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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NICE

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Autobiography, 27:[27] can know; do not talk to that man or woman; nice people do not speak or think like that; youAutobiography, 30:own possessions. I was not, as you can see, a nice child. Not only did I have a temper but I alwaysAutobiography, 45:also the fact that some very fast men are very nice and have understanding. With this backgroundAutobiography, 54:and sit down beside them and play checkers; be nice to them, remain [55] impersonal and, at theAutobiography, 62:I never knew whether my escort would be a nice, reliable Christian soldier or a blackguard. IAutobiography, 66:is another matter, but they were unfailingly nice to me. One of them later sent me a lot ofAutobiography, 66:for one of the Soldiers Homes. Another sent a nice, fat check and still another, a prominentAutobiography, 85:possibly be right? I knew there were a lot of nice people who did not think as I did and hitherto IAutobiography, 89:a situation, in spite of all the bunk talked by nice, well meaning devotees. The Master is a busyAutobiography, 89:me that night, He offered me no compliments or nice platitudes. He said, in effect, the work mustAutobiography, 104:put in a more dreadful time. They [104] were nice, kind, good and worthy, but I had never beforeAutobiography, 110:that there was something so charming and nice about me that people naturally helped me. I have anAutobiography, 111:as the rector's wife and I am sure I was very nice and kind, but always I felt a barrier. I did notAutobiography, 115:did what they could to be helpful. A very nice girl offered to come and live with me as a payingAutobiography, 145:me and said, "Say, Madam, have you ever known a nice Jew?" I replied that I surely had and thatAutobiography, 145:He then proceeded to ask if I had ever known a nice Gentile and I naturally replied, "Of course. InAutobiography, 161:of wishful thinking or the emergence of a very nice, sweet, well-intentioned, Christian,Autobiography, 204:married and living their own lives, to say how nice they were, how sound, how sensible and howAutobiography, 206:and trust them and an audience is simply a nice person. I suppose lecturing is the thing I enjoyAutobiography, 208:them." All this happiness, therefore, which nice and correct clothes can bring could every year beAutobiography, 219:world. They discovered that there were just as nice people, just as intelligent people, just as badAutobiography, 223:France whose aims and ideas were anything but nice or clean. The few years preceding the war,Bethlehem, 196:man, and the faults and failings of the average "nice" citizen of modern times involve differentBethlehem, 266:matter of building a good character and being nice and kind. More than that is involved. It is aDiscipleship1, 378:leads you - again theoretically - to be too nice, too kind, too appreciative, but not in reality.Discipleship1, 720:no spontaneous flow but a laborious effort to be nice, to refrain (through drastic disciplining ofDiscipleship2, 542:for aid and comprehension. Say not always the nice or loving thing, but learn to say the hardExternalisation, 476:of humanity to temporary methods of "being nice" or "being kind" or taking gentle measures. TheExternalisation, 602:so. Those plans do not involve the birth of some nice child in some nice home on earth; they willExternalisation, 602:not involve the birth of some nice child in some nice home on earth; they will not produce the wildExternalisation, 699:statement, from the point of view of the nice well-meaning person, that its value may escape yourGlamour, 77:of sentiment imprisons and bewilders all the nice people in the world, imposing upon themGlamour, 132:is as yet undeveloped, it becomes simply a nice concept and often a sadistic incentive and thusHealing, 601:the required occult knowledge. The time when any nice, kindly and spiritually minded person sets upIntellect, 166:and with other souls, and the platitudes of a nice and cultured mentality. The effect of thePsychology2, 205:need effect important decisions. These are the nice good people, who are, nevertheless, largelyRays, 348:to the truth; the idea that a man of a nice disposition and possessing certain characterReappearance, 48:so. Those plans do not involve the birth of some nice child in some nice home on Earth; they willReappearance, 48:not involve the birth of some nice child in some nice home on Earth; they will not produce the wildTelepathy, 75:public. Messages emanating from the relatively nice, well-trained subconscious nature of the
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