the fact that theExternalisation, 367:Germany. The second was the failure of the neutral nations, in the early stages of the war, to takeExternalisation, 367:years of war and the planned rape of many of the neutral nations. The blindness of the neutralExternalisation, 367:of the neutral nations. The blindness of the neutral nations definitely upset the calculations ofExternalisation, 475:Should it take sides at all, or should it be neutral? Should it remain aloof and take the positionExternalisation, 477:minded in all nations, particularly in the neutral countries, who have profited by the war, as wellExternalisation, 551:is nothing weak, vacillating, sentimental or neutral in the attitude of the Hierarchy; this must beFire, 227:and the two primordial factors are no longer neutral to each other, but attract and repulse,Fire, 451:nor within the spheres of the synthesizing and neutral schemes. After the sixth Initiation hisFire, 640:between which it stands on its own entirely neutral ground. Hylozoism demands absolute DivineFire, 694:egoic groups - causal bodies - Equilibrium or neutral. This is in process of demonstration duringFire, 1166:aspect of electrical phenomena which we call neutral. The Law of Economy is the basic law of oneGlamour, 262:It means in reality the achieving of a neutral attitude towards that which is regarded as theMeditation, 242:of bodies that are both self-protecting and neutral to all attack. It will be found that theReappearance, 137:Countries, such as the United States and the neutral countries show, as yet, no sign of any real
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