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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NIL

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Astrology, 366:that their achievements are practically nil. They uphold the ideal but fail of the consummation.Autobiography, 89:to perfectly mediocre people whose influence is nil and whose power to serve is undeveloped. IAutobiography, 274:the Path, but their lasting power is practically nil. The other three types of schools are doingBethlehem, 247:that our value to the universe is practically nil. And yet we know that there is a value and aExternalisation, 119:or self-registering life was practically nil. The life of humanity was then focused within theExternalisation, 683:today; contact between peoples was practically nil, and where it existed was usually of a strictlyFire, 426:of the form. Suffering will be practically nil, as the human units involved will have reached aGlamour, 257:the results of the breath will be practically nil or - where [258] there are results of any kindHealing, 19:a child for his living conditions is practically nil, unless you admit karma as a predisposingHealing, 192:(from the angle of consciousness) is practically nil; you have less susceptibility to the subtlerHealing, 324:The effect on the inner bodies is practically nil, and far less than the diseases themselves.Healing, 706:concerned, the danger of "black" interference is nil; the dark forces do not interest themselves inMagic, 399:and their intellectual powers were practically nil. They liked and needed authority; they learntPatanjali, 393:[393] desiring nothing for himself, his karma is nil, and his acts produce no effects upon himself.Problems, 134:place [134] and power; their temporal power is nil but their spiritual example brings illumination
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