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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEVERTHELESS

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Externalisation, 281:in its full significance to you in this life; nevertheless the victory will have been gained.Externalisation, 320:than it is at this time committed, and who hope nevertheless to share in the benefits of victory.Externalisation, 343:line of connecting energy. This Will force is nevertheless available for right usage, but the powerExternalisation, 386:compassionate action and long patience. It nevertheless constitutes the most important opportunityExternalisation, 472:with the processes of disintegration but who - nevertheless - have in them the seed ofExternalisation, 473:the ravages of war, aggravate the situation. Nevertheless with serenity and confidence, theExternalisation, 492:normally focused on the externalities of living. Nevertheless, all great discoveries, such as thoseExternalisation, 579:the workers very few in number. A beginning has nevertheless [580] been made and great changes willExternalisation, 598:will prove their veracity; their symbolism will nevertheless elicit reinterpretation, andExternalisation, 601:formulating it thus to themselves, they are nevertheless working to bring into visibility theExternalisation, 602:though undesirable, misleading and wrong, nevertheless demonstrates human expectancy of theExternalisation, 639:factor producing this treaty, but it has in it nevertheless the seeds of hope. There is nothingExternalisation, 639:in this concept than there are of helpfulness. Nevertheless, it is a dream which will some dayExternalisation, 643:can, however, be some time in manifesting. Nevertheless, nothing can arrest its subtle working andExternalisation, 645:in the task of implementing goodwill. It will, nevertheless, strengthen the will of the selfish,Externalisation, 646:and the world is greatly benefited; such men are nevertheless very rare. It still remains for theExternalisation, 649:of men; all can cooperate if they will. It is nevertheless a task which has required the mobilizingExternalisation, 657:energy of which mankind today knows little; nevertheless, upon this energy much speculation hasExternalisation, 660:an increased stimulating potency, but it will nevertheless be one of the last to manifestExternalisation, 665:fought by the selfish and ambitious elements. Nevertheless, the work of this Master isExternalisation, 667:from the fourth into the fifth kingdom. It is nevertheless this third ray energy, as wielded in theExternalisation, 694:the aspirant to construct the antahkarana; it is nevertheless quite possible to possess a wellExternalisation, 696:in helping unhappy human beings, but who is nevertheless staunchly convinced of the factor of theFire, 75:and has as yet scarcely been hinted at. It is nevertheless indissoluble mixed up with the karma ofFire, 100:only outlines and scattered hints can be given. Nevertheless, it will be found that if thisFire, 108:supposedly understood by physicians, they are nevertheless altogether etheric disorders. When theFire, 146:will-to-live aspect of the seven Hierarchies. Nevertheless these seven Hierarchies are (as says H.Fire, 147:to the Ego, who is the love aspect and who nevertheless in relation to manifestation in the threeFire, 178:The synthesizing triangle of the Monad. We must, nevertheless, recollect that the complexity isFire, 206:of Egos forming centers in the Heavenly Men is nevertheless correct, but in this connection theFire, 242:place of at-one-ment for all the three aspects; nevertheless, he is very unimportant for he is notFire, 276:as the central sun to the planets. Primarily, nevertheless, it may be posited that the Law ofFire, 337:connection with the major initiations of manas. Nevertheless - as They are the sumtotal of theFire, 382:expansion of consciousness unattainable by man. Nevertheless the endeavor to comprehend serves aFire, 393:He who has become a celestial being will nevertheless be called 'man' till the causal body that hasFire, 394:is to the Thinker, Man, himself. The analogy is nevertheless accurate. 39 Man's physical body, forFire, 422:the initiate comprehending its mantric force. Nevertheless, initiates of the sixth and seventhFire, 426:first Ray swings into influence again. Remember, nevertheless, that all three are at all timesFire, 462:His influence will bring about great events. Nevertheless, certain effects might here be noticed.Fire, 465:which proceeds from him may be true, but nevertheless the law works. Fire, 467:[467] true masonry will develop but slowly. Nevertheless, under the magnetic force of this seventhFire, 492:loose upon earth a stupendous amount of energy. Nevertheless, it is only when the third factor isFire, 539:to the mystery. Let us realize this clearly, nevertheless, as regards the microcosm, and laterFire, 611:Even though this is not yet possible, nevertheless the statement as to the lines of investigationFire, 663:instincts will be good and exoterically right. Nevertheless, if the man is controlled by them, heFire, 684:principle, the life force, or love aspect, are nevertheless known on the fifth plane as theFire, 691:that humanity is only found in the three worlds; nevertheless, the human Monads in their sevenFire, 693:here with that consciousness; the student should nevertheless bear in mind that it is on the atomicFire, 695:rather than upon the subjective; the subject nevertheless should be studied psychologically. InFire, 725:of "passing the ring-pass-not"; these are, nevertheless, not avatars for They are ThemselvesFire, 744:may come. Complication comes to the student nevertheless in the fact that two of the schemes coverFire, 750:wears to a close. This is a fact which is nevertheless taken advantage of when a superman, or greatFire, 765:is yet so small that the cave is not illumined. Nevertheless, the flame and the essential heat canFire, 770:upon this question of reincarnation, we have nevertheless said much to increase the magnitude ofFire, 772:to create consciously on those levels; He works nevertheless through formulas on the dense physicalFire, 798:initiation. The two ideas are inseparable, yet nevertheless the second idea in its most abstractFire, 800:where the cellular life is concerned - is nevertheless a potent and active factor in the impositionFire, 802:in the three worlds of his endeavor; he is still nevertheless controlled by the group karma of theFire, 804:the individual vibration of the fourth kingdom. Nevertheless, within limits, man definitely doesFire, 816:closely shield the central spark; these are nevertheless of the same substance or essence as theFire, 828:and though as yet much remains to be done, nevertheless when the inner circle of petals is awakenedFire, 854:effects are as yet utterly unrealized by man. Nevertheless, they are the basis of the trueFire, 854:as we find when in physical manifestation, but nevertheless group separation is to be seen. TheseFire, 870:of the brain matter. Yet they are nevertheless initiations of a definite though less importantFire, 910:of a rarer and more refined kind, but physical nevertheless. They are termed in most textbooks: TheFire, 920:connected with the Father aspect, they are nevertheless part of the body of the Son, and each ofFire, 987:He brooks usually no known superior, but is nevertheless frequently the victim of agents on higherFire, 1009:subplanes of the physical plane. The latter, nevertheless, has to be functioning more or lessFire, 1021:by the man who knows how, but results, nevertheless, in a waste of energy which is forbidden underFire, 1022:to create those tangible benefits they desire. Nevertheless, this magic of the unconscious orFire, 1063:of whose body it may form a part. This is nevertheless only true when it is caused by the pull uponFire, 1075:the dissipation of the atom. This process, nevertheless, in the majority of cases covers such aFire, 1160:is enclosed in the [1160] causal periphery, nevertheless, from the standpoint of consciousnessFire, 1161:stage of evolution. Some brief statements might, nevertheless, be given which (if pondered on andFire, 1169:though it is an expression of lunar force, is, nevertheless, of a much higher order than the law ofFire, 1172:forms of spiritual gravitational activity are, nevertheless, not so, but are due to the working ofFire, 1185:They are really destined to work together, but nevertheless on other cosmic planes have points ofFire, 1234:as yet works blindly and largely unconsciously. Nevertheless, he merits the name of creator,Fire, 1262:may be regarded as the Pole Star. It should nevertheless be pointed out that this star serves onlyGlamour, 66:Own consciousness, established unalterably. Yet, nevertheless, in this infinite and supremeGlamour, 76:but in which humanity, upon the upward arc, is nevertheless immersed. Therefore the Guides of theGlamour, 84:be added also (perhaps not wholly correctly but nevertheless with sufficient truth to warrant theGlamour, 90:a final and culminating evil. I would remind you nevertheless that the Dweller is the "one whoGlamour, 105:induced by any individual person which are, nevertheless, founded and based in the two above groupsGlamour, 132:rapid growth of ideological illusions, which are nevertheless based on a true idea - each and allGlamour, 223:a relatively temporary manner but one which is nevertheless exceedingly delaying to their progress.Healing, 59:at a certain stage in Atlantean times, is nevertheless a disease which has been generatedHealing, 72:major centers. It might be of interest to you, nevertheless, to be told where the twenty-one minorHealing, 122:along both psychological and physical lines. Nevertheless, in any case, the disciple [123] becomesHealing, 239:anent the sex life were refused expression. Nevertheless, energy follows the direction of thought,Healing, 253:not. If no actual and active disease is present, nevertheless the condition of the teeth, theHealing, 279:indicative of new and hopeful trends; they are nevertheless extremely experimental in nature, andHealing, 313:their focus of attention on to the mental plane. Nevertheless, they live predominantly in a regionHealing, 336:disease is concerned. They are on right lines. Nevertheless, the science with which they areHealing, 353:them and to the best of your ability. Remember, nevertheless, that your best way may be far shortHealing, 357:of the personality and from these attitudes, nevertheless knows (and rightly rejoices) that heHealing, 364:then little problem. But this is rare to find. Nevertheless I have here given you a hint. ThereHealing, 398:seance room, and the work of the mediums, have nevertheless demonstrated the presence of anHealing, 407:Masters call "the extension of death in space." Nevertheless, in the following pages we shallHealing, 409:of the imagination in the service of desire has nevertheless constructed an illusory glamorous
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