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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEVERTHELESS

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Psychology2, 141:destroying angels, destroying the old forms, but nevertheless, behind it all lies the impetus ofPsychology2, 147:called "the Way of divine refusal." It is, nevertheless, an aspect of the Law of Love, of thePsychology2, 154:urge. Freud calls this urge "sex," which is, nevertheless, only another name for the impetus ofPsychology2, 158:of its presence are ever to be found, nevertheless, even in the most undesirable types of humanPsychology2, 166:and decentralization. It is possible, nevertheless, to indicate the goal and point out the potencyPsychology2, 193:close rapport with the inner groups, which form nevertheless, one large, active group. This centralPsychology2, 205:they can think when need arises. They are still, nevertheless, predominantly emotional. TheyPsychology2, 205:These are the nice good people, who are, nevertheless, largely controlled by the massPsychology2, 261:of what might be termed (injudiciously nevertheless) evil. These incoming souls have, through theirPsychology2, 262:urge for specific activities remains. The work nevertheless proceeds. Psychology2, 312:and culminating evil. I would here remind you, nevertheless, that the Dweller is "one who standsPsychology2, 393:in God Who is the negation of isolation and is nevertheless the Whole which is set apart from otherPsychology2, 449:however, a time of unusual crisis. One point, nevertheless, seems impressed upon my mind, and IPsychology2, 453:total population of the planet is considered; nevertheless among the peoples of our WesternPsychology2, 456:or is regarded as peculiar or unbalanced. It is, nevertheless, definitely a psychological disorderPsychology2, 464:the reverse of those just considered. Nevertheless, they in their turn constitute real problemsPsychology2, 478:and to be natural to the man, they should nevertheless be discontinued and the avenues of approachPsychology2, 483:which (even if it is not worded guidance) is, nevertheless, the recognition of a form of guidancePsychology2, 484:to the two dealt with above, but the results are nevertheless of much the same quality and reducePsychology2, 503:by the brain, during waking hours. They are, nevertheless, only partial records in the majority ofPsychology2, 511:distant origin and our possible future. It is nevertheless just possible that if the mystics downPsychology2, 553:with it much of encouragement. It indicates, nevertheless, much physiological change and manyPsychology2, 570:which are heard can be of a very high order. Nevertheless they are still astral, for they concernPsychology2, 600:induced by his identification with his vision. Nevertheless, I would point out here that the truePsychology2, 717:effort are represented, but there are, nevertheless, a large number of disciples in the world todayPsychology2, 724:period of such moments and points of danger can, nevertheless, in itself constitute a momentousPsychology2, 734:part of our spiritual life, demanding from us, nevertheless, all that we have to give, plus thatRays, 4:also be borne in mind that these three are nevertheless a manifestation of duality - spirit andRays, 32:terms, and are very little understood. They are nevertheless aspects of the higher will in someRays, 76:thing, viewed from the evolutionary angle. It is nevertheless a fact which cannot be gainsaid, andRays, 100:where - rapid or slow in expression - they are nevertheless automatic in action, sure andRays, 175:objective by the aspirant to initiation, is nevertheless a mantram definitely appropriate to theRays, 176:is also flanked on either side by a Master. Nevertheless, he faces the Initiator alone andRays, 178:interpretive and significant, but something nevertheless veiling and hiding. After the fifthRays, 201:a limited number of initiates are so placed), he nevertheless has the right to move on identicalRays, 202:all probability of little meaning to you, but it nevertheless contains a truth for which theRays, 212:little to ask from the world which is served; nevertheless, such a demand and such an expectationRays, 261:processes or stages which are in themselves, nevertheless, one lesson. The four lessons which heRays, 312:realization until after the third initiation; nevertheless, the preparatory sensitivity (if I mayRays, 336:as a result of their researches in my books. Nevertheless, [337] the true aspirant must be givenRays, 351:and rather abstruse definition of initiation. Nevertheless, as science arrives at a betterRays, 360:upon ray determinations and past activity but is nevertheless a free choice, because all limitationRays, 375:ray as it manifests through our planetary Logos. Nevertheless, magnetic action is more closelyRays, 398:Kumara, given on higher cosmic levels. It is nevertheless a statement of fact that in due time evenRays, 429:Her evil destiny (as she regards it) does, nevertheless, give her the opportunity to becomeRays, 434:been dealt with in the occult writings. They are nevertheless of major importance. I am dealingRays, 498:mind; they have been distorted and misapplied. Nevertheless, they have been instrumental in aidingRays, 564:implemented by the will of the planetary Logos. Nevertheless, he does respond to a mentalRays, 575:of discrimination - complete purity of motive. Nevertheless, the changes brought about by theRays, 600:illusions governing life within the Hierarchy. Nevertheless, they are illusions of such a highRays, 610:sometimes almost past endurance; they indicate nevertheless rapid development and steady progress.Rays, 624:tension led to the explosion of the world war; nevertheless, after due process of pain, of [625]Rays, 625:and lacking leadership, they are nevertheless well on the way to the resolution of their problem.Rays, 638:for perfection is not yet possible to man; nevertheless, a situation can be brought about whichRays, 647:Shamballa having acted in this manner, it is nevertheless the Hierarchy which will bring intoRays, 648:except from a purely subjective standpoint; nevertheless, through the proposed stimulation, throughRays, 660:major task of Shamballa will become possible; nevertheless, prior to that, humanity must respond toRays, 663:and of proffered [663] opportunity, but who are nevertheless quite unready for their next step andRays, 676:and are regarded as causal in their nature; nevertheless they are fundamentally secondary [677] inRays, 684:but seldom under the influence of inspiration. Nevertheless, the good work goes on. The emotionsRays, 690:and circulation through his three head centers. Nevertheless, this energy does pour through him andRays, 711:nature, on the three planes of the three worlds. Nevertheless he still possesses awareness of allRays, 720:In spite of this subjective activity, men are nevertheless in full possession of a definite part ofRays, 727:evil for it can no longer hurt him." He needs nevertheless the protection of Those with Whom he hasRays, 741:of the Renunciation Initiation); they will lead nevertheless to a revelation which is imminent inRays, 751:of easier, unified and happy relations is nevertheless existent in the minds of many thousandsRays, 758:rather than light because their deeds are evil." Nevertheless, one of the great emerging beautiesReappearance, 45:will prove their veracity; their symbolism will nevertheless elicit reinterpretation; circumstancesReappearance, 48:formulating it thus to themselves, they are, nevertheless, working to bring into visibility theReappearance, 49:though undesirable, misleading and wrong, nevertheless demonstrates human expectancy of theReappearance, 62:though easier of assimilation in the East. Nevertheless, some hard blow or some difficultReappearance, 69:and a great spiritual event. The decision was, nevertheless, the decision of the Christ and markedReappearance, 81:Aquarius will set loose has not yet been felt. Nevertheless, each year carries us closer to theReappearance, 114:They say it ignorantly and often hopelessly; nevertheless, it indicates a general process ofReappearance, 126:these stupidities and errors of presentation has nevertheless been good. In all lands, men todayReappearance, 140:thinking people are still a small minority. Nevertheless, it is this thinking minority which (whenReappearance, 162:and he himself seems too small and helpless. Nevertheless, the mass of straight goodness and visionSoul, 81:and on the other in the consciousness. [81] Nevertheless, this doctrine of ours, which does notTelepathy, 64:in the case of the Members of the Hierarchy, is nevertheless limited and circumscribed (from theTelepathy, 90:consciousness is concentratedly individualized. Nevertheless, there is on man's part a steadilyTelepathy, 101:registration is acute and accurate; the goal, nevertheless, is conscious registration; this isTelepathy, 116:in the glamors created by humanity. Forget not, nevertheless, that true aspiration is essentiallyTelepathy, 118:new to them, and new perhaps also to you. It is nevertheless a concept which they must endeavor toTelepathy, 124:sumtotal of our manifested universe; they are nevertheless signs of our leading up to a planetaryTelepathy, 125:for students such as you - contain nothing new. Nevertheless, they [126] need to be seen in theirTelepathy, 131:perforce to accept hypothetically, but which can nevertheless be substantiated by you if you arriveTelepathy, 159:do not work through a physical vehicle. They nevertheless have an etheric body composed of theTelepathy, 165:as lotuses, with varying numbers of petals; nevertheless there is always preserved and recognizablyTelepathy, 168:ethers and the four cosmic ethers; there is nevertheless a direct relation between them, and thisTelepathy, 170:symbolic phrases, and to that extent are true; nevertheless, at the close of the evolutionaryTelepathy, 177:is accepted today by many scientific schools; nevertheless the original teaching has been amendedTelepathy, 178:vast and unknown as it is, as to its extent - is nevertheless limited in nature and staticTelepathy, 185:function is intelligent creation; but it has nevertheless a secondary activity which is to relateTelepathy, 187:form, and then only for a few scant minutes; nevertheless the "period of dynamic potency" is being
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