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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOON

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Autobiography, 25:of divinity these days. Then from 9.30 till noon we worked at our lessons with our governess andAutobiography, 135:factory where I packed those darned sardines. At noon I would be eating my lunch when the day wasDiscipleship1, 358:of keeping the three "sacred points" - morning, noon and sunset. I am going to suggest that atDiscipleship1, 359:engulfing you and your co-disciples At your noon meditation repeat the same symbolic work but thisDiscipleship1, 383:suggest that three times a day - morning, high noon and evening - you sit quiet for ten minutes.Discipleship1, 603:you do are essential and needed. At sunrise, at noon, at sunset and at night - four times a day -Discipleship2, 647:On awakening in the morning, before rising. At noon. At sunset, whatever hour that may be. OnDiscipleship2, 647:through my soul, my brothers and my Master." At noon, again sound the OM inaudibly and say withDiscipleship2, 702:exercise, carried forward in the morning, at noon, and when you retire at night, will be moreDiscipleship2, 723:she would not be here at all. Every morning, at noon, and each night before retiring to sleep,Externalisation, 226:days (five days) endeavor at sunrise, at noon, at five o'clock P.M., and at sunset, plus the exactPsychology2, 735:morning in their morning meditation or at the noon day recollection the following words: [736] "IRays, 763:to you note by note, in misty dawn or sunny noon, at cool of eve, or sounding through the deep of
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