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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTED

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Psychology2, 215:Two points should therefore here be noted: First, that the attention of the members of thePsychology2, 223:of the kingdom of gods. This phrase should be noted. It is the result of the active work of thePsychology2, 235:of his daily life. One point here should be noted. This instinct to synthesis (concerning as itPsychology2, 269:of the personality for guidance. It is to be noted that we are here considering the attitude of thePsychology2, 288:connection with psychology. Gradually it will be noted that certain ray meditations can be used toPsychology2, 292:forms, or the artistic impulse. It will be noted in this connection how accurate was the earlierPsychology2, 353:and seeks to feel. A change of attitude can be noted, for he reaches out his arms to his fellow menPsychology2, 388:the evocation of the love nature and, as earlier noted, brings in soul power in full tide. In thePsychology2, 432:consciousness of the true man have been little noted; the gain of each life in added grasp of [433]Psychology2, 457:the seeds of psychological trouble can be duly noted and the man is in danger. Psychology2, 548:there will be found many ailments involving, as noted before, the intestinal tract. When the energyPsychology2, 561:knowledge 5th 6th [561] 5th 4th 3rd It can be noted that we have not summed up the two planes ofPsychology2, 582:least expenditure of energy. It [582] should be noted, however, that the average modern psychic orPsychology2, 583:and relates is truly and sincerely what he has noted but there is no interpretative ability. It isPsychology2, 592:in a cross-sectional relation. It is to be noted, also, that these five types of energy form onePsychology2, 648:discovered. Their names and addresses are being noted and collected into mailing lists. TheirPsychology2, 648:may be, to serve their fellow men, will be also noted when possible and utilized, if desired. ThusPsychology2, 650:of intuitive revelation. Secondly, it is to be noted that there is upon our planet a group of menPsychology2, 708:as the theme is too vast. It can, however, be noted that a recognition of the soul ray (as it makesPsychology2, 709:questions, and the potency of the effects can be noted. A study of the egoic ray, when rightlyPsychology2, 714:in three ways: The urge to betterment already noted. The organization of the minds of men, so thatPsychology2, 730:work of the New Group of World Servers can be noted and can be developed. The question may beRays, 17:and soul awareness. The secondary effect can be noted in the human consciousness by the awakeningRays, 30:deserve consideration. For long, aspirants have noted and have been taught the effect of the willRays, 50:lowest aspect of the Triad. Two things can be noted in this respect: This contact becomes possibleRays, 72:the past. [72] The first point which should be noted is that we have here the definition of anRays, 182:with the divine pattern. It should also be noted here that the energies projected by the initiateRays, 192:major rents within these veils might here be noted. They are symbolically referred to in The Bible,Rays, 192:though their essential meaning has not been noted or comprehended. The first major rent was made byRays, 207:the Path of Initiation. They must perforce be noted here, even if dealing with mattersRays, 248:of the imparted Word. Two things should be noted here. The "Word" here does not refer to the SacredRays, 286:Resurrect. The following relationships should be noted, for the first is the seed of the other.Rays, 350:a part (though only a part) of the mystery to be noted in the statement that evil and good areRays, 387:in radiatory activity. As you will have noted, the order of their appearance - under ray activity -Rays, 424:of the expansion of the information given can be noted in connection with the second Path. NothingRays, 436:initiatory process, the factor of time is noted by the initiate and also by the presenting Masters.Rays, 448:nature and the physical man. It should be noted here that the bridging has to be done in theRays, 596:brought about. Hitherto cleavages have been noted during an historical retrospect. Today, all menRays, 601:the effect of the energy involved will be noted in relation to humanity as a whole, to the work ofRays, 601:in this fifth root race was considered; it was noted that this Aryan effect was dominant andRays, 614:vision has been glimpsed might perhaps be noted in the prevalent instinct to share, motivated atRays, 659:served their purpose. The new thing is not yet noted or appreciated, though already present. TheRays, 684:of human and superhuman evolution. You will have noted that lately I have been emphasizing anRays, 685:him, and he is not rejected but is seen and noted and then put to work. It is also a graded seriesRays, 689:Aspirant and the Major Initiations You will have noted, if you are comparing these instructionsRays, 694:practically govern Him. It might therefore be noted that there are three initiations which test theRays, 701:position in the scheme of things can here be noted. As I mentioned earlier, the initiate now worksReappearance, 74:rightness of these events. Their effects will be noted, especially after the moment of emergence.Reappearance, 107:in The Bhagavad Gita, Shri Krishna, must be noted, for many believe Him to be a previousReappearance, 168:service. There are other alibis, but those above noted are the most common; the release of theSoul, 10:The Western philosopher, Spinoza, long ago noted the indisseverable parallelism of what he calledSoul, 38:of Destiny, p. 1. The word "endocrine" it may be noted is from the Greek word "krinein," meaningSoul, 42:paid to the pineal gland. Then came the case, noted by Dr. Berman, in which a child was brought toSoul, 49:is literally the courage of the beast. As noted, animals with the largest amounts of adrenal cortexSoul, 111:at base of spine - muladhara chakra It will be noted that there are four centers above theSoul, 113:the vertebral column (Merudanda). It is to be noted that, just as there are five centers (Chakras)Soul, 114:in the medical literature. It must, however, be noted that the Yoga Nadis are not the ordinarySoul, 115:refers to the Tantrik system, it should be noted that reference is made to an Indian system ofSoul, 116:greatest importance in the system. It is to be noted that the nerve fibers which carry motorSoul, 116:the spinal bulb (medulla), a fact which has been noted in the Tantras in the description of theSoul, 121:in the main have not been isolated. It will be noted for example that Dr. Berman states that theSoul, 152:even recognized this ultimate possibility and noted that the trend of the evolutionary process isSoul, 157:the thyroid gland. Several such cases have been noted by us and seem to substantiate this position.Telepathy, 22:range of telepathic contacts which should be noted because they constitute the goal for humanity.Telepathy, 23:connection a most interesting point should be noted. The awakening of the heart center indicatesTelepathy, Discip:impression and one or two of them might here be noted; you will thus gain some idea of the subtletyTelepathy, 45:We are dealing (as you will undoubtedly have noted) with the reception of impression by groups orTelepathy, 98:the progress of the aspirant can be exactly noted. I would have you distinguish carefully betweenTelepathy, 99:This is a point which should be most carefully noted. The problem of the aspirant as he "engenders"Telepathy, 136:ray, there is an interesting situation to be noted in this connection: two ray energies controlTelepathy, 147:physical counterparts; it therefore, as will be noted from its relationship to the blood via theTelepathy, 185:assuming proportions which can be recognized and noted. Each of these three Centers has a governingTelepathy, 189:the divine consciousness is a true idea. It is noted or apprehended by the man who has, within his
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