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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOMENCLATURE

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Fire, 298:of a chain in a scheme, follow the planetary nomenclature. This has led to confusion. A clueFire, 568:consciousness, and has an occult meaning. In the nomenclature of these laws much is lost, for it isFire, 1219:if the student will carefully ponder upon the nomenclature of the Law, its occult name and itsMagic, 611:Vishnu Purana gives these fires exactly the same nomenclature as does H.P.B. who borrowed the termsMeditation, 227:return to the center of systemic evolution the nomenclature of these colors is most misleading. TheRays, 59:wisdom are not qualities, as their inadequate nomenclature would imply, but are great facts inRays, 418:tradition has been preserved, changing its nomenclature from time to time, reinterpreting its WordsRays, 419:symbolism intact. Whatever [419] form the new nomenclature will take (and this change willRays, 559:the latter is simply a modern and scientific nomenclature covering a small period of modernRays, 664:Bethlehem I have preserved the above Christian nomenclature because of its familiarity and becauseReappearance, 122:can express (when freed of its Jewish names and nomenclature, which are long out of date, though
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