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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NONE

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Rays, 101:need, the plan and the purpose of the Master. None of the lesser lives (as we understand the term)Rays, 126:of the physical disciplines, for the reason that none of the fleshly appetites have any controlRays, 268:Who work out the divine purposes, there are none Who approach the Eternal Youth and these threeRays, 311:the Spiritual Triad. Forget not, however, that none of these aspects can be regarded as higher orRays, 339:[339] and is wholly inadequate, but I can find none other to substitute. The wording is totallyRays, 416:him "within the sunshine of the major Sun." 7. None of the above facts indicates divergence of viewRays, 417:of Attraction and of Economy - are only aspects. None of these three subsidiary laws imposes anyRays, 708:in their homes or by those they seek to help. None of this will matter to them. Their way is clearReappearance, 35:deceiving. The testimony of the ages proves that none of this is so. Prayer always is answered andReappearance, 36:years ago, is still with us and has lost none of its freshness; it is an eternal inspiration, hope,Reappearance, 54:Him out of their sight. (Acts I, 9.) There were none present who could go further with Him. TheirReappearance, 89:undeveloped individual is concerned, he realizes none of this and the energy which he manipulatesReappearance, 133:It is also largely aided by the unconscious, but none the less real, recognition by the masses ofReappearance, 188:time. How, where or when He will come is none of our concern. Our work is to do our utmost and onSoul, 126:(which even the most skeptical must recognize) none other than a special kind of broadcasting? AndTelepathy, 145:plane or the planes of the Spiritual Triad, for none of the energies can control the physical body
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