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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NIGH

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Astrology, 91:rare indeed and at this period of evolution well nigh unknown. Most people are governed by theirAstrology, 91:presented and of quality unfolded. It is well nigh impossible to be more explicit until such timeAstrology, 110:remarks. The confusion would then be well nigh insuperable in the mind of the enquirer. Little byAstrology, 424:of the basic Science of Triangles (I had well nigh said "in the contemplation of the basic ScienceAstrology, 544:ancient evil experience and hence also the well-nigh ludicrous falsity of their propaganda. TheyAstrology, 583:of the full expression of will seemed well-nigh impossible; He was conscious still of the inherentAstrology, 606:of the 7 Rays and the Will Aspect It is well-nigh impossible for me to make this any clearerAutobiography, 118:solved. The Jewish problem has seemed to me well nigh insoluble. I, at this time see no way out,Discipleship1, 155:brought about by those who surround and well nigh smother you as they cling to you. Stand Free...Discipleship1, 299:face to face, of the time when it seemed well nigh impossible to save the group life. L. T. S-K.Discipleship1, 340:It is the whole swirling, miasma which well-nigh engulfs you because - as I told you some years agoDiscipleship1, 433:the past almost to crises of despair), are well nigh over. You are becoming more and more immersedDiscipleship2, 283:through language. This difficulty is well-nigh insurmountable in connection with this thirdDiscipleship2, 464:It has been difficult for you and well-nigh impossible to concentrate on planning. I am thereforeDiscipleship2, 487:towards the Ashram (and that, with you, is well-nigh a habit and need not, therefore, form aDiscipleship2, 522:reaction to war and its happenings has well-nigh crippled your essential (not your apparent)Discipleship2, 730:you was that your age was such that it was well-nigh impossible for you to change. Yet you haveEducation, 9:to the compulsory state curriculum - is well-nigh impossible to answer, owing to the wideExternalisation, 224:certainty are psychological assets of well-nigh invincible potency, but they feel unable to arouseExternalisation, 360:It has been also largely aided by the well-nigh unconscious, but none the less real, recognition ofExternalisation, 436:problem with which the Christ is faced is well-nigh - from the human angle - insoluble. He willExternalisation, 479:might still be a long way off. Today it is well-nigh in our hands. As I said elsewhere, it is aExternalisation, 495:field and helped them to surmount the well-nigh insuperable difficulties with which they wereExternalisation, 618:of His returning Son. It would have been well-nigh impossible to prepare for the coming in the faceExternalisation, 631:The books which I then planned have been well-nigh finished; the various phases of the work whichFire, xiv:consideration of force and of energy. It is well nigh impossible to reduce such concepts toFire, 568:of these laws much is lost, for it is well nigh impossible to resolve abstractions into the termsFire, 645:of such diversity as to make enumeration well-nigh impossible. We might attempt with brevity toFire, 720:of the will. This seems impossible, and well nigh senseless phraseology when considered in terms ofFire, 787:self and the higher is so close as to be well nigh inseparable. The moment wherein the EgoFire, 840:other: " 'The fire is burning; the altar is well-nigh destroyed. What happens next?' " "Add to theFire, 1276:seven cycles and whose lips have been sealed for nigh upon fourteen rounded terms. The first WordGlamour, 96:true perception is difficult and at first well-nigh impossible. Blindly and ignorantly men have toGlamour, 167:It has been also largely aided by the well-nigh unconscious, but none the less real, recognition ofGlamour, 219:conditions, the aspirant will follow it well-nigh automatically and all that he will then need willHealing, 282:with the physical vehicle that it is well nigh impossible to separate the two in consciousness;Healing, 355:analysis and criticism. This is a hard and well-nigh impossible thing for many to learn. Traces ofHealing, 376:electricity to photography. You may deem it well-nigh impossible to make plates of much greaterHealing, 443:avoided. The reign of the fear of death is well-nigh ended and we shall soon enter upon a period ofHealing, 601:minded person sets up as a healer should be well-nigh over; any healing practice should be precededHercules, 141:he had to pause, for the smell alone well-nigh overcame him. The oozing quicksands were a hazard,Hercules, 180:of his exalted thought. The Teacher drew nigh. "The single flame must light the other forty-nine,"Hercules, 182:become," the Teacher said when Hercules drew nigh. "You have gone on by going back; you have comeInitiation, 25:from the bottom of life and of evolution well nigh to the top; by an experience which is based onInitiation, 105:War the Hierarchy of our planet deemed it well nigh necessary to invoke the aid of the SilentInitiation, 118:on his ray, is thus revealed. This truth is well-nigh impossible to express in words, and concernsInitiation, 209:portion of the ladder, the fourth division well nigh mounted; its latter part stretches before meIntellect, 10:metaphysical, super-sensuous. We have well-nigh exhausted the resources of the material world, butIntellect, 50:our fleshly lamp, And kindling cosmic flame in nigh-brought souls! Splendor of God, how few! AndMagic, 302:avoided. The reign of the fear of death is well-nigh ended and we shall soon enter upon a period ofMagic, 349:Now - such is the astral miasma - it is well nigh impossible for you, our struggling brethren,Magic, 385:these distinctions and differences is well nigh insuperable until such time as the aspirant comesMagic, 543:form-building, Etheric blindness, make it well nigh impossible for me to do full justice to thisMagic, 622:characters and temperaments are such that well nigh insuperable difficulties are presented. ThroughMagic, 627:self-interest until we are presented with a well-nigh insuperable problem. But out of it all, muchMeditation, 37:Himself. But this is beside the point and well-nigh incomprehensible to you who are yet trammeledMeditation, 130:the path of occult meditation, it takes well-nigh fourteen years to rebuild the subtle bodies, andPatanjali, 130:the law is well fulfiled, and man emerges well-nigh adept." [131] Finally, the man enters the HallPatanjali, 209:which I call home, for the circle hath been well-nigh trod, and the end approacheth the beginning.Problems, 40:worldwide reconstruction demanded and the well-nigh impossible task of salvaging the children andProblems, 80:heavy and the problems to be solved seem well-nigh insoluble. Men and women of goodwill are nowProblems, 88:these are so closely related that it is well-nigh impossible to consider them apart. First, thereProblems, 115:appears to them at times as presenting well-nigh insuperable difficulties. Certain questionsProblems, 134:those they seek to help; they are rendered well-nigh impotent by the very magnitude of the taskPsychology1, 150:significance of the word "life" our task is well-nigh insuperable, for no human being has, or canPsychology1, 213:nothing to do. The understanding of it is well nigh impossible to the finite mind of the averagePsychology1, 347:the early stages of his development, it is well-nigh impossible for any one (except an initiate) toPsychology2, 364:the whole. Until this is experienced, it is well nigh impossible to comprehend, through the mediumPsychology2, 529:to be carried out that are, at other time, well-nigh impossible. I would like here to point outPsychology2, 576:a few hundred years ago. [576] Now it is well nigh planetary in its radius of influence. PublicRays, 14:and (strange as this may seem to you and well-nigh unintelligible) the effects upon the HierarchyRays, 138:initiate of the third degree), that it is well-nigh impossible for the teachings (which I seek toRays, 234:of sorrow and the agony of the Cross are well-nigh finished. Joy and strength will take theirRays, 304:these familiar words, and therefore it is well-nigh impossible for me to convey their significancesRays, 307:of man's little mind, these plans are well-nigh impossible to [308] grasp. From the standpoint ofRays, 333:(the world disciple) is concerned, are well-nigh over and the hour of the birth of the Christ as anRays, 380:but only something so primitive that it is well-nigh impossible for you to grasp its significanceRays, 435:of a goal for a disciple? Does it seem well-nigh impossible of accomplishment? Can you undertakeRays, 439:or to the form side of manifestation; it is well-nigh impossible for the neophyte to vision a timeRays, 598:by the evolving spiritual man. It is well nigh impossible to differentiate the results of fifth rayRays, 638:about a point of world tension which seems well-nigh unbearable. But ahead of the individualReappearance, 92:have to work; they are confronted with a well-nigh impossible task. These energies of enlightenmentReappearance, 165:of His returning Son. It would have been well-nigh impossible to prepare [166] for the coming inSoulattitude which is no doubt to blame for the well nigh entire omission of Eastern thought from ourTelepathy, 69:this - except for advanced initiates - is well-nigh impossible. This factor has to be acceptedTelepathy, 164:Monad, the Soul, and the Personality. It is well nigh impossible for man to draw or make a pictureTelepathy, 172:its close and the initiate-disciple has well nigh run his course, the energies are all fully
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