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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NORTHWARD

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Destiny, 147:well you know, the period wherein the sun moves northward again has been regarded as a festivalDiscipleship1, 230:See to it that by the time the sun moves northward, you will have so assimilated the procedure andDiscipleship1, 392:so, then on the first day on which the Sun moves northward, answer these questions in my presenceDiscipleship1, 515:of their existence. Now the sun is again moving northward and there comes for you renewedDiscipleship1, 515:I need to do or can do. Until "the sun moves northward," your work is difficult and yet of soDiscipleship2, 28:limitations, and by the time the sun moves northward she too will be working entirely mentally.Discipleship2, 719:group instructions after the sun has moved northward, and I will intimate to A.A.B. the right time.Externalisation, 314:and [314] work. From now until the Sun moves northward, I would ask each of you to do three things:Externalisation, 337:the period when the Sun will begin to move northward - from December 25th until June 22nd, 1942 -Externalisation, 389:spiritual year and the time that the Sun moves northward. The greatest Approach of all time isExternalisation, 402:and matter); the period in which the Sun moves northward and the period when it travels on theExternalisation, 494:the Evolutionary Process 3. When the sun moved northward that year (1942), the great White LodgeMeditation, 325:that period being that in which the sun moves northward or the earlier half of the year, and aPatanjali, 402:upward arc are reached. Thus shall the sun move northward." Psychology2, 688:exactly at the hour when "the sun began to move northward." But They tire not as do human beings
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