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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTED

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Fire, 1128:thus utilizing them as a vehicle. We have noted also that there are also three forms of energyFire, 1135:this triple activity is achieved it might be noted that the dense physical body of the solar orFire, 1152:The Solar Logos 1 Will Rhythm. It should be noted here that the above tabulation will apply to theFire, 1153:purposes of the Lives concerned. It should be noted here that when we are considering theFire, 1161:and the gradually demonstrating effects to be noted as they are linked up and eventually produce aFire, 1167:and the scope of its activity. It should be noted here as a basic proposition in connection withFire, 1168:objective response to stimulation can be noted. It is the basis of the phenomenon of sensation,Fire, 1207:clarification and of generalization, it might be noted that the seventh Hierarchy is the life orFire, 1215:the interests of the greater whole. It might be noted here that the immediate objective of theFire, 1221:an astrological sign, that of Capricorn, can be noted. All hard places can be surmounted, and theFire, 1223:nature, and the great Maya is. It might here be noted in conclusion that the following factors: 3Fire, 1234:the exoteric form of the symbol is all that is noted by the man who is as yet in the Hall ofFire, 1241:and merge to form one Path. It should also be noted that the Adept Who undergoes the discipline andFire, 1246:to the twelve-petalled lotus. It will be noted by the accurate student that we are nowFire, 1251:but to some it will convey much and when it is noted that there will be found coupled with theseFire, 1263:via the sign Aquarius. The reasons will be noted if the student bears in mind the significance ofGlamour, 19:of the full moon will be the mass of phenomena noted. This is to be expected as this service callsGlamour, 23:of mind control. Another point which should be noted is that in the crystallization of thisGlamour, 55:the lower mind. This point should be carefully noted by the would-be intuitive. [56] The soulGlamour, 65:which leads from knowledge to wisdom. We have noted that the seven major ways of illusion are asGlamour, 101:and interpretations. You will have noted how the career of the man has, therefore, proceeded from aGlamour, 155:and within certain esoteric limits - it might be noted that: [156] Leo - controls the positiveGlamour, 163:world era and its cultural order can be clearly noted and appraised. All generalizations admit ofHealing, 24:discipline and understanding. You will have noted that I listed the psychological causes under fourHealing, 66:note from the above enumeration. It should be noted that where desire is rampant and uncontrolledHealing, 150:space become possible; certain effects can be noted, certain ray influences appear more dominantHealing, 174:upwards towards the higher way. It should be noted here that the transference of solar plexusHealing, 207:to the dense physical body. We have also noted the areas which are conditioned by these centers andHealing, 223:seek only to explain the phenomena which can be noted at all times when war is present and which inHealing, 223:war is present and which in the world war can be noted on a large scale. The armies of the worldHealing, 229:to it that cause and effect were quickly to be noted. At this time there also arose the firstHealing, 286:results will have to be carefully watched and noted on both sides. Any group which is formed forHealing, 390:is in the nature of a prophecy and should be noted as such. I would, therefore, enjoin upon you theHealing, 399:contact with the supposedly dead which have been noted, investigated and proven, and upon theHealing, 430:type of person, the following triplicity must be noted: The soul The head center The solar plexus.Healing, 453:and each pursues its course. As has been noted, for a long period of time the soul identifiesHealing, 455:pancreas and liver are the symbols. It must be noted also that death is, therefore, undertaken atHealing, 476:In old age this detachment can be more easily noted than in death through disease, and frequentlyHealing, 521:cursorily with the causes of disease and have noted that they emanate as a whole from three mainHealing, 554:mind. [554] Another point should here be noted. One problem which the healer will have to face withHealing, 593:three categories, and these should be carefully noted: The interplay between: The centers above theHealing, 596:here an interesting distinction which should be noted. Death, when it comes, is the result of twoHealing, 596:of the patient, and should be immediately noted by the healer who (when he finds them present) willHealing, 605:or drastic expulsion is employed. We have noted here, as you see, three modes whereby the healerHealing, 626:or the inactivity of the glands have been noted; certain types of people have been recognized asHealing, 635:the kingdoms in nature. These atoms, it must be noted, are imbued or conditioned by two factors forHealing, 644:a type of work called radiation. It should be noted here that in reality we have three types ofHealing, 652:indicated and the "signs of death" are noted by both the doctor and the healer, the healer has notHealing, 658:subjected to experiment and the results noted before the true spiritual healing can take place;Healing, 710:one of the first healing unfoldments [710] to be noted at the close of the next century. MoreHercules, 54:revealing a new chance to tread the Way. They noted how the laborer arose and prepared to enter onHercules, 57:there to learn. The watching Teacher, from afar, noted the moment of release, and turning to NereusHercules, 61:expression. It is not evil per se. It is to be noted that in the garden of Eden one single appleHercules, 79:down. And as he laid it down before the Lord, he noted on its [80] foot the wound, made by an arrowHercules, 118:destroyed by paraphrasing them. It is to be noted also that the labor was not described to HerculesHercules, 122:relate it to eight other signs, as has been noted, making it the outstanding sign of synthesis.Hercules, 130:of the boar, can be undertaken. It is to be noted that the quaffing of the wine by Hercules leadsHercules, 198:that we forget the larger picture. It is to be noted again that the keeper of the cattle, the formInitiation, 104:plan; he knows also that his name and effort are noted in the archives of the Lodge, and that theInitiation, 114:recognition of that which is seen is first to be noted, so with the human unit undergoing spiritualInitiation, 130:are famed for their healing properties, are thus noted because they are magnetized spots, and theirInitiation, 148:the newly admitted brother. It might here be noted that each section of the oath really concernsInitiation, 157:must parallel each other, and it will be noted that the second is the outcome of the first and willInitiation, 189:as do some of the other Paths. It will be noted that four groups remain in the system, passingIntellect, 81:in fact 'union' and nothing else... It should be noted that this realization ought not strictly toIntellect, 91:The preliminary requirements need only just be noted, for they are universally recognized and areIntellect, 123:Plan concept, and the focus of interest might be noted to be that of a growing consciousness in manIntellect, 147:that of the intuition. We have, in the West, noted also that the finest minds we have, through anIntellect, 158:page 286. These distinctions should be carefully noted. For many at this time, the achievement ofIntellect, 168:Evelyne, Mysticism, page 434. It will be noted how the idea of desire, of feeling and of dualityIntellect, 202:spiritual endeavor as any effects which may be noted in the world of organized religious effort.Intellect, 212:neighborhood becomes very powerful. It should be noted that according to this theory, when theIntellect, 228:physical comfort and control. The breathing is noted as rhythmic and regular. Visualization of theIntellect, 233:to this way has to undertake, it should be noted that the key to success lies in constant andIntellect, 237:earlier stages have been mastered. It should be noted that any thought process, followed withMagic, 18:posts may be found and more definite indications noted. The comprehension of that triplicity ofMagic, 28:other of energy. Thus the duality is the thing noted, and that which employs the thing is presentMagic, 29:or aspects: energy, force, matter. It should be noted here, that only as a man understands himselfMagic, 50:This will be later elaborated. The point to be noted here is simply the symbolic nature of theMagic, 103:the inner cause which produces the conditions noted in the outer life, and so, from that point ofMagic, 134:blessing upon the world. Fourth: It should be noted that even the Great Ones Themselves have to layMagic, 138:to be dealt with on the inner planes and are noted by the watching guides of the race. I would likeMagic, 146:This effected, the aspect of vibration is to be noted as a duality. The form, through the medium ofMagic, 146:has its effect upon the form. This effect is noted, but not understood. The man, under the slow andMagic, 197:ambitions of various kinds. Here it should be noted that none of these unfoldment can ever beMagic, 199:two results, and these should be most carefully noted. First, the light in the head makes itsMagic, 199:energies focused in the two petals. It will be noted that the sum total of the force petals in theMagic, 214:the soul in the purificatory work. It should be noted here that in each of the subtle bodies in theMagic, 215:to the Rule under consideration, it can be noted that all these three activities are dealt with inMagic, 230:of the desire plane. It should here be noted that in the steadily developing power of choice, andMagic, 235:given in the Treatise on Cosmic Fire. It will be noted how extremely abstruse it is and how full ofMagic, 284:the basis of correct understanding, it should be noted that the cell life to which we have aboveMagic, 285:the Father or the highest aspect. It should be noted that the above tabulation pictures the secondMagic, 290:themselves to others. The third concept to be noted is that forms are, as yet [291] primarilyMagic, 321:plays in relation to the Great Whole. We have noted the various forms which astral evolutionMagic, 331:unseen and unrecognized by men, it could also be noted that this band is not confined to theMagic, 333:Ten - The Present Age and the Future It might be noted here that three great discoveries areMagic, 334:structure of the outer forms, will be seen and noted and studied in all kingdoms of nature. ThisMagic, 334:in regard to the ladder of evolution, will be noted and become objectively apparent, the relativeMagic, 337:make its stand. It might be of value here if we noted the tendency of three lines of thought,
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