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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTE

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Healing, 203:of the centers and the glands: [203] You will note that the spleen is not included in this diagram.Healing, 218:temporarily, their own physical ills. You will note that, beyond certain generalizations, I am notHealing, 245:the body nature) is responsive. I would have you note the occult paradox that death is the resultHealing, 265:- Our Karmic Liabilities It is interesting to note that the Jews who inhabited southern Palestine,Healing, 336:of this. Why not read up on the eye a little and note its occult correspondences to the createdHealing, 347:by a form or forms of some kind, which we note as it is attracted from its own place to a placeHealing, 348:more feeble in effect, we call them illness and note their purificatory effect. TheseHealing, 350:would not long use, and would extinguish. Note that word. Through our over-emphasis on the value ofHealing, 376:which you have posited. I do not, as you will note, say that I will answer the questions. TheHealing, 380:accurate" hypothesis. I would here ask you to note this phrasing, paradoxical as it may appear. YouHealing, 394:IV - The Basic Requirements for Healing You will note that the various words I have chosen inHealing, 397:process cannot be lost. It is interesting to note that there is no evidence upon our planet of anyHealing, 398:by the clairaudient, and also by trickery. Note that I refer to "acceptable appearances" of aHealing, 418:and the work accomplished. When the vibration or note is perfectly felt or sounded, it causes (atHealing, 418:middle period produces incidentally (as the true note and rate are sought) cycles of chaos, ofHealing, 421:The reflex action here is interesting to note, for the greater Builders and Devas who are theHealing, 431:Chapter V - The Process of Restitution You will note that I am here dealing with the theme of deathHealing, 432:no destruction of human beings. I would have you note this statement. Because of this wholesaleHealing, 438:central "I" or the integrity of Deity. You will note that in this Rule, the emphasis shifts fromHealing, 439:and for individual, identifiable persistence. Note these words. The focus of activity shifts fromHealing, 441:for all. - Page 499. It is interesting here to note that death is governed by the Principle ofHealing, 449:objective is seen in its true light - Life. Note this phrasing. Form or appearance, having servedHealing, 450:and in every kingdom has been the outstanding note of this upheaval. Our modern civilization hasHealing, 458:At the exact moment of death, if a person's own note is sounded, it will coordinate the two streamsHealing, 460:the consciousness of the departing soul (note that phrase) as it undertakes the act of restitution,Healing, 469:ascends, responsive to the dimly heard recalling note, attracted to its emanating source. This manHealing, 471:of death is described. It is important to note that it is under the basic and fundamental Law ofHealing, 495:physical incarnation again. Sounds his own true note into the substance of the three worlds.Healing, 498:will, [498] implemented by the soul. You will note that the "devachanic" experience willHealing, 504:the disciple or the initiate. I would have you note my way of expressing this concept. This isHealing, 532:VIII The Laws and Rules Enumerated and Applied Note: Certain of the Rules are related to certain ofHealing, 536:These are the gifts of soul and form combined. Note: This last law is the enunciation of a new lawHealing, 547:thus promoting a true self-healing. You will note from all the above how relatively simple theseHealing, 547:greatly increase his effective service. You will note also that I am not giving rules and lawsHealing, 551:or the sacral center. It is interesting to note that when a man is so low in the evolutionary scaleHealing, 554:energy. This directed energy, I would have you note, is not directed towards healing, but is theHealing, 568:of some kind follows. It is interesting to note that this inability to express "the true" or to "beHealing, 581:this "dispelling radiance." It is interesting to note that the two major centers in the headHealing, 591:produce the bodily ills of man. You will note here that diseases are produced, according to thisHealing, 593:to the head center. The impact of the "energy" (note the technical accuracy of my phrasing) of theHealing, 606:center controlling the area of trouble. You will note also how all these processes (and they areHealing, 608:planet." It all comes back again, as you will note, to the source of the major energy controllingHealing, 614:planes or by the action of the soul. Please note the importance of this statement. The physicalHealing, 614:of the interesting factors which students should note is the doctrine of intermediaries which is toHealing, 618:aspect of the inflowing energy. I would have you note that only one aspect of the energy is thusHealing, 631:be healed. The outstanding thing usually to note is the ignorance of both the patient and theHealing, 641:The urge to return is at present the dominant note in the substance of the bodies of humanity; itHealing, 649:works in the same manner. Both hands, you will note, are now being used positively. No part orHealing, 654:brain, his heart and auric emanation." You will note two points connected with this particularHealing, 672:by the churches and by mankind. You will note also that one temptation takes place on the summit ofHealing, 677:possibility of healing; but - as you will [677] note if you are familiar with the Gospel story - HeHealing, 690:"the silence which is sound, the reverberating note of Shamballa," the sound focuses itself eitherHealing, 691:spiritual Law of Sacrifice. It is interesting to note how the soul becomes at this point simply theHealing, 700:as you attempted to aid an imaginary patient; note then what happens. Avoid the use [701] of aHealing, 709:and the sound which must be heard. Knowing the note to which the fourth great group reacts andHealing, 709:it to the great Creative Nine, he sounds the note which brings release, the note which will bringHealing, 709:he sounds the note which brings release, the note which will bring absorption into one. He educatesHealing, 709:recurring chord, which will embody the note of the fourth ray and of the human kingdom. Healing byHercules, 19:the great aspirants and mystics of the world. Note how St. Paul cries out as he wrestles with theHercules, 21:that stage. It is of value perhaps to note the following: Hercules, 21:H. Curtiss. pp. 246-247). It is interesting to note also that we are told in the Kabalah: "TheHercules, 33:that poise and balanced attitude which we shall note in Hercules when he captures the Boar, inHercules, 35:always of matter. It is most interesting to note how in the circle of the Zodiac we come acrossHercules, 36:last sign of the Zodiac. It is interesting to note that Mahomet, the founder of the most militantHercules, 50:manner, down the ages? Here it is pertinent to note that Minos, King of Crete, who owned the sacredHercules, 63:wisdom, Hercules does obtain the golden apples. Note that the opposite, or consummating sign, ofHercules, 66:'and commerce. It is interesting to note that the United States [67] and London are both governedHercules, 69:"chased eternally", and it is interesting to note that the Hebrew names of some of the stars foundHercules, 87:a striking constellation. It is interesting to note that there is no Hebrew word for "crab". It wasHercules, 90:been consummated. All that is to be heard is the note of possible achievement. All that is to beHercules, 91:the stern of one of them ends in a fish's tail. Note, therefore, how we have here held pictoriallyHercules, 100:with Hercules, though it is interesting to note that this famous labor has no relation to theHercules, 107:with the bird of spirit. It is interesting to note that in Aquarius, the consummating sign to Leo,Hercules, 121:sensitive response from substance itself." (Note the beautiful correlation of this statement withHercules, 129:orgy with two wise old centaur friends. And take note that they broached the cask of wine which wasHercules, 136:by Dane Rudhyar in Gifts of the Spirit. The note for Libra is "ease", but it is far from the easeHercules, 136:of with stress and anxious strain. Here we might note that Libra represents the vegetable kingdom,Hercules, 190:can see it all happen. Christ sounded the note "for the time of the end" when he said, "A newHercules, 190:with Aquarius the coming world saviors. Note that here, in the culmination of Pisces, we have oneHercules, 199:steps; by their words they have sounded the note, the message that humanity needed in order to takeHercules, 202:as the Savior; but not in our day. Editor's Note: (written in 1958) When A.A.B. made this statementHercules, 202:us to do. First, to learn to recognize the new note as it comes from disciples wherever found and,Hercules, 205:seems to provide an appropriate concluding note for the Hercules series.) The first scriptures forHercules, 205:of the hour calls for the sounding of a clear note and to the newly emerging mystic and knower isHercules, 215:is the same." - Clement of Alexandria Editor's Note: Lest we be lost in the colorful labors ofHercules, 218:Spirit and the human being. It is interesting to note that the Zodiac is spoken of as an illusionHercules, 219:and the lamb sacrifice. It is interesting to note in this connection the true significance of theHercules, 220:and upon our Church usage. It is interesting to note in this connection that on Christmas Eve, theHercules, 220:visible in the east, and it is interesting to note the coincidence that Spica, the brightest starHercules, 222:or of the initiate and it is interesting to note that the word "cardinal" comes from a Latin wordHercules, 223:Ram. It means the twisting and struggling ram. Note the story of Abraham and the ram caught in theHercules, 227:the Queen of the Amazons. It is interesting to note that the first labor on the probationary pathInitiation, 58:and later, Francis Bacon. It is interesting to note that as the Master R. takes hold, on the innerInitiation, 78:line, and he begins to sound forth his note so as to be heard in deva and human ranks. This he doesInitiation, 83:may be ascribed to several things, but the note they sound should be on the side of righteousness;Initiation, 154:first three kingdoms it may be of interest to note that they are based upon two sounds, the UInitiation, 154:as to be indistinguishable, and the A, or Shiva note, is pealing forth in power, and is practicallyInitiation, 154:forth in power, and is practically the only note heard. By the sounding of this note, - that ofInitiation, 154:the only note heard. By the sounding of this note, - that of Shiva the Destroyer, - the not-self isInitiation, 160:came into being, its color being blue and its note a particular cosmic musical tone. Its degree of
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