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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTE

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Externalisation, 334:or any obliteration of the dominant love note which should be the outstanding characteristic of allExternalisation, 338:and disciples, and by all who respond to its note. In doing this there will be need on your part ofExternalisation, 339:purposes of God are working out, and with this note I seek to begin my Wesak communication to you.Externalisation, 397:was fairly easily understood and its outstanding note was peace. It was used as a prayer by theExternalisation, 406:form of a new religion and the sounding of a note which produced a new civilization and culture, orExternalisation, 409:of such significance that it would be well to note them here. They lie so far back in human historyExternalisation, 413:Initiation, Identification. It is interesting to note that the work of the Buddha is expressed inExternalisation, 418:and in the West, and its emphatically selfish note (personal liberation and personal knowledge) areExternalisation, 446:on Earth, through the expression of goodwill. Note that phrasing. The working disciples throughoutExternalisation, 470:are only preparatory and familiar stages. The note and message sounded by the Christ when last onExternalisation, 480:and supplemented by the enunciating of the new note, word or theme which will distinguish the NewExternalisation, 522:about this. In relation with humanity. You will note that this involves the three planetaryExternalisation, 525:Shamballa with the Hierarchy. I would have you note the phrasing here. That contact has now beenExternalisation, 533:the Will of God in solution, it is one clear note; as They see that Will in motion, it is threeExternalisation, 533:worlds the structure of the Plan. And thus the note, the chords and tone produce the Plan, revealExternalisation, 537:great changes in due course of time. You will note, therefore, that the Hierarchy has been facedExternalisation, 538:a special act or demonstration of love. You will note also how fully occupied the Hierarchy is withExternalisation, 545:which will inaugurate the new era and set the note for the new world religion. To these threeExternalisation, 546:so often ignorantly and disastrously. You will note that my outstanding theme is that of worldExternalisation, 550:in the Externalization It is interesting to note that when the Hierarchy seeks to meet the need ofExternalisation, 555:The keynote of Resurrection, emphasizing the new note of livingness, of the living Christ and ofExternalisation, 558:for you at this season of the will-to-good. (NOTE: The Tibetan has asked me to make clear that whenExternalisation, 561:of mankind and to the strong vibration and note which humanity has set up. To that extent, humanityExternalisation, 565:as a result of the world war (1914-1945) and its note and appeal are still persistent. The rapidExternalisation, 566:in the Externalization It is interesting to note (though it is of no immediate moment) that theExternalisation, 598:disciples can already be discerned by those who note and rightly interpret the signs of the times.Externalisation, 637:against any group of human beings. Please [637] note this. The point I seek to make is that theExternalisation, 667:men. I am choosing my words with care. You will note, therefore, how the three divine aspects areExternalisation, 681:the work can proceed as required. You will note, therefore, why I have so consistently emphasized,Fire, XVI:"Treatise on Cosmic Fire." - ALICE A. BAILEY Note: In the footnotes throughout this treatise "TheFire, 12:the meeting place for fire. This time a cosmic note is heard beneath the sound systemic. The fireFire, 18:deeming the hour propitious, sounded the triple note in threefold reverberation. The echo reachedFire, 18:the hour had likewise come, echoed the sound on note quadruple. This fourfold reverberation circledFire, 18:Again it was sent forth. Three times the note was sounded, pealing across the heavens. At the thirdFire, 18:Quivering the sphere heard the third take up the note, pealing it forth, a full-toned chord smoteFire, 19:the point of equidistant merging. The foundation note ascended. Deep answered unto deep. TheFire, 24:to carry out the work. They sound forth each a note of the deep logoic chord. Each to His greaterFire, 24:all within the arc of Buddhi, soundeth His note. To Their source return the other six, blendingFire, 51:all objective physical life. Secondly, we might note that the internal fires are the basis of lifeFire, 71:and is the source of their stimulation. Note here the [72] correspondence to the lower quaternaryFire, 83:physical or the lowest cosmic plane. We might note here the accurate working out of theFire, 103:refinement of the vehicles. We might here note a fact of interest, though of a mystery insoluble asFire, 110:by H. P. Blavatsky. See S. D., I, 343; II, note; II, 551. Every symbol and allegory has seven keys.Fire, 110:H. P. B., are: Psychological. - S. D., II, 25, note; I, 389. Astronomical. - S. D., II, 25, note;Fire, 110:25, note; I, 389. Astronomical. - S. D., II, 25, note; I, 389; III, 198. Physical or physiological.Fire, 110:198. Physical or physiological. - S. D., II, 25, note; III, 198. Metaphysical. - S. D., II, 25,Fire, 110:note; III, 198. Metaphysical. - S. D., II, 25, note; II, 394. Anthropological. - S. D., I, 389;Fire, 113:of the love and wisdom aspect of the Monad. Note here the correspondence to that proved fact, thatFire, 119:the atmic plane. 52 S. D., I, 136, 354. See also note page No. 8. 53 S. D., 1, 87, 136, 731, 732.Fire, 123:it responds with more readiness to the higher note of the Ego, and causes a steady rising of theFire, 127:of this dire disaster and sound a warning note to those who approach this subject of the fires ofFire, 129:and the work accomplished. When the vibration or note is perfectly felt or sounded it causes (atFire, 129:middle period produces incidentally (as the true note and rate is sought) cycles of chaos, ofFire, 132:The reflex action here is interesting to note, for the greater Builders and Devas who are the [133]Fire, 168:in "Inner Life," Vol. I, page 447-460. We will note the colors and petals: The base of the spine,Fire, 171:of man from the trammels of matter. We might now note that the evolution of these centers of forceFire, 175:"hypothesis fully in accordance with (your) (my) note." For, as planetary development is asFire, 188:be enumerated as follows: S. D., I, 583 and note 123; S. D., II, 600, 674, 675, 676. The elementsFire, 190:of the Grand Man of the Heavens. Therefore, we note that on the physical plane a man has to findFire, 190:on the physical plane a man has to find his own note, finding it in spite of the density of theFire, 190:the form. On the physical plane he finds his own note. On the astral plane he finds his brothersFire, 190:note. On the astral plane he finds his brothers note; through identity of emotion he comes to theFire, 191:On the mental plane he begins to find his group note. On the buddhic plane, or the plane of wisdom,Fire, 191:or the plane of wisdom, he begins to find the note of his planetary Logos. On the atmic, orFire, 191:Logos. On the atmic, or spiritual plane the note logoic begins to sound within his consciousness. IFire, 191:result in the shattering of the body. If the note of nature, for instance, were to strike but onceFire, 191:were to strike but once upon the ear of a man (a note made up of the totality of vibrationsFire, 193:of the second sense, that of touch, we must note that this sense is pre-eminently the sense of veryFire, 195:he has made a big stride forward. We might note here, therefore, that the earliest cosmic symbolsFire, 200:down in the tabulation earlier imparted, and note the occult significance of the expressions usedFire, 200:Self who is now consciously aware. He hears the note of nature and that of his monad; he recognizesFire, 207:Seven intellectual Breaths - S. D., II, 332, note. The seven Manus - S. D., I, 488. The Flames - S.Fire, 217:of four sounds, makes up the vibration or note of Brahma, which is the intelligence aspect dominantFire, 218:five letters when sounded forth on the right note, give the key to the true inwardness of matterFire, 218:of the seven Heavenly Men, embodies the sound or note of the Vishnu aspect, the second aspectFire, 219:as perfected wisdom, and distinguishes [219] the note of his being (or that of the Heavenly Man inFire, 219:notes, and knows himself as omniscient. As the note of the first or Mahadeva aspect, follows uponFire, 219:constructive song, and Rik is their destructive note. The three Vedas correspond to every trinityFire, 219:The Law of Vibration, dealing with the key note or measure of the matter of each plane. ByFire, 237:then form their own conclusions. - S. D., I, 711 note, 545, 439; II, 811, 830, 581, 582, 426, 454,Fire, 248:of developing the fifth, or manasic principle. Note how perfect is the analogy between man, viewedFire, 251:the deva and human units who vibrate to His key note, and who respond to the measure of His life.Fire, 253:is rapidly coming under the Law of Synthesis. Note therefore the gradual stepping-up of the controlFire, 254:sources outside the system altogether. We might note the following facts: Magnetic stimulation ofFire, 255:whereby He animates His [255] sevenfold nature. Note the increase of influence as compared to man'sFire, 255:analogous to a globe in a planetary chain. Note the beauty of the correspondence, yet withal theFire, 263:of manas. Intelligence nature, Activity. Note here that the three principles in terms of the TriadFire, 263:The Principles of man - The different vehicles. Note also: - S. D., I, 176, 177. II, 630, 631. I,Fire, 263:of the one Flame. - S. D., I, 45. III, 374. Note also the function of the Gods in furnishing manFire, 264:spirituality - the life of the Entity. We will note also that in the tabulation of the spiritualFire, 266:357, 201. S. D., III, 142. See S. D., III, 201, note. Buddhi is the vehicle for atma. Manas is theFire, 274:to the effect produced in striking the same note in different octaves, beginning at the base.Fire, 274:constant consecutive reverberation of a plane note, of a subplane note, and of all that is calledFire, 274:reverberation of a plane note, of a subplane note, and of all that is called into objectivity byFire, 274:of all that is called into objectivity by that note - Plane Repetition. The tendency of atoms toFire, 275:forms. When Spirit and matter sound the same note evolution will cease. When the note sounded byFire, 275:the same note evolution will cease. When the note sounded by the form is stronger than that ofFire, 275:we have attraction between forms. When the note sounded by Spirit is stronger than that of matterFire, 275:The period of the domination of the form note is that of involution. The period of the repulsion ofFire, 275:of the Path. The period of domination of the note of Spirit is that of the higher planes of
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