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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTED

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Astrology, 13:Statements Another point which should here be noted is that the influence of the moon is purelyAstrology, 13:In esoteric astrology, the effect of the moon is noted as a thought effect and as the result of aAstrology, 16:taken by the esoteric astrologer should also be noted: That the planetary influences indicate theAstrology, 22:This is a point of real importance and should be noted and connected with all the teaching you haveAstrology, 22:unenlightened human being. It should be noted here, however, that all the energies - zodiacal,Astrology, 24:There are one or two other points which might be noted here also. I note them for yourAstrology, 29:exact effect is a transmitted one and cannot be noted as producing noticeable results, as yet, uponAstrology, 29:of the three great constellations also cannot be noted by individual man until such time as heAstrology, 50:[50] and of generalization, it might be noted that the seventh Hierarchy is the life or energyAstrology, 53:for all three activities and purposes must be noted. The energies of the twelve constellations areAstrology, 59:humanity knows nothing. Upon these charts are noted the pattern which emerges when "soul andAstrology, 60:and the embryonic reorganized inner life will be noted and studied, and in the other the outer lifeAstrology, 78:plane and in the astral body. It should be noted that: Two of the non-sacred planets (the EarthAstrology, 98:to the Fixed Cross. Points of crisis can thus be noted when the horoscope is considered from thisAstrology, 104:Fixed Cross covers this period. It might here be noted that the experience of the three crosses hasAstrology, 121:is that of the cosmic Christ. It might here be noted that the Cross with which we are hereAstrology, 171:is esoterically related to Pisces. It should be noted that both Neptune and Jupiter are exalted inAstrology, 186:basic streams of energy will have to be [186] noted in connection with every other sign in which aAstrology, 228:on its own plane) is registered, recorded and noted in Virgo, and balanced and assessed in Libra,Astrology, 266:is determined. In this connection it should be noted that: Leo-Libra-Capricorn - Constitute theAstrology, 272:one clear understanding characteristic can be noted, and that is their essential duality - theAstrology, 291:that the significance and purpose of time can be noted and intelligently employed, but thisAstrology, 305:of Stars of Energy, [305] such as I have here noted when referring to the six-pointed star ofAstrology, 324:larger truths which have not yet been sensed or noted accurately by esotericists; they areAstrology, 339:man becomes the world server. Heights of noted service are then reached in both signs. Pisces-VirgoAstrology, 355:In the coming world religion this fact will be noted and in the month of June, which is essentiallyAstrology, 372:is a steadily growing fact, registered and noted by the watching Hierarchy and making certain majorAstrology, 403:of the forces of divine attraction and have noted the differing divine qualities which this play ofAstrology, 449:magic. Ray 5. - Concrete mind. [449] It can be noted how this combination of energies when playingAstrology, 463:the subject but not in the Reality. It must be noted by the student that: The masses of men expressAstrology, 485:(for which Leo is responsible) can be noted as possible even by the novice when he realizes thatAstrology, 490:and the overcoming of materialism. 3. It will be noted in this tabulation that several of theAstrology, 529:nation which focus certain ray energies will be noted, and the qualitative emanations of its fiveAstrology, 544:Pisces The Venusian influence - as you will have noted - brings in likewise the influences ofAstrology, 563:vertical and the horizontal life. It should be noted that there are seven forms of light, relatedAstrology, 564:sign. But there is a fusion of energies to be noted when, esoterically speaking, man "stands at theAstrology, 621:for first ray activities. It should also be noted that the reason for this relation is inherent inAstrology, 651:conflict in each planet. It should also be noted that until the mystery of the constellation of theAstrology, 685:sun is the focal point. making, as we will have noted, a cosmic triangle. Within our system thereAstrology, 689:(C. F. 375) [689] "Another fact that should be noted about these great Beings is, that when viewedAtom, 60:if they would be willing to state if they had noted any peculiar phenomena at the moment of death.Atom, 78:definite orbits, might be seen the electrons. We noted, also, the fact that the elements differAtom, 98:Then we studied the human being, or man, and noted how in him all the three divine aspects met; andAtom, 103:turn of the spiral, of the two stages which we noted in the evolution of the [104] atom, that ofAtom, 107:when there is a noise. Then the next sense to be noted is that of touch, and it begins to feelAtom, 122:life of the atom, its self-centered aspect. We noted, too, that the atom is now being studied alongAutobiography, 275:Taught in the True Esoteric Schools It should be noted that many of the truths, hitherto impartedBethlehem, 65:high calling." (Phil., III, 14.) It should be noted here that the journey, preceding the birth, isBethlehem, 257:for the recognition of a risen Savior. We have noted the fact that the uniqueness of His missionDestiny, 14:Another phase of the same force (which can be noted in relation to the unfoldment of consciousnessDestiny, 15:frequently be seen. An instance of this can be noted in the history of the Jews as found in the OldDestiny, 62:The intense individualism of the people can be noted also as a definite part of their seventh rayDestiny, 68:in the present situation. As you will have noted, Great Britain is ruled by Gemini and Taurus, andDestiny, 103:nation which focus certain ray energies will be noted, and the qualitative emanations of its fiveDestiny, 111:an individual sixth ray influence can be noted in an era wherein the sixth ray is uniquely active,Destiny, 113:new phenomenon and one that should be carefully noted. Down the ages, great sons of God have everDestiny, 133:major function as vitality generators will be noted. Esoterically, they are regarded asDestiny, 141:at all. The numerical correspondences might be noted as follows, remembering that the thirdDestiny, 142:One hundred years hence its potency will be noted upon the astral plane. RAY II - This ray isDiscipleship1, 5:that which should be apprehended and it will be noted and understood by those among my disciplesDiscipleship1, 14:of a mystical and spiritual kind should also be noted. The seeing of the light in the head comesDiscipleship1, 14:under this category. Its brilliance should be noted, its growth and dimming; the hearing of theDiscipleship1, 15:The lower psychic experiences can also be noted - whether pleasant or unpleasant. Once noted,Discipleship1, 15:be noted - whether pleasant or unpleasant. Once noted, however, they should be forgotten for theyDiscipleship1, 39:forgotten. These ideas have to be contacted and noted and their energy has to be assimilated andDiscipleship1, 93:not read at least some of them?) you will have noted that these hints fall into two categories:Discipleship1, 98:intervals the tide of life roll over you; I have noted your progress and your delay. I have watchedDiscipleship1, 139:if the suggestions made to C. D. P. are noted and if the diet (in your case) is carefullyDiscipleship1, 171:environment. This is not yet sufficiently noted by orthodox psychology. The reactions of theDiscipleship1, 185:incarnation. I wonder, my brother, if you have noted the relation which exists between joy andDiscipleship1, 266:two years - opens wide for you. You have perhaps noted, as you have read the instructions given byDiscipleship1, 269:of human evolution. One point might here be noted. The extremity of the disciple in service finallyDiscipleship1, 282:it) a "master of time" and I have, secondly, noted the intuitive. help you have sought [283] toDiscipleship1, 283:to render to your fellow group members. I have noted your attention to these matters. The thingsDiscipleship1, 328:however, that your real inner progress has been noted. You have stepped into clearer light andDiscipleship1, 345:I wanted you to know that this has been noted by me. You have worked steadily and subjectively atDiscipleship1, 350:Both your major rays, as you will have noted are the same as R. S. W. You can see how potent a partDiscipleship1, 356:point out: In your breathing exercises which I noted as you worked this week, the lung and theDiscipleship1, 428:or Magic. One of the interesting things to be noted (as one studies your ray tendencies) is thatDiscipleship1, 428:to indicate that your steady service has been noted and I assure you that progress has been made byDiscipleship1, 477:yourself to tread the Path; your pledge was noted and recorded. Those who watch have realized thatDiscipleship1, 484:to you the four points of interest to be noted in your diary. Keep it in fuller detail; not onlyDiscipleship1, 540:this and that this persistence of yours has been noted and received due appreciation. Out of aDiscipleship1, 551:recognize no impediment or handicap, has been noted. Assistance, therefore, will be given to you,Discipleship1, 586:to end. Twice in the last few months, I have noted your earnest efforts at the elimination ofDiscipleship1, 620:today. NOTE: This brother was, as you will have noted above, asked to resign. For some years, heDiscipleship1, 622:the heart motive, underlying your activities, noted with attention. Your field of service will thisDiscipleship1, 626:of initiation. And yet, brother of old, I have noted that, in moments of stress and of possibleDiscipleship1, 639:- R.S.W. January 1937 MY BROTHER: You will have noted that your major rays are the same as those ofDiscipleship1, 642:and soul intuitions which can be sometimes noted when the point of tension is adequate. Watch forDiscipleship1, 705:their reactions and problems. It might here be noted that disciples in an Ashram are primarilyDiscipleship1, 705:the subconsciousness of humanity. These can be noted and (up to a certain point) offset orDiscipleship1, 755:be in touch with the Heart of God. It might be noted here that these three radiations emanatingDiscipleship2, 5:of the several individual groups. You will have noted that I assigned the major failure to theDiscipleship2, 27:and the registering of any realization must be noted for the two days succeeding the time of theDiscipleship2, 110:much pressure on you this year; I have seen and noted it; the group - as a group - has done betterDiscipleship2, 119:of the individual disciple. You will have noted, I am sure, that in the meditation assigned forDiscipleship2, 119:center in the solar plexus. You will have noted also that at the time of the Full Moon and in groupDiscipleship2, 153:attention during this past year. You will have noted how the meditations have become increasinglyDiscipleship2, 169:the work of all disciples. You will already have noted - as you have studied the Invocation - that
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