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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NEWLY

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Astrology, 376:The import of this is that the energy of will - newly released by Sanat Kumara upon our planet -Destiny, 56:of these three nations were closely related. The newly forming country of the United States isDestiny, 149:The religion of the Risen Christ, and not of the newly born Christ or of the crucified Christ, willDiscipleship1, 111:disaster. At the same time, it can indicate a newly awakening response and sensitive awareness toDiscipleship1, 184:own choice which may not be karmic at all but a newly instituted decision; or by the choice ofDiscipleship1, 376:endeavoring to prepare you, as well as the other newly chosen group members, for quickDiscipleship1, 432:would like, first of all, to point out that this newly opened door for service has been earned byDiscipleship1, 731:entire activity of the Ashram is coordinated. Newly accepted disciples (who are only learning toDiscipleship2, 157:It covers every grade of human aspirant from the newly accepted disciple up to and inclusive of theDiscipleship2, 203:as channels of relationship; today, the group is newly organized and the task of invocation andDiscipleship2, 255:light to bear and a motivation - based on newly acquired knowledge and understanding - which isDiscipleship2, 546:toward the soul, as must be the case with newly accepted disciples, or powerfully expanded andEducation, 66:an invitation to penetrate more deeply into the newly revealed world of meaning; he then learns toExternalisation, 7:of the mass of human vehicles to meet the newly imposed strain and some idea of the problem can beExternalisation, 643:precipitate certain specialized aspects of this newly received energy, and they therefore will beFire, 425:thus producing the immediate possibility of the newly vitalized causal bodies vibrating to suchFire, 711:which will produce a downflow of energy from the newly made causal vehicle into the three worlds ofFire, 840:to be seen at many differing stages from the newly organized "buds," representing freshlyFire, 852:appearance in any group of planetary egos, of newly born lotus buds, or of lotuses which are termedFire, 907:will be followed by the conscious use of the newly-awakened powers. In this manner the closeGlamour, 54:the reaction of the undisciplined mind to the newly contacted world of ideas. This contact opens upHealing, 363:do? Should he continue his effort to help the newly freed soul to go forward into the light? In theHealing, 382:under rapid control through the use of the newly discovered drugs, though these are regarded asHealing, 518:between the monad on its own plane and the newly created personality, via the antahkarana. TheseHercules, 34:have their beginning, and Hercules, the newly-thinking disciple, begins his work. The key to thisHercules, 160:"the sign of silence". In ancient mysteries the newly admitted brother had to sit in silence, heHercules, 205:for the sounding of a clear note and to the newly emerging mystic and knower is given the task ofInitiation, 119:the recognition by the initiate - through the newly aroused sense of occult sight - of [120] theInitiation, 145:and initiates of the same degree as the newly admitted applicant place themselves around him, andInitiation, 145:stages those who are not of equal rank with the newly made initiate (such as first degree initiatesInitiation, 146:a dual performance is taking place: - The newly made initiate is taking the oath. Certain Words andInitiation, 148:work of the initiated group around the newly admitted brother. It might here be noted that eachInitiation, 163:pledges the initiate to inviolable secrecy, the newly made initiate advances alone closer to theInitiation, 197:be shattered by the energy pouring through the newly stimulated centers, and dire danger to theMagic, 168:as the intermediary betwixt the Master and the newly accepted aspirant. He works with the newPatanjali, 50:by the tradition, substituted that which is newly seen, donated the acquired possession to thosePsychology1, 390:three nations seemed closely to interlink. The newly forming country of the United States isPsychology2, 737:to them and who accept the familiar or the newly imposed rule with acquiescence and oft quiteRays, 153:the perfecting of the response apparatus and the newly constructed spiritual mechanism whichRays, 231:of His Ashram, from the Christ down to the most newly accepted disciple. It is through theRays, 259:it presents its own problems, based upon a newly presented phase of dualistic consciousness. TheRays, 421:has to become the inclusive in an [421] entirely newly apprehended world of realization, whilst theRays, 533:will necessarily rest upon the foundation of a newly interpreted and enlightened Christianity,Rays, 539:see the hitherto unseen, and on the basis of the newly acquired knowledge to direct his steps stillRays, 552:response to the creative reorganization and the newly directed energies which are engaging theRays, 643:The exoteric side of the work which I - as a newly made Master - had purposed to do can be seen inReappearance, 103:chosen few whose task it has been to take the newly presented idea and promulgate it among those
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