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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTE

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Meditation, 224:the fourth chain and the fourth round you will note therefore how in the number four lies theMeditation, 246:to serve their race and the Master. As you will note from the above, colors will be applied in twoMeditation, 248:the dense physical body, being the color of the note of Nature. This seems to you sketchy andMeditation, 249:Certain prophecies I may here make which you can note down for the benefit of those who may comeMeditation, 260:the creative faculty, and can sound the note for each plane and build thereon. This power - firstMeditation, 275:occultly) the effect on the inner planes of the note of the pupil's exoteric life. He enlarges theMeditation, 293:meditation he will suddenly become aware of a note of music, that seems to be sounded within hisMeditation, 293:of the meditation, and the sound of the note will vibrate within the center so distinctly as neverMeditation, 294:his own key or tone, endeavoring to strike the note that will evoke the Ego. The doorkeeper willMeditation, 294:egoic formation and the particular Master. The note of the group will be known to the one whoMeditation, 294:and no one can get in who sounds not the note in either the higher or lower octave. This applies toMeditation, 294:meditation, a student hears this inner musical note, he should endeavor to register it, andMeditation, 349:law of evolution. This is an important thing to note. The wise server, after action, pays noMeditation, 349:on Occult Meditation - Glossary A-C GLOSSARY Note: This glossary does not undertake fully toPatanjali, 14:must supersede them. It is interesting to note that the modifications of the internal organ, thePatanjali, 37:Inspiration. It is of value here to note that the student begins by aspiring to that which liesPatanjali, 45:various subdivisions and it is interesting to note that in the archives of the Lords of Karma, thePatanjali, 54:kingdom is concerned. They are: The Word, or note of Nature. This is the Word or the sound of allPatanjali, 54:usually known, it is sounded on the fundamental note "FA." It is a note with which the whitePatanjali, 54:is sounded on the fundamental note "FA." It is a note with which the white occultist has nothing toPatanjali, 58:consciousness so that they synchronize with the note or sound of the conscious indweller. SpeakingPatanjali, 62:I - Bodily Disability It is interesting to note that the first obstacle has relation to thePatanjali, 73:be wise here, if the aspirant to yoga [73] would note that there are seven ways whereby peace mayPatanjali, 76:forms is practiced. It might be useful if we note that the sympathy dealt with concerns ourPatanjali, 77:prana or life breath. Students will do well to note that Patanjali includes Pranayama (or thePatanjali, 78:subjective side of nature. It is significant to note that this mode of arriving at peace followsPatanjali, 78:Students would do well to study these means and note how interest in the centers is onlyPatanjali, 79:the "dweller in the body." It is interesting to note here, the Hindu teaching upon the uses of thePatanjali, 81:peace can be achieved. The student should here note that each of the methods outlined abovePatanjali, 91:knowledge of the nature, quality, key and note of one soul (whether of a chemical atom, a rose, aPatanjali, 126:to eliminate obstructions. It is interesting to note here that the words "soul vision" precede thePatanjali, 134:emphasized that this is a most important fact to note. If the aspirant will regard the developmentPatanjali, 143:to form-taking. The student should carefully note that these five hindrances are the cause of allPatanjali, 150:If the student will study this term he will note that it covers not only the fear of evil inPatanjali, 155:and the untouchable. It is interesting to note here that the gunas or qualities (the sum total ofPatanjali, 184:nature; in studying all these means we shall note their relation to one or other part of the lowerPatanjali, 226:on the lower, the sounding forth of a new note, emanating from the inner spiritual man whichPatanjali, 232:given in detail. Students will find it useful to note the graded and accurate method outlined inPatanjali, 232:in this marvellous treatise. It is valuable to note its brevity and yet its [233] concise andPatanjali, 268:through any specific form. This is the present note in the acquired chord which the soul of thePatanjali, 270:[270] preceding ideas and it is interesting to note how this first great result of meditation takesPatanjali, 274:spirit with the body. It is interesting here to note that a clue to the truth of this can be foundPatanjali, 290:points are borne in mind, it is interesting to note that the symbol of the center at the base ofPatanjali, 299:consciousness. [299] It is interesting to note certain comments of Vyasa on this differentiation,Patanjali, 330:can be achieved and it will be interesting to note what they are. This mastery only becomesPatanjali, 353:the three bodies is vibrating in tune with the note of the ego or higher self, which in turn is inPatanjali, 356:instruments of sensation." It is interesting to note that these three attainments demonstrate: ThePatanjali, 369:and misleading, for even the highest adept (note this term with care) is only gifted with solarPatanjali, 379:powers are developed and it is interesting to note that we have in these words an instance of thePatanjali, 380:in order to become psychic. It is interesting to note here that the first cause producing thePatanjali, 397:the body, takes place. It is interesting to note the occult meaning conveyed in the words "thePatanjali, 413:light or illumination. It is interesting here to note that as the brain and the mind becameProblems, 28:of equality. Every country has its own peculiar note which must be brought into unison and swellProblems, 83:and in the possibilities immediately ahead. The note to be struck and the word to be emphasized isProblems, 123:unpleasant and controversial and ending on a note of hope, of purpose and of vision. The Failure ofProblems, 149:of a new world faith and the sounding of a note which produced a new civilization and culture or aProblems, 157:and in the West (with its emphatically selfish note, personal liberation and personal satisfaction)Psychology1, xxii:It will be necessary for me to avoid the cosmic note, if I may so call it, for I seek to make thePsychology1, 6:energies which we call "the spirits in men." You note here the utter superficiality of that phrase.Psychology1, 15:Life" or "To me, there is but one Reality," and note how they are in their phraseology anPsychology1, 17:only when these two realized their mutual unity (note the necessary ambiguity of that phrase) thatPsychology1, 45:the tendency to intelligent activity which we note in the higher domestic animals. ThePsychology1, 49:stars sang together. Joy is the strong basic note of our particular solar system. One of thePsychology1, 58:is a consciousness of life. It is interesting to note in connection with the Deity that thisPsychology1, 75:within the secret place. The form is there. Its note is sounding forth. A beam of light illuminatesPsychology1, 80:the human kingdom, and a close expansive study (note that paradoxical phrase) of the underlyingPsychology1, 91:of their historical influence; later still, we note what they have left behind of beauty in thePsychology1, 103:and happenings will find it interesting to note what is going on. The consensus of opinion in thePsychology1, 115:the group life and expression. It is the group note, the group color, and the group developmentPsychology1, 122:is moving the [122] keys, is sounding another note and thus bringing in another turn of the wheel,Psychology1, 122:of manifestation the ray of violet, the great note G. These rays bring with them - in every kingdomPsychology1, 126:can destroy diseased [126] tissue by sounding a note that will result in the elimination of thePsychology1, 127:of color, which entails a resemblance in note and rhythm. When, therefore, a man is on the red andPsychology1, 151:and thus link every form with every other form. Note therefore the fact that each of the seven raysPsychology1, 165:period of the sixth subray). We must carefully note that the term "subray" is used merely forPsychology1, 166:seventh ray still to come. It is interesting to note chat this movement was started by a secretPsychology1, 174:need of each other. It has been interesting to note how the idea of the controlled and beneficentlyPsychology1, 176:handling this problem. It is interesting to note that the reason for the success in breaking downPsychology1, 178:the veil of ignorance and matter. You will note that so strenuous is the work of breaking downPsychology1, 179:of government, of faith and of matter. Please note the distinction and significance of these lastPsychology1, 183:to utilize the "single eye." I would have you note, however, that the majority of true esotericistsPsychology1, 191:you study the first proposition, you will note how a ray Life is an expression of a solar Life. NowPsychology1, 196:divinity on every hand, of recognizing the note sounded by all beings, and of registering thePsychology1, 217:VII. Ceremonial Magic Synthetic Ritual. You will note one interesting difference in thisPsychology1, 217:of color, throughout the entire planet. You will note also that the mineral kingdom and the kingdomPsychology1, 235:of this, the words found in Book III.44, and note the illumination thrown upon the evolutionaryPsychology1, 236:The basic purpose - the kingdom of souls. Note also the correlation of ideas which can be found asPsychology1, 245:this world of forms. It might be of interest to note that all the planets have a close relation toPsychology1, 246:of "astral perfumes" which the disciple can note. Before the first initiation, the static mineralPsychology1, 246:Again, readers would find it interesting to note mentally the relation of growth to the idealism ofPsychology1, 261:study. They are comprehensive and revealing. Note, for instance, that at this time the seventh rayPsychology1, 268:that something constructive may eventuate, and a note may be struck which will sound forth clearlyPsychology1, 276:and predilection. But seldom is a clear note sounded, and seldom is it possible to do more thanPsychology1, 281:group and the group-good will be the dominant note. Then separateness and hatreds will fade out andPsychology1, 318:We might here make the following suggestions (note this word) as to the relation between the racesPsychology1, 319:of individual man. It may here be helpful if we note down our tabulation of certain points anentPsychology1, 321:and the physical body. Here you have, if you note carefully, a summation of the rays which governPsychology1, 330:humanity, and if you study it with care you will note how all-inclusive it is. I commend it toPsychology1, 335:not with the minor cycles. Two rays, you will note, are apparently not expressing themselvesPsychology1, 336:field of investigation for astrologers. You will note therefore how peculiarly this Earth on which
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