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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NORMAL

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Fire, 136:result of evolutionary growth, when left to the normal, slow development that time alone can bring.Fire, 183:lies at the base of the spine, and, in the normal average man, its main function is theFire, 185:and Astral Planes 4. The Centers and the Senses, Normal and Supernormal Before at all dealing withFire, 449:stimulating its psychic powers out of the normal state of latency, and gradually fortifying them upFire, 474:are the astral. In the coming centuries, man's normal habitat will be the entire physical plane upFire, 559:impulse on the mental plane has been given), as normal, as safe, and as unconscious as the act ofFire, 652:spirilla brought up to, and beyond, that of normal humanity. Through this stimulation of the fourthFire, 791:are vitalized, but only five in this fivefold normal evolution are dominant. The force emanatingFire, 829:and a man may - if he so choose - follow the normal process, and take aeons of time to effect whatFire, 962:The pituitary body (in all cases of correct normal development) forms the center which receives theFire, 995:of the spiritual man, and of transforming its normal chaotic vibration, and the "stormy sea ofFire, 1077:which demonstrate ability to transcend their normal motion and to transfer themselves into someGlamour, 29:or idée fixe, but in its least dangerous and normal result produces the fanatic. The fanatic isGlamour, 174:from the ordinary human angle but entirely normal from the spiritual. [175] Putting this conceptGlamour, 271:in three successive stages is the immediate and normal result. It was to this that John the BaptistHealing, 62:days, so urgent was the sexual appetite, the normal processes of human intercourse did not satisfyHealing, 99:by so increasing the disease that the patient's normal resistance can prove futile. I would askHealing, 212:need to bear in mind that good health will be normal and declarative if the inner consciousness isHealing, 222:the novelty of complete loneliness, when the normal inhibitions and customs imposed by familyHealing, 239:to be mentioned, and a potent source of trouble. Normal reactions, instead of being controlled andHealing, 248:do all forms act. The reference here is to the normal dissolution of the form at the close of aHealing, 252:and presented to the thinking public - taken in normal conditions and not in war time - theHealing, 277:by science, and known to be an extension of a normal sense. As the true astrology comes into itsHealing, 313:the body is rendered relatively futile, and its normal activities are affected. As to the cure andHealing, 327:which lies outside his individual control. A normal, sane, regulated life is the best means forHealing, 351:and response is imperfect, or a baby who is not normal. These cases constitute definite instancesHealing, 390:must come to an end; death will become a normal and understood process - as normal as the processHealing, 390:will become a normal and understood process - as normal as the process of birth, though evokingHealing, 462:etheric body are practically simultaneous. In normal cases of death from disease, the withdrawal isHealing, 472:that I am here writing, I am dealing simply with normal death processes - death which comes as theHealing, 472:a designed cycle of experience and is using normal channels to attain projected ends. Death inHealing, 472:attain projected ends. Death in these cases is normal, and this humanity needs to grasp withHealing, 491:which, upon the physical plane, are both normal and right, but which now have no meaning to him inHealing, 497:a state of consciousness (characteristic of the normal state of the advanced man) which can beHealing, 541:by nature itself, or by the natural and normal way of adequate vitality, and so enabled to throwHealing, 562:a state wherein an unmarried person has had no normal expression of a natural and universalHealing, 606:which preserves balance, and furthers steady and normal activity in the center controlling the areaHealing, 607:law veils the far-reaching significances of its normal working. It says the following things quiteHealing, 683:"esoteric" to signify all that does not concern normal form life or the average consciousness ofHercules, 7:in their own petty affairs may be natural and normal, but it is nevertheless myopic. TheHercules, 49:with due self-control and understanding, live a normal, balanced sex life; then there is aInitiation, 12:an expansion of consciousness, is part of the normal process of evolutionary development, viewed onInitiation, 94:is usually understood, is an abnormal and not a normal one. All progression in the realm ofInitiation, 94:in process of becoming the Path itself, the more normal routine will again be resumed. InitiationInitiation, 113:and controls. This covers the period of strictly normal evolution. Touch - response to control orInitiation, 184:is regarded simply as an intensification of the normal, and no initiate has ever passed the greatInitiation, 184:of his life; tests then come to be regarded as normal, and are considered, when encountered, asInitiation, 205:results in the complete atrophying of the entire normal physical nature, or indulge in an orgy ofIntellect, 121:is usually unconscious) can be either subnormal, normal or supernormal. - McDougall, William,Intellect, 122:have definite reference to the many and to the normal. Intellect, 218:we kneel, or sit, or stand? The easiest and most normal position is the best always. TheIntellect, 221:no peace. Physical sounds and sights are his normal heritage, and naturally make their impacts uponIntellect, 256:soon be possible to bring the work back again to normal. We have had students who have sufferedIntellect, 265:may appear, but they will participate in the normal life of the planet. They will be the businessMagic, 27:as he really was and to the three worlds of his normal evolution; later he became group consciousMagic, 37:him to live his life in the three worlds of his normal evolution as the onlooker, the perceiver,Magic, 68:"just responsibility." We are considering the normal, sane man and not the over-conscientiousMagic, 77:will be avoided and people will come into a normal and safe control of that most potent instrument,Magic, 198:intent, but more frequently to a negation of the normal sex life, owing to economic conditions, orMagic, 198:there is no harm wrought, for the energy finds a normal creative outlet. These points should beMagic, 337:which man displays, both abnormal and normal. The introspective school, positing a self or aMagic, 366:the lower mind to the higher. Temporarily the normal thought-form building tendencies areMagic, 624:though the inner life remains poised and normal, sane and rightly oriented. Others are breaking upMeditation, 73:polarized in his emotional body and living the normal life of the man of the world, are: The baseMeditation, 73:The throat. His solar plexus is left then to normal functioning, having served its purpose as aMeditation, 267:somewhat longer, and does not relax back to normal with so much ease. Then the time comes when hePatanjali, 334:divine process and are the three planes of our normal experience. These two triplicities of God andPatanjali, 388:meditation becomes a habit and is the normal daily attitude of his life, then the man becomes freePsychology1, 13:awareness - but which is not yet for them their normal field of expression. Many know a great dealPsychology1, 104:space-time limitations, but which transcends the normal human consciousness. The present attemptedPsychology1, 160:his emotional habits, and his mental processes - normal and abnormal - are far better understoodPsychology1, 242:is the effect of this ray influence, plus the normal tendency of all life-forms to evolve. It hasPsychology1, 295:His physical plane life will proceed along normal lines, but it is necessary for men to realizePsychology1, 304:are not in a position where they can today live normal and full lives is equally a consequence ofPsychology1, 307:last analysis, be solved in the home and under normal conditions, and it is the advanced people ofPsychology2, 60:the same capacity to create and to transcend the normal faculties of man. These powers are inherentPsychology2, 103:is built, this "way of escape" becomes the normal path of life. Escape from pain is then automatic,Psychology2, 159:shell, which is far harder to break than the normal prison of the life of the average selfish man.Psychology2, 175:You have been so urged. The initial and normal interpretation and the immediate effect of thePsychology2, 218:accomplishment than it is as yet possible for normal man to vision. If it were not so, thePsychology2, 392:attention that I am not here dealing with the normal service and the self-enforced cooperation ofPsychology2, 407:of life-stimulation, the evolutionary urge, the normal processes of living, experience throughPsychology2, 426:This Observer, at certain points in the normal development of the man, comes to the realizationPsychology2, 459:usual types but I am not here considering their normal expression but something which cannot bePsychology2, 474:and to conditions of functioning which were normal and right in Atlantean times, but undesirablePsychology2, 476:the expression of these lower psychic powers is normal, though undesirable. For the man who is aPsychology2, 478:because [478] they had unfitted themselves for normal living. They appear to be a danger, both toPsychology2, 550:difficulties are of two kinds: Those to which normal humanity is prone and which are well known toPsychology2, 556:Hitherto, the development has been natural, normal and part of the evolutionary urge. This it stillPsychology2, 579:or savage stage, these faculties are frequently normal and there is no mental reaction of any kindPsychology2, 587:time was to bring to an end temporarily the then normal psychic emphasis and start the flow of thePsychology2, 587:plains of earth. Depart. Descend and live the normal life of Earth. Depart. Lift up thine eyes, Oh,Psychology2, 599:of his aspiration that he reverses the normal and wholesome process of "the Way of the constantPsychology2, 600:astral body. They reverse, [600] therefore, the normal process and the physical body suffersPsychology2, 602:"gently and gradually". The encouraging of a normal physical life, with its ordinary interests, thePsychology2, 604:- detached, unmoved, and untouched by normal affairs or human calls. This is sometimes also broughtPsychology2, 619:or a group of leaders do in these unfortunately normal and usual circumstances? Nothing, butPsychology2, 648:and ignoring the habitual barriers and our normal separative instincts. This is the triple programPsychology2, 678:that the growth of good will in the world is the normal emergence of that which is inevitable, andPsychology2, 710:of the mind. These are the brilliant people, normal in most of their expressions of life but
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