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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEVERTHELESS

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Astrology, 13:of a powerful and most ancient thought-form; nevertheless, the moon has no quality of her own andAstrology, 75:upon the Path. It will be necessary to remember nevertheless that there are an infinite number ofAstrology, 202:to initiates of the fourth degree. It serves, nevertheless, to add its evidence to the essentialAstrology, 213:the form nature. Little emphasis has been laid nevertheless upon the influence of Mars uponAstrology, 334:average reader at this time, though it opens up, nevertheless, new astrological contacts andAstrology, 353:is too abstruse for the ordinary student. It is nevertheless an esoteric fact to be borne in mindAstrology, 371:by the will to cooperate with the Plan, he is, nevertheless, being responsive to the most potentAstrology, 443:as they are by human greed and ignorance - are nevertheless basically conditioned by theAstrology, 446:over-emphasizing certain forms of symbols - is nevertheless a germ or seed of future hierarchicalAstrology, 459:hindering to the emergence of divine purpose. Nevertheless, even destructive force can and doesAstrology, 513:the subject. [513] Certain basic assertions can nevertheless be made: 1. All the centers areAstrology, 581:of connecting energy. This Shamballa force is nevertheless available for right usage but the powerAstrology, 593:overlooked. It is in reality no concern of man. Nevertheless, the picture of the divine Plan so oftAstrology, 596:that aspect of will which conquers death. It is nevertheless the Ray of the Destroyer. In thisAstrology, 633:Body. Intelligence. Individuality. Remember, nevertheless, that these Three are One. Behind all ofAtom, 12:very deliberately) has made immense strides. Nevertheless, the mystery land still remains to beAtom, 36:to be dogmatic in dealing with these questions. Nevertheless, rightly or wrongly, I have a veryAtom, 57:with an atom of chemistry, for instance, but nevertheless the root meaning of the word embodiesAtom, 67:that the triple life back of all forms is nevertheless but One, though the vehicles of expressionAtom, 85:the work of the atom of matter; he demonstrates, nevertheless, not in one way, nor in two, but inAtom, 101:be practically inconceivable and unknown, yet it nevertheless sweeps into the line of its will theAtom, 129:for us by the great idealists of the race it is nevertheless true that we have reached the stageAtom, 131:power be permitted to pass into his hands. Nevertheless, we can, I believe, look to science to makeAtom, 143:are utterly unable to express ourselves upon it. Nevertheless, there are certain deductions we canAtom, 152:systems are following a definite orbit or not. Nevertheless, if we go to some of the ancient books,Atom, 152:and astronomers are divided, yet which is nevertheless a subject of [153] contention, and one uponAutobiography, 266:in the past has been upon subjective but nevertheless material forces (hidden within the humanAutobiography, 301:of any other esoteric group or work. They nevertheless existed and were proving a stumbling blockBethlehem, 3:of great beauty and of real teaching value but nevertheless of no vital import to the intelligentBethlehem, 12:them in a different manner, which can help us nevertheless to a larger interpretation ofBethlehem, 151:could not bear the sight of so much brilliance. Nevertheless, they felt that "it was good for themBethlehem, 248:it is not the greatest of all good things. Nevertheless, it is feared as if it were the supremeDestiny, 16:their desires; they make mistakes but they are nevertheless true disciples of Shamballa and areDestiny, 22:for what appeals to you. Most of you are, nevertheless, far more affected by the methods employedDestiny, 42:and becomes more complicated and complex it will nevertheless be more rapid and more accuratelyDestiny, 79:is offset by the influence of Jupiter. It is not nevertheless very potent. Everything tends to showDestiny, 82:motives is not aided by the fluidity of Gemini. Nevertheless, the arrogance and self-will of theDestiny, 94:and may temporarily hinder divine Purpose. Nevertheless, even force which is turned to destructiveDestiny, 127:by the fanatical devotees of some idea who were, nevertheless, unable to see the broad implicationsDiscipleship1, XII:which they have not yet perfected. They are, nevertheless, unalterably upon their way and that wayDiscipleship1, 40:close rapport with ten inner groups which form, nevertheless, one large active group. This groupDiscipleship1, 115:a sense of duty and of rightness of activity. Nevertheless, I seek to commend you for your qualityDiscipleship1, 121:balanced by the work done in my group, has nevertheless had a restricting effect and which does notDiscipleship1, 122:and a persistent attitude of service. It has nevertheless complicated your life pattern and yet hasDiscipleship1, 137:in your personality life and activities, has nevertheless held you back and inhibited the freeDiscipleship1, 159:do, for you know somewhat of the Plan) - are, nevertheless, working "under impression," as it isDiscipleship1, 183:to the assuagement of the world need. Nevertheless, that does not suffice for a disciple, as youDiscipleship1, 233:your soul with relative ease, if you so choose. Nevertheless, it also emphasizes all the third rayDiscipleship1, 290:selfish one. I know what it has cost you. It is, nevertheless, based on feeling, and feeling isDiscipleship1, 298:been times of difficulty to you, but they have nevertheless been times of real growth, even if youDiscipleship1, 305:which perhaps means little to you but which nevertheless embodies an existent fact) two symbolsDiscipleship1, 659:problem and its solution. I would remind you, nevertheless, that it is a soul problem and not aDiscipleship2, 32:may sound easy and quite familiar. The moment, nevertheless, these goals become techniques and areDiscipleship2, 102:and for this I would have you prepare. Remember nevertheless [103] that personal karmas have beenDiscipleship2, 199:a still greater emphasis upon group meditation. Nevertheless, I have only been endeavoring to turnDiscipleship2, 202:it is purely mystical, and though not futile, is nevertheless negative in creative results. MembersDiscipleship2, 222:is not yet used divinely, but it will be. [222] Nevertheless, the task is well in hand and isDiscipleship2, 232:under varying and distinctive governments; nevertheless, they can at the same time attain a unityDiscipleship2, 274:a humanity, composed of many aspects which are nevertheless expressions of the One Life. They are,Discipleship2, 314:same. This is indeed a worthy thought, but is nevertheless based entirely on misapprehension. LetDiscipleship2, 339:the public with the concept, but they nevertheless did much harm with their puerile setting ofDiscipleship2, 367:of synchronizing instruments upon all planes; nevertheless the physical concept of instrument fallsDiscipleship2, 379:he is not individually responsible but which is nevertheless related to the group or to the nationDiscipleship2, 380:(in order to liberate humanity) is never noted. Nevertheless, these three types of substanceDiscipleship2, 392:the word "spiritual." It is that for which they nevertheless seek. Then later, the ideal, "dulyDiscipleship2, 423:words glibly and they voice a vague objective. Nevertheless, they veil and signify the mostDiscipleship2, 427:of stage after stage of conscious awareness; nevertheless, they only affect those forms of lifeDiscipleship2, 460:(of a very high order, I must admit, but nevertheless of a personality nature) must be overcome byDiscipleship2, 475:it to be a real hindrance; it is one which nevertheless exists and at times presents to you aDiscipleship2, 493:or origins of this teaching. They matter not. Nevertheless, the responsibility of the teacher restsDiscipleship2, 510:of "the dark night of the soul." All this is nevertheless only a part of the great illusion and hasDiscipleship2, 521:tested in every aspect of your nature. There is, nevertheless, little that I have been able to doDiscipleship2, 530:point where we judged ourselves the strongest. Nevertheless, the past few years have seen realDiscipleship2, 595:to my demands, I judge your meditation nevertheless to be perhaps the most satisfactory of any inDiscipleship2, 617:story and probably has no basis in fact but it nevertheless carries a lesson for all disciples. TheDiscipleship2, 659:enlightened personality but his methods are nevertheless personality ones and when - as in yourDiscipleship2, 701:and for all into the clear light of the soul. Nevertheless, it should not be hard for you to useDiscipleship2, 736:action. They are lives of apparent futility but nevertheless of great value. Needless to point outDiscipleship2, 749:communication to this group of disciples. It is nevertheless something to bear in mind. ThisEducation, 13:upon the sincerity of those whom he teaches. Nevertheless, criticism and the pointing out of faultsEducation, 37:usually in deficient children and morons. Nevertheless, until modern educators begin to admit theEducation, 41:so. I exaggerate perhaps; yet maybe I do not. Nevertheless, the fact remains that the two greatEducation, 89:for human happiness and human welfare. Nevertheless, the real work along these lines should beEducation, 99:and by racial trends of thought. There is, nevertheless, a curious uniformity about them, even whenEducation, 119:Law of Correspondence. I would [119] remind you nevertheless that the only fourth root race peopleExternalisation, 7:the powerful forces now flooding our earth will nevertheless have their vibration "stepped up" toExternalisation, 43:very long. This is quite a frequent happening. Nevertheless death is a cure, remember this. UnderExternalisation, 54:incentives are lacking in their techniques. Nevertheless, they do lead the race on another step,Externalisation, 91:but the soil within [91] the lots differed. Nevertheless, the goal of reaching towards the heavensExternalisation, 105:passions and selfishness running wild, there is nevertheless, today, more true understanding, moreExternalisation, 108:all countries and all schools of thought have, nevertheless, been offset to some extent by theExternalisation, 115:final, physical breakdown and eventually death. Nevertheless, for the progress of the soul of theExternalisation, 128:phrasing. Even the most dangerous of them are nevertheless conscious of some form or another ofExternalisation, 131:- Section II - The General World Picture Nevertheless in these three groups there is much ofExternalisation, 146:harmlessness and right human relations. Nevertheless, for your encouragement, I would state thatExternalisation, 220:individual; the responsibility for the future, nevertheless, still lies in his hands. ThisExternalisation, 221:the disciple to learn and master, but which is nevertheless a governing principle in evolution.Externalisation, 227:to guarantee this extra-planetary response. Nevertheless, it could be if, in your own life ofExternalisation, 252:will remain so for a very long time. There are, nevertheless, causes and effects which can comeExternalisation, 262:of so high and divine a nature. There is nevertheless a possibility that it might now be more
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