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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTE

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Initiation, 165:some one ray or color and gives the number, note, and the vibration which corresponds. Initiation, 183:to their type of mind. It is interesting to note that the oriental type attains its objectiveInitiation, 215:Human and Solar - Glossary A GLOSSARY Note: This glossary does not undertake fully to explain allIntellect, 11:as beautiful as possible. It is encouraging to note how in 1850 the dim outlines of that portalIntellect, 11:and go forward. Read the words of Carlyle and note how appropriate they are to the present time.Intellect, 13:words'." Babbitt adds (and this is the point to note) that "the world would have been a betterIntellect, 24:that does not interest him in the least. A note of dryness and of aridity is struck; we feel thatIntellect, 29:Magazine, October 1928. It is interesting to note that the same ideas are expressed by Bhagavan DasIntellect, 38:part of its affairs. It is interesting to note what Dr. C. Lloyd Morgan in the Gifford Lectures,Intellect, 42:all the Great Individuals, who have sounded the note for their particular age, given the neededIntellect, 97:and more unselfish living, and sounding a quick note of warning when there is deviation from theIntellect, 106:is, one-pointed attention. It is interesting to note what Father Maréchal says in this connection.Intellect, 141:previously described." It is interesting to note that Malaval in his second Treatise, Dialogue III,Intellect, 157:and the quality of knowledge most apparent. Note what Meister Eckhart himself says: "There is oneIntellect, 161:we call the intuition? It is interesting to note that the word is totally ignored in some books onIntellect, 183:Mechanism, page 130. It is interesting here to note the uniformity of the teaching of all religionsIntellect, 184:be definitely realized becomes apparent when we note the wide study of comparative religion, andIntellect, 191:on Sufism will show. It is interesting to note that those writings persist the longest and show theIntellect, 220:ourselves from the body consciousness, we next note our breathing and ascertain whether it isIntellect, 220:even and rhythmic. I would like here to sound a note of warning as to the practice of [221]Intellect, 232:are open over which the mind can range at will (note those words) provided they have a bearing uponIntellect, 251:entirely without self-reference; it will sound a note of love and will be free from hatreds andIntellect, 251:it will convey definite knowledge and carry a note of authority by its appeal to the intuition; itMagic, 26:to be aware of a vibration, a revealing light, a note or directional indicating sound whichMagic, 27:study the relation of the mind and the brain and note what follows when the brain becomes theMagic, 30:subjective, man, his coloring, or individual note; this it is which sets the [31] rate of vibratoryMagic, 54:to the need for trained servers. I say not, you note, those who measure up. Intention and effortMagic, 68:the man who shoulders his just responsibility. Note the use of the words "just responsibility." WeMagic, 74:In considering this second rule, we must note that a conscious relation has been establishedMagic, 74:have been meditating. Students would do well to note this and to remember that one of theMagic, 77:with the etheric body of the environing system. Note that in this lies the basis for a belief inMagic, 85:the soul, and this is his positive occupation (note the use here of the word "positive" in theMagic, 88:a pull from the race of animal-men (as a whole, note that), sent a portion of their energy,Magic, 99:force, though not a correspondence in effects. Note this difference. Humanity is macrocosmic inMagic, 127:This word is dual. It is sounded forth on the note to which the soul responds, his own peculiarMagic, 127:to which the soul responds, his own peculiar note, blended with that of his personality. This chordMagic, 127:ear, the etheric ear. Later, when the personal note or sound is established and the inner sound isMagic, 138:and do - burns with increased brilliance; they note whether it remains hidden and dim through theMagic, 142:in the adjustment of the emotions will the clear note of the God of the waters be heard. PeopleMagic, 148:can hinder now the work from going forward." Note these words in Rule IV. There comes a stage whenMagic, 161:(in the human family) for material possession. Note the word "climaxing". The summation of humanMagic, 163:Thought-Forms 3. Steady Contemplation You will note here that the word 'meditation' is not used.Magic, 179:the clue to the choice of a transmitter. [179] Note that I say; similarity of vibration and ofMagic, 179:personality, via the atomic subplanes. You will note therefore that only those in whose bodiesMagic, 180:method is not of such a high order. You will note that in the first case you have wisdom orMagic, 189:of his karmic obligations, then He sounds out a note and waits to see if the man recognizes his ownMagic, 189:waits to see if the man recognizes his own group note. On this recognition, he is admitted into hisMagic, 219:magical work of creation. It is interesting to note in this connection that, as humanity entersMagic, 220:its function and problem, is ably synthesized. Note the terms used in the description given in aMagic, 221:of emotional reaction. It is interesting to note this for it is in itself an instance of the effectMagic, 228:Rule Seven - The two Paths It is interesting to note the occult sequence in the description givenMagic, 231:to which he belongs. Let all disciples take note of this and have it in mind in these difficult andMagic, 236:by the aspirant. The soul sounds forth its note. A thought-form is created in consonance with theMagic, 239:The fears to which aspirants are subject (note the mode of wording this) are seldom of a selfishMagic, 240:walk in the great illusion. It is interesting to note that the work of the Devil, the imprisoner ofMagic, 242:soul. Let us close the instruction on that note - well equipped to deal. We can overcome mentalMagic, 257:meanings can be imparted. It is interesting to note that as progress is made upon the path, theMagic, 274:both of the macrocosm and the microcosm. We note that the form absorbs and uses the substanceMagic, 274:call our system. In parentheses, it is well to note that this Existence is termed "the One aboutMagic, 274:the term of evolution in our solar system. Note, I say, our solar system, not just our planetaryMagic, 276:Hierarchy, with all the consequent implications. Note these words. The need at this time isMagic, 294:separate astral body, responsive to his peculiar note, colored by his peculiar quality, andMagic, 297:The effect. The method of direction. You will note that I say "method of direction" not method ofMagic, 320:into life and know the work accomplished. A note, appended to these three rules says: "These threeMagic, 323:alternate with periods of apparent silence. Note here the choice of words. This alternation is dueMagic, 334:on earth the rule of the enlightened. Note here, that these developments will be the work of theMagic, 361:or intuitional plane. It is interesting to note that just as the Monad, impelled by desire,Magic, 374:has a special influence on the fourth subplane. Note how this works at this time in the threeMagic, 379:Ibezhan workers will be revealed. We might here note the fact that the word Ibez is literally inMagic, 384:upon the seven ray types! In this statement, we note the differentiations of the soul aspect asMagic, 388:through and with energy as the Plan dictates. Note these last words, for they hold the key toMagic, 389:Treatise on Cosmic Fire may find it of value to note the following items of information: The lowestMagic, 391:work of arousing the sacred fire, the kundalini. Note how the correspondence works out. A greatMagic, 391:of the Christ in due time and in His own place (note the care with which I express this; dogmaticMagic, 392:three are masked, hidden [392] or revealed (note this terminology) by an outer shell or form ofMagic, 397:themselves those people who vibrate to their note and for whom they definitely have a message.Magic, 400:response to the spiritual opportunity, tide and note. They are emerging out of every group andMagic, 400:happenings, His imprint upon all forms and His note sounding forth through every channel ofMagic, 402:and refresh Their minds with the vision. To note what influences or energies were available for useMagic, 410:work that counts. It is interesting to note that in the scientific group the underlying unity isMagic, 418:a temporary decision. Watch them at their work. Note the emphasis laid by them upon personalities.Magic, 418:who seek you out and seem to vibrate to the same note. When I say you, I mean the group to whichMagic, 418:come if you work with decision and sound out the note of unity so clearly that they are in no doubtMagic, 425:of the uniformity and inclusiveness of the note sounded by one here and another there. During thisMagic, 426:here and there whose members respond to the new note and whose growth into the world group will beMagic, 427:by little also the special contribution and note of each group will be recognized and where a needMagic, 427:just that special approach and the particular note or method of interpretation in any part of theMagic, 431:in the outer world and the inclusiveness of the note they sound. It is inspired from above by theMagic, 452:subjective man, his coloring, or individual note; this it is which sets the rate of vibratoryMagic, 456:speaking, three great books of formulas. Note the words "symbolically speaking", and forget themMagic, 472:hurting and harming those who vibrate to his note. Granted all this you might appositely inquire:Magic, 475:sound does go forth into all lands and their note is internationally recognized. Hundreds of suchMagic, 476:the main factor employed to "launch an idea." Note how all inventions (which are neither more norMagic, 478:successful enterprise. It is interesting to note that in Atlantean days, the word used was TAU,Magic, 479:It has its own peculiar vibration and note, but this cannot be conveyed until such time as the AUMMagic, 479:with correctness. Just as the TAU, carrying the note of desire and of the urge to have and to be,Magic, 482:and disciples, of the initiates who sound the note for the various groups and types, and of theMagic, 491:[491] thinking; certain preconceived ideas (note the esoteric value of that phrase), will beMagic, 491:The aspirant must function free in both worlds. Note this with care. The thought is not that heMagic, 506:At the exact moment of death, if a person's own note is sounded, it will coordinate the two streams
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