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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTE

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Psychology1, 342:the good of the whole, and conditioned by love. Note that I say, "wisely used." Wisdom, actuatedPsychology1, 345:these two forms which students would do well to note), when the lines of forces are adjusted andPsychology1, 346:reveals Itself in beauty." It is interesting to note that the numerical value of the word "four" isPsychology1, 346:"only the four remains and force has gone." Note the detail of the numbering: F 0 R C E. 6 6 9 3 5Psychology1, 351:world, the Manu. It might be of interest here to note that ray six governs the Path of ProbationPsychology1, 355:of mankind was made. It is interesting to note that the secondary ray influence in the Aryan racePsychology1, 365:which the soul functions. It is interesting to note how the sixth ray, which produced in humanPsychology1, 368:One point it might be of interest here to note. During the period of the activity of the sixth rayPsychology1, 381:responding to the broader synthetic brotherly note, but the masses as yet understand nothing ofPsychology1, 382:each nation, and leave you to study and note their effect at your leisure, and to comprehend theirPsychology1, 384:Two - III. The Rays and Man It is interesting to note that the fourth Ray of Harmony or Art, whichPsychology1, 387:a standardized order and rule of life. You will note that of the major nations only Brazil, GreatPsychology1, 389:of hierarchical government. It is interesting to note that the higher expression of the egoic rayPsychology1, 411:Christianity and diversified religions. Note relation to Ray II. Lower expression: Churches andPsychology1, 412:on the Rays The Rays and the Four Kingdoms Note: Much information and several interesting hints arePsychology1, 420:seated in the center at the base of the spine. Note: Esoterically speaking, the planets which arePsychology2, 39:the furthest world, to the rhythm of the times. Note the pulsation in the heart of that which isPsychology2, 57:to the outer impact of the soul impetus [57] (note this paradoxical phrase), until the astralPsychology2, 81:two mentioned above. It might be said that the note which generates the activity set up by souls onPsychology2, 82:but that chosen already has the needed quality (note this difference) and nothing whatever isPsychology2, 87:and permanently on "the side of the angels." Note the occult truth of that familiar phrase.Psychology2, 97:however, for students of esotericism to note that this urge to salvage and to sacrifice in order toPsychology2, 114:New Group of World Servers. Humanity. You will note that the Buddha focuses in Himself thePsychology2, 131:dissatisfaction will he hurt his group. You will note that I do not say "will not hurt anyPsychology2, 137:Plan serves, and to Those Who serve the Plan. Note the sequence of these attitudes, and governPsychology2, 143:era of peace and leisure can supervene. You will note that I do not say "will supervene", for notPsychology2, 168:I know. I hear the music of the spheres, and note on note and chord on chord, they speak theirPsychology2, 168:I hear the music of the spheres, and note on note and chord on chord, they speak their thought toPsychology2, 168:and me, they will adore...' But crashing came a note of music, a chord of sound which drove thePsychology2, 179:laws. They will, therefore, strike a different note and produce groups which are welded together byPsychology2, 210:ancient Lemuria. It might be of interest here to note that Christ was the first of our earthPsychology2, 225:can be seen by the Masters Themselves, we would note the pattern emerging in all its beauty, andPsychology2, 242:minimum of usefulness. It has for us, you will note, no practical application. Some might enquirePsychology2, 254:Innate in Man, to Idealize It is interesting to note how automatically and naturally the factorsPsychology2, 263:upon their environment. It would be well to note the esoteric difference between conditioning andPsychology2, 277:There will be (and I would ask you to note the change of tense) Those Who will embody the humanPsychology2, 297:- The Appropriation of the Bodies You will note also that the monad (2nd ray), the astral body (6thPsychology2, 3o8:and their conflict, it might be of interest to note the following facts: [309] Students would doPsychology2, 309:of opposites takes place. It is interesting to note that it is during this stage that the emphasisPsychology2, 312:the final conflict takes place. Again, you will note, that it is a meeting and battle betweenPsychology2, 326:this happening around us on every side and can note it occurring in our own lives. We can dividePsychology2, 354:destruction under the Plan. It is interesting to note that when this stage is reached (the stage ofPsychology2, 362:ready to play his part. It is interesting to note that the first result of the use of these threePsychology2, 374:the light breaks in. It is interesting here to note that the Master Jesus, as He hung upon thePsychology2, 380:lower man. A gradual emergence of the dominant note of the lower man which will, in time, indicatePsychology2, 383:of its nature and existence. Again you will note that we have swung back to our three major themes:Psychology2, 386:the first ray technique. It is interesting to note that (prior to the first initiation) thePsychology2, 387:the kundalini fire. It will interest students to note how the first ray disciple, when employingPsychology2, 387:and sympathetic cooperation, is the predominant note. The second ray disciple, through rightlyPsychology2, 389:black and white magic. It is interesting also to note that it is the very rare man indeed whoPsychology2, 394:high point of synthetic comprehension. You will note how, in all these three keynotes for advancedPsychology2, 398:we can have no conception are becoming aware (note that phrase). For these attributes we have noPsychology2, 420:and positively attentive to the call and the note of its owner. [421] It is not possible for me toPsychology2, 432:Some Problems of Psychology It is interesting to note that practically all the teaching given anentPsychology2, 437:of transference and of service, so that a new note will enter into human life, bringing hope andPsychology2, 460:always towards a crisis and it is interesting to note that this crisis may be interpreted by thePsychology2, 479:that due care is given. At the same time, take note of the glandular equipment, studying it fromPsychology2, 487:among the spiritual workers of the world as they note how rapidly humanity is turning towards thePsychology2, 496:and a steadily deepening unhappiness. You will note that all these frustrations are, as might bePsychology2, 517:incoming force will then be stabilized and its note clearly heard. Psychology2, 529:and transferred. It is interesting to note that the two little centers close to the kidneys arePsychology2, 530:pathological trouble as well. You have to note consequently, the series of - transference,Psychology2, 544:and will disappear as he transcends it [544] (note that phrase) in the greatest processes ofPsychology2, 544:and translates it into terms of synthesis. Note the structure of words I have used in this lastPsychology2, 552:is not yet recognized. It is interesting to note, however, that the solar plexus (as a great nervePsychology2, 554:personality success. It is interesting to note that when this takes place, the energies -Psychology2, 566:in the case of inspiration. It is interesting to note (and instructive also in view of our subject)Psychology2, 570:[570] of the higher psychic powers would note around each sitter a group of astral formsPsychology2, 612:- Problems of Disciples and Mystics You will note from the above how many of the hallucinations,Psychology2, 656:other's hands and sounding forth in unison the note of mutual cooperation for the good and wellPsychology2, 699:New Group of World Servers. Humanity. You will note that the Buddha focuses in Himself thePsychology2, 751:is offered to Him by mankind. I beg you to note what I here have said. Everything now depends uponRays, 8:gathering into the form, through the dominant note sounded by the form elemental, of matter with aRays, 15:the impelling impact of the coming Avatar Whose "note is heard ahead of Him, and His energy spreadsRays, 36:can possibly be deviated from their purpose (note that word with its first ray or ShamballicRays, 36:which aim only at a "tentative indication" (note that phrase), it is not necessary to enter intoRays, 41:stands the Door. Before them opens out the Way. Note how this passage reverses the usualRays, 42:or point of dark indigo blue - midnight blue. Note the significance of this in view of what I haveRays, 45:the level of the buddhic life or state of being. Note, I do not say "of consciousness." This isRays, 46:dual activity reveals the nature of the will. Note how this phrase from an ancient writingRays, 52:It might, therefore, be said that: The AUM (note that I separate each aspect of this triple sound)Rays, 52:is the great beguiling and deceptive energy, the note of the involutionary arc. In it are hid theRays, 53:It is the sound of [53] liberation, the great note of resurrection and of the raising of humanityRays, 55:sevenfold AUM of which the Ageless Wisdom takes note. It is related to the effect of spirit or lifeRays, 55:cycle becomes possible and the first dim note of the OM can be faintly heard. In the individual manRays, 60:right does the initiate make them? Hitherto the note of his expanding consciousness has beenRays, 61:Each of these three lower aspects has its own note and it is these notes which produce the soundingRays, 62:matter) until eventually you will have the basic note of matter, the major third of the alignedRays, 62:flexibility and greater beauty. In due time each note fits into its chord, the chord of the Spirit;Rays, 63:false flowering. He demands, therefore, upon the note of the lower aspect of the personality (I amRays, 67:remember also that the Sound is the sound or note of Life Itself, embodying its dynamic impulse,Rays, 80:numerology as understood today. I would have you note that the sounds which compose the wordRays, 81:third time upon the mountain top hears a clear note and [82] knows it as his own, as ours, asRays, 82:it as his own, as ours, as yours, and yet the note which none have sounded forth." Rays, 82:One in Whom we live and move and have our being (note that expression) is referred to as Fire. IRays, 102:central "I" or the integrity of Deity. You will note that in this Rule, the emphasis shifts fromRays, 102:and for individual identifiable persistence. Note those words. The focus of activity shifts fromRays, 102:relation to him. Putting it this way, you will note how the disciple is really enjoined toRays, 113:signs of the sense of synthesis. [113] You will note, therefore, some of the factors that haveRays, 120:aspect of the same will. It is interesting to note that there is every evidence in the world today
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