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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTED

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Discipleship2, 177:and the seven points of energy reception were noted. Then followed an exercise on, alignment, soDiscipleship2, 233:enforce them. Freedom of the will is here to be noted in relation to the Time concept but not inDiscipleship2, 293:man uses the "eye of the soul," as we have noted above; it reveals to him a world of subtlerDiscipleship2, 322:which all revelations pass. You may also have noted how one point of revelation leads normally toDiscipleship2, 334:of wrong emphasis in your daily life are not noted by me or by any Master. They are the affair ofDiscipleship2, 359:or ideographs: "When the stream of direction is noted by the one who seeks the inner side, then letDiscipleship2, 367:Part VIII Points of Revelation It might here be noted by you, as we consider this entire subject ofDiscipleship2, 380:Triad (in order to liberate humanity) is never noted. Nevertheless, these three types of substanceDiscipleship2, 407:is required, but (and this is a factor to be noted) recognition is being withheld until the kingdomDiscipleship2, 420:X Here are the points which must be consciously noted in the hint under consideration; each of themDiscipleship2, 423:- Part X Points of Revelation You will have noted from the previous instructions that these pointsDiscipleship2, 462:meditation, will (as you will have undoubtedly noted) produce in the long run the linking up of theDiscipleship2, 467:even the stimulation of the other centers being noted in relation to the effect upon the headDiscipleship2, Esoter:of all that has been going on. This has been noted by us and it is for this quality of spiritualDiscipleship2, Esoter:you will understand... I have, as you will have noted, said little to you about yourself and yourDiscipleship2, 494:personality or egoic expressions. This should be noted as definitely coloring the group andDiscipleship2, 548:- I.B.S. September 1943 MY BROTHER: You may have noted that there is a slight difference in theDiscipleship2, 576:attention another point. You may perhaps have noted that I have given some of you meditations whichDiscipleship2, 581:which may not be arrested. This has oft been noted. Let me give you an illustration. The very firstDiscipleship2, 628:in your life during the past two years, I have noted the increased strength of your spiritual linksEducation, 7:top of the ladder has been reached. It might be noted here that this entire exegesis of the mindEducation, 9:will be part of the curriculum. It should be noted here, however, that the religious implicationsEducation, 11:on the ladder of evolution will be approximately noted; mystical and introspective tendencies willEducation, 11:will be considered and their apparent lack noted. Coordination between: Brain and the responseEducation, 26:Here an interesting point should be carefully noted. It holds the key to future racial unfoldment.Education, 31:on Cosmic Fire, pp. 959-960. It should be noted here that the bridging has to be done in theEducation, 52:trend of the present urge forward, which can be noted so distinctly in the race, is to enable theEducation, 64:"already tinged with karma." It should also be noted that just as the physical plane, so familiarEducation, 71:by the first cry. Character delineations will be noted and compared with, the developing subjectEducation, 74:in a constructive manner and voluntarily; I have noted the imminence of the coming spiritualEducation, 79:education of the children of the world. We have noted that in spite of universal educationalExternalisation, 96:that to be found in the individual life, can be noted. The Hierarchy stands also at a point ofExternalisation, 104:used and its impact on other forces has been noted and recorded as force impacting force, leadingExternalisation, 130:or modes of producing these fusions can be noted. Great Britain, the United States of America andExternalisation, 131:three groups there is much of interest to be noted. One of them, Great Britain, represents aExternalisation, 161:General World Picture It might, therefore, be noted that the Forces of Light express ThemselvesExternalisation, 276:divine energies. This is a point to be carefully noted. Of Light and Love I can say but little toExternalisation, 356:world era and its cultural order can be clearly noted and appraised. All generalizations admit ofExternalisation, 465:not where to turn, but whose appeal is heard and noted. Their work, however, must be focusedExternalisation, 497:the following statements appear: It might be noted here that three great discoveries are imminentExternalisation, 524:of reorientation, and in this sense much can be noted. For aeons and for countless cycles, theExternalisation, 560:persistent and for ever endures. You will have noted (if you are true students of what I have givenExternalisation, 589:and cultures. The thread of purpose will be noted and followed through, century after century,Externalisation, 621:of mine, other alibis, but the three above noted are the most common; the release of the majorityExternalisation, 671:the past and today - and its effects [671] are noted. Under the totalitarian system, freedom isExternalisation, 683:of contact and inspiration. Much of this can be noted in the Gospel story of the life of Christ andExternalisation, 685:- historical and psychological - can be clearly noted as the foundation for all present happenings,Fire, 48:bases of all objective efflorescence, it must be noted that they demonstrate as the sumtotal of theFire, 55:the very use of the term "sheath" it will be noted that we are considering those fires whichFire, 70:the spirillae 27 found within the atom. We have noted in "Letters on Occult Meditation" that theFire, 74:of Activity," 30 (the correspondence should be noted here) and the fourth Kumara, the Lord of theFire, 95:with the first group of forms, it must be noted that the pranic emanations given off by units ofFire, 97:it reaches the lower mental level. It will be noted that in both of these outpourings the divineFire, 97:purity and splendor untarnished. It will be noted that this outpouring descends only to the levelFire, 120:key to the dominance of matter, and it might be noted that: On the fourth physical ether man beginsFire, 122:and a few remnants of the third. For it must be noted that, although each race gives birth to theFire, 188:reflection in the double set of physical senses noted in defining the indriyas. The senses might beFire, 188:5. All knowledge 5th 6th 5th 4th 3rd It can be noted that we have not summed up the two planes ofFire, 196:connection with the correspondence it is to be noted that sight came in with the third root-race inFire, 197:by them. Students of etymology will have noted that the origin of the word touch is somewhatFire, 224:above three fundamentals are studied, it will be noted that they are very comprehensive, and,Fire, 277:system around its cosmic center. It is to be noted at this point that the ideas dealt with inFire, 313:will, wisdom, activity. Therefore, it should be noted here that the first three planes of theFire, 320:color. An interesting analogy may here be noted between the fourth cosmic ether, and the fourthFire, 375:sun is the focal point, making, as we will have noted, a cosmic triangle. Within our system thereFire, 376:of the earlier solar system, but it might be noted that (judging from the microcosm on the earthFire, 388:cycle, belong. Another fact that should be noted about these great Beings is, that when viewed inFire, 403:the free life of the Spirit. Again, it must be noted that Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and VulcanFire, 430:of the astral plane, a similar activity will be noted as in process. The inflowing force will causeFire, 449:existing between these four should be carefully noted. 51 They have in India an ancient system ofFire, 466:incoming ray upon them. The first point to be noted is that this influence at this time affectsFire, 474:Men in their etheric bodies will be noted, and communicated with, and the devas and elementals ofFire, 506:of balance, or of equilibrium. It should be noted that the analogy between the Logos and man is notFire, 532:three spirillae - the major three. It should be noted that there are but six permanent atomsFire, 533:- The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire 14. It should be noted that in this solar system the followingFire, 539:Spirit aspect of the Logos. It should here be noted that this ninefold development is hinted at inFire, 544:and the fires of the causal body, we shall have noted the close resemblance between that egoicFire, 550:I. Thought Forms 1. Their Function It will be noted that in studying this matter we have notFire, 556:them we have the two extremes. It will have been noted that as the idea that the solar system isFire, 560:point is meditated upon with care, it will be noted (as might be expected) that it includes theFire, 589:it reaches the lower mental level. It will be noted that in both of these outpourings the divineFire, 589:purity and splendor untarnished. It will be noted that this outpouring descends only to the levelFire, 641:to enlarge upon their functions. It should be noted that in connection with the matter aspect thereFire, 659:which it is unnecessary for us to go. It will be noted by the careful student that these planesFire, 692:the triple Trimurti. The other event might be noted, - the appropriation at a still later period inFire, 694:Monad has a definite place. Secondly, it must be noted that in view of the above it will beFire, 705:the luminous Triangle at the center. It will be noted that the points involved in this symbolFire, 711:and Fire Elementals The fourth point to be noted is that when these three events have occurred, theFire, 713:or purpose aspect predominates. It might here be noted that it is the positive force of theFire, 728:Watcher, the great Sacrifice for humanity. 42 As noted in the above paragraph, there are secondlyFire, 762:of the lotus, and forms that spheroidal shape noted by investigators. [763] The more fullyFire, 771:in response. There is a point of interest to be noted here. The first aspect works through a WordFire, 845:form of the planetary entity. It might here be noted that the planetary Entity is the sumtotal ofFire, 877:the petals and initiation. First, it should be noted that the words "knowledge, love and sacrifice"Fire, 894:work with the reptile evolution. It should be noted here that this evolution on the etheric planesFire, 919:proved past all controversy. It will have been noted that in the enumeration of these two mainFire, 1014:is the place for magic to be wrought. It will be noted that in this rule, no mention is made of theFire, 1030:planes. Under the Law of Analogy, much will be noted as necessarily translated on to the higherFire, 1068:Motion on the Plane of Mind There might here be noted the curious phenomenon, in the human kingdomFire, 1106:or less degree these four qualities. It might be noted here that the groups are called certain
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