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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NOTICE

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Astrology, 166:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations You will notice from the above tabulation one or twoAstrology, 427:grounded in the disciple's center, you will notice that it is then a fusion of six energies. TheseAtom, 60:of death; it was brought very specially to my notice some years ago by one of the ablest surgicalAtom, 127:life amongst us day after day and we would not notice anything so very different in Him from theAutobiography, 163:write them. Will you do so?" Without a moment's notice I said, "Certainly not. I'm not a darnedAutobiography, 211:Duke was dead. And so it was. I saw the obituary notice in next day's papers. Before he leftBethlehem, 211:the ages. Christ died in order to bring to our notice that the way into the kingdom of God was theDiscipleship1were unknown to me when they were brought to my notice; some of them I have since met; others IDiscipleship1, 122:which I would have you follow until further notice. Thirdly, you have in this life stepped off theDiscipleship1, 276:Intelligence. You will, from this tabulation, notice the relation existing between your personalityDiscipleship1, 293:explain a necessary brevity. I will call to your notice for closer attention the instructions IDiscipleship1, 364:I will ask you to carry forward until further notice. I will give you also six seed thoughts forDiscipleship1, 379:organization work. You will, from all the above, notice the lack of balance in your rays: The soulDiscipleship1, 565:your elucidation of the intended idea? Did you notice, my brother, the value and the significanceDiscipleship1, 582:it asks. I would not bring this matter to your notice if I did not realize that such an inclusiveDiscipleship1, 651:here suggested until April or until further notice: After a short breathing exercise, achieveDiscipleship2, 12:dealt with during the coming year. Small notice need be paid to less important faults and errors;Discipleship2, 118:you receive these instructions and until further notice - I would ask you to work as follows: GroupDiscipleship2, 128:I would ask you to follow together until further notice. I emphasize the word together and shallDiscipleship2, 144:II - Teachings on Meditation - Part VI You will notice how the meditation now to be outlined is aDiscipleship2, 193:to the lowest point of service. You will notice also, in this symbol, that the secondary point ofDiscipleship2, 335:Yet those are [335] the things which you notice in others and which affect your judgment, evokingDiscipleship2, 515:an interlude of conscious focusing. You will notice that, in combination with the group meditation,Discipleship2, 536:It is a sentence which has probably escaped your notice; I doubt if it ever registered itselfDiscipleship2, 618:I am now with deliberation bringing to your notice. Your work lies in training the senior studentsExternalisation, 423:affect the human kingdom. I have called to your notice the urgency of the incoming life, producingExternalisation, 699:that recognition of what They are may escape notice. They will, finally, demonstrate to all aroundFire, 126:forward, and consequently we have brought to our notice the dangers that must ensue should manFire, 576:cosmic Law of Attraction. It is interesting to notice how this law demonstrates in this Love-SystemFire, 679:bring these many types of deva substance to the notice of students on account of the pre-eminentFire, 733:we may legitimately concern ourselves. We should notice first the fact that this condition isGlamour, 52:He talks about himself; he gestures and attracts notice, demanding recognition. As he does so, hisGlamour, 136:and guiding the Hierarchy, are brought to his notice progressively and as he proves capable ofHealing, 287:to work, when to change its methods, and what to notice. [288] From the start of work along theseHealing, 667:Council Chamber at Shamballa was forced to take notice. As a result of this attention by the GreatHealing, 691:of universal life. I would have you take notice of the importance of form activity. It is the FormInitiation, 104:Watcher" over the affairs of men has taken notice. Magic, 285:Center at base of spine Adrenals. [285] You will notice that eight factors are here enumerated, andMagic, 583:Certain considerations should be brought to the notice of the disciple which - for the sake ofMeditation, 2:has to enter in before the Ego takes continued notice of the personality or lower self. When thatMeditation, 92:student is of sufficient importance to attract notice, the attack may come from those who dealMeditation, 116:In all these three branches of service you will notice that the faculty of working with groups isMeditation, 136:pure emotions and elevated thought. You will notice that I said that the power of the DarkMeditation, 341:the genius, and before the man who attracts more notice. The capacity to plod is much to beProblems, 149:there was a first major Approach when God took notice of man and [150] something happened - underPsychology1, 50:Christianity and diversified religions. (Notice here relation to Ray II.) Lower Expression:Psychology1, 119:to bring the subject of the seven rays to the notice of the thinkers of modern times, so that thePsychology2, 296:hypothetical chart given above, students should notice how the rays of the personality relate them,Psychology2, 658:Group of World Servers is sufficiently coherent. Notice should be taken also of the world idealistsRays, 721:lived and for which They have worked. You will notice that I have here called Them "initiates of
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