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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEVERTHELESS

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Healing, 430:The spleen or pranic center. In low grade, but nevertheless individualized human beings and withHealing, 431:attention in connection with the Art of Dying. Nevertheless it warrants careful thought. Healing, 432:The explosion is therefore permitted; nevertheless, all the time a controlling factor is present,Healing, 461:assumed by the watching authorities, but that, nevertheless, the man may not be truly dead. I wouldHealing, 465:minor centers. It might be of interest to you, nevertheless, to be told where the twenty-one minorHealing, 508:three worlds of ordinary evolution, but which nevertheless have their effects and their plannedHealing, 528:fundamental platitudes (the essential truths, nevertheless) which underlie all that I have saidHealing, 574:further on this technique. It is useful nevertheless to see at times the distant goals. All that isHealing, 581:patient) to bring about a physical cure, it can nevertheless be turned to the dispelling of subtlerHealing, 629:energies which must be considered, but it is nevertheless basically true, and upon this truth theHealing, 645:require definite mental acceptance; the methods, nevertheless, which are employed are as definitelyHealing, 652:stage of healing which is not the highest) it is nevertheless the one most responsible because, inHealing, 652:it, he may increase the evil condition, but will nevertheless be aiding the patient by hasteningHealing, 661:agony of insecurity, suspense and poverty. Nevertheless, two major results of a spiritual nature,Healing, 673:to the rhythm of the Spiritual Triad; nevertheless, the earlier type of poise must precede theHealing, 683:by the dense physical body are excessive; nevertheless, each life sees a steady growth inHealing, 694:the visional and realized difficulties, but may nevertheless prove useful in indicating the groundHercules, 7:affairs may be natural and normal, but it is nevertheless myopic. The consciousness that we areHercules, 93:to him a new field of awareness, but which is, nevertheless, simply an extension of his responseInitiation, 1:present these statements as matters of fact. Nevertheless, she would urge those who find somewhatInitiation, 7:a fog that will ultimately overwhelm him. Nevertheless, in the scientific study of this law ofInitiation, 26:at all, leading us only into darkness, time will nevertheless not have been lost, for we shall haveInitiation, 52:force into the work of such organizations, yet, nevertheless, they have their disciples and theirInitiation, 67:mental bodies (or, if not polarized there, are nevertheless well, rounded out and balanced) and canInitiation, 102:undergone the initiatory process, yet who, nevertheless, may have taken the first or secondInitiation, 102:and a few who have taken the second, but who are nevertheless quite unaware of it, yet theirInitiation, 103:deprecate the littleness of what has been done. Nevertheless, to the world he is ever a man ofInitiation, 124:divides itself into three parts, which are nevertheless parts of one process: 1. The past sweepsInitiation, 136:persists during the tiny physical life cycle. Nevertheless, this period of existence is onlyInitiation, 179:period of trial or initiatory testing; it is, nevertheless, equally a period of vitalization and ofInitiation, 180:speak of the seven initiations, yet it would be nevertheless equally correct to enumerate five,Initiation, 192:fact in the heart of a disciple, and yet nevertheless love for himself exists not, then comes [193]Initiation, 217:no body, either subjective or objective. It is, nevertheless, the center of the egoicIntellect, 150:channels of experience and reasoning, it is nevertheless possible that the intensity of theirIntellect, 169:and writes with a tireless vigor which does, nevertheless, wear out the nervous system, and affectIntellect, 201:of concentration and meditation, he will nevertheless have gained much, and greatly enriched hisMagic, 29:fruitless and speculative and almost insoluble. Nevertheless, through pure reason, and through theMagic, 64:and our goal. A right understanding is necessary nevertheless if we are to appreciate intelligentlyMagic, 119:his individual assets and deficiencies. He can nevertheless [120] rest assured that, until the pathMagic, 131:is distorted from its original shape but it is, nevertheless, more adapted to public use and can beMagic, 164:what their work is and are doing it. There are nevertheless many hundreds (out of the presentMagic, 190:regarded as elementary and preliminary but which nevertheless have to be worked out into consciousMagic, 192:has hitherto been only latent and quiescent. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that when theMagic, 277:speaking) in the pineal gland; they are nevertheless brilliant, expressive and investigating. TheMagic, 304:which they themselves may never see and yet nevertheless appropriate the conveyed information toMagic, 312:still revolving around our sun, but which are nevertheless fast disappearing. Our moon will joinMagic, 316:lacks, as generally understood, there is nevertheless a registering of the originating cause whichMagic, 321:functioning. This stream of living energy can nevertheless be sensed in a large way, though not asMagic, 342:wise souls to hasten the good work, but the end, nevertheless, is sure. If the wise souls are notMagic, 358:selfish interests may be only too sadly true. Nevertheless - through pain and learning to utilizeMagic, 364:of what is transpiring. It is waste of time, nevertheless, to [365] ponder upon the cosmic astralMagic, 373:so slow and gradual as to be inappreciable. Nevertheless, the stimulation exists, and in the courseMagic, 384:into which the form aspect falls. They are, nevertheless, distinctions and differentiations, andMagic, 408:favor some particular approach to the truth will nevertheless achieve the realization that otherMagic, 451:as fruitless and speculative, almost insoluble. Nevertheless, to the pure reason and through theMagic, 629:humanity, having their roots in instincts, seem nevertheless to be divine characteristics,Meditation, 34:is at this stage consciously realized, but is nevertheless, itself of evolutionary development. AsMeditation, 59:the three worlds. The student must remember, nevertheless, that he has first to find hisMeditation, 70:the work as yet fully accomplished. Enough has, nevertheless, been done to permit of the erectionMeditation, 155:nor proper. At a certain point in meditation, nevertheless, when the pupil has made the desiredMeditation, 210:and give you certain data, impressing upon you nevertheless again the fact that I use the esotericMeditation, 245:and therefore little concern us at this time. Nevertheless the curing of physical ailments thatMeditation, 301:school in this particular lesser cycle (which is nevertheless a relatively important one, being anMeditation, 344:man whose own development proceeds steadily. But nevertheless the aim of personal progress remainsMeditation, 352:no body, either subjective or objective. It is, nevertheless, the center of the egoicPatanjali, 13:and is usually translated as "not painful." Nevertheless, the underlying thought is the hindrancePatanjali, 31:than we ordinarily understand by the word, yet nevertheless it is still within the lower world ofPatanjali, 58:This is a very general paraphrase but conveys nevertheless the correct significance of the termsPatanjali, 87:adhere to the exact Sanskrit terms. It conveys nevertheless the exact meaning of the original whichPatanjali, 90:it is to embrace the greatest, a solar system. Nevertheless, in all these ranges of consciousness,Patanjali, 100:intangible from the physical plane standpoint, nevertheless (from the stand point of the real orPatanjali, 320:paraphrase of the original text, but one which nevertheless conveys the correct interpretation. WeProblems, 21:behind her closed frontiers. It was, nevertheless, a creative silence. The war then forced RussiaProblems, 22:her premature activity upon the physical plane. Nevertheless, all peoples view Russia withProblems, 26:to do because it infringes upon their rights, nevertheless they allow themselves to be guidedProblems, 35:to God, but they are relatively few in number. Nevertheless, they are waging war againstProblems, 116:this case to make people admit its feasibility. Nevertheless, because it is a truth, it is boundPsychology1, 6:by many schools of psychology, but remains nevertheless an unknown and undefinable quantity. TheyPsychology1, 15:life the ideal of Oneness and of Unity. It has nevertheless been a matter of shifting the focus ofPsychology1, 53:not that when we make these distinctions it is nevertheless one Soul that is functioning, actingPsychology1, 98:prove the fact of immortality. It can nevertheless be regarded as a step in the right direction.Psychology1, 121:general impression at this time. It is apparent nevertheless that when the nature of the energyPsychology1, 160:understood than they were twenty-five years ago. Nevertheless, until there is a more adequatePsychology1, 175:except in terms of human ambition and power. Nevertheless, unknown to themselves, they are reallyPsychology1, 176:the control of theological authority. They have nevertheless within them that germ of the spirit ofPsychology1, 184:set up, and reduced to a true science. Nevertheless, certain imminent happenings will do more toPsychology1, 224:each other from the angle of modern science) are nevertheless subjectively and essentially part ofPsychology1, 238:Life which informs the fourth kingdom in nature. Nevertheless three basic logoic influences, threePsychology1, 249:of an automatic mechanism. It is the mechanism, nevertheless, with which we have hithertoPsychology1, 270:to physical conditions which are undesirable. Nevertheless, at this time, it is the lesser of thePsychology1, 336:and heavy as is that type of vibration, it is nevertheless an expression of embryonic love.Psychology1, 349:is really never out of incarnation. There are nevertheless constant cycles of waxing and waningPsychology1, 352:rays of attribute embody His personality aspect. Nevertheless it must be remembered that the sevenPsychology1, 355:initiatory goal is today a mental at-one-ing. Nevertheless, the physical reaction to the ray forcesPsychology1, 367:who foresee that which may and ought to be are nevertheless well aware that though the fulfilmentPsychology1, 395:event in the history of our planet, but was nevertheless only a passing and interesting phenomenonPsychology1, 399:be absorbed, and yet so ancient is the race that nevertheless today no nation in the world but hasPsychology2, 31:we have called soul activity and form existence. Nevertheless, though the consciousness is otherPsychology2, 48:signify but little to us at present, it will, nevertheless, serve to demonstrate the futility ofPsychology2, 91:and through the medium of the mutable Cross is nevertheless producing changes in the evolutionary
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