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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NUMBER

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Fire, 164:dense physical body. These centers are five in number: [165] That at the base of the spine, theFire, 186:three worlds. As we know, the senses are five in number and in order of development are as follows:Fire, 196:receives worldly experience. These are ten in number, and are of two classes: The five organs ofFire, 219:laws under the Law of Economy are four in number, dealing with the lower quaternary: The Law ofFire, 224:matter, it might be wise first to lay down a number of propositions which - (even if already knownFire, 231:as man has a life cycle consisting of a certain number of years, dependent upon his karma. DuringFire, 299:The key is hidden in the fact that between the number of a globe in a chain and its correspondingFire, 299:a chain of globes and a scheme of analogous number. The connection between Venus and the Earth liesFire, 299:between Venus and the Earth lies hid in number, and it took a moment of mysterious alignmentFire, 299:its corresponding chain and the scheme of allied number to effect the momentous occurrence known asFire, 304:Man. There are seven such cycles, but the number of lesser cycles (included within the seven) isFire, 306:should be pointed out that it does not hold the number of a stated cycle of incarnations throughFire, 306:cycles previously mentioned. Primarily this number applies to the planetary Logos of our scheme andFire, 306:much to other schemes. Each Heavenly Man has His number and the number of our Heavenly Man lies hidFire, 306:Each Heavenly Man has His number and the number of our Heavenly Man lies hid in the above threeFire, 306:the mystery hid of two other Heavenly Men. This number 777 is also the number of transmutation,Fire, 306:other Heavenly Men. This number 777 is also the number of transmutation, which is the fundamentalFire, 321:that will result from the presence of a certain number of positive atoms. This needs to be borne inFire, 324:Light flashed forth [324] in Lemurian days in a number of great groups of the human family whenFire, 346:connection with man these methods are three in number as far as we can tell, though the probabilityFire, 357:according to its vibratory capacity, a definite number of petals. Be connected in geometricalFire, 360:details as to His specific Identity, His number and His scope of conscious development. SuchFire, 364:We must remember also that nine is the number of Initiation, or of the major Initiations of Manas,Fire, 364:man becomes a perfect Nine, or literally is the number of his Hierarchy. This is from theFire, 364:the three systems, though his present systemic number may be four. In occupying ourselves withFire, 364:by the same color as Himself, answer to the same number, and are esoterically known by the sameFire, 365:is occultly linked with the chain of its own number, and with the scheme of a similar number. ForFire, 365:its own number, and with the scheme of a similar number. For instance: Globe 2, Chain 2, and schemeFire, 366:of their own chain with the scheme of the same number, or have mistaken another chain within theFire, 397:that: It is on the Hierarchies and the correct number of these Entities that the mystery of theFire, 406:of spiritualistic endeavor, for the larger number of the average discarnate entities at this stageFire, 408:stage, and they might be summed up as three in number: Position or the place of the system withinFire, 410:primary entities. Algebra teaches us that the number of combinations of things, taken one at aFire, 410:Applying this formula to the present case, the number of entities evolved from differentFire, 417:and a retardation of the evolution of a certain number of deva and human groups. The origin of theFire, 417:at the same time should the student decide to number the chains, and globes, he must carefully bearFire, 437:in the case of all Beings, are ever seven in number, and are composed of deva and human units inFire, 446:on two thousand five hundred years, a specific number of men will pass on to the Path ofFire, 449:even to many who have not attained that grade, a number have become known and are used - sometimesFire, 451:on all the seven planes and within the entire number of schemes; all the Sacred Words are then hisFire, 461:of nature were divided into two groups: A number of these lives were "passed," and the tide of lifeFire, 474:etheric energy will be that a numerically larger number of people will possess etheric vision, andFire, 476:is based on certain postulates, mainly four in number. These postulates must be expressed in termsFire, 478:the textbooks teach - in the arrangement and the number of the electrons. 57 The electron itselfFire, 487:this question of transmutation. They are five in number and concern specifically the field whereinFire, 514:[514] rays; these rays are given as seven in number, and play upon these points or circlesFire, 522:human evolution - the three worlds. Seven is the number of the totality of manifestation. Three isFire, 522:of the totality of manifestation. Three is the number of consciousness. One is the number of LifeFire, 522:Three is the number of consciousness. One is the number of Life or Spirit. Electric fire - SolarFire, 531:of force. The spirillae are literally ten in number, three major and seven minor. But from theFire, 531:as portrayed in certain books. A certain number of atoms are of that type but they are not theFire, 534:distinctive coloring and its unique keynote. A number of solar Deities Who are the radiators ofFire, 552:systemic thought-form must respond are many in number, but for our purposes might be enumerated asFire, 555:The extra-systemic stimulation involves a large number of factors, but the main two to beFire, 574:makes the necessary eighteen, which is the key number of our love system. Twenty-seven holds hidFire, 578:love; on the third subplane can be found quite a number of the Monads of activity, but numericallyFire, 585:on, it is in reality the ninth. Nine is the number of initiation, the number of the adept, and ofFire, 585:the ninth. Nine is the number of initiation, the number of the adept, and of the man who functionsFire, 608:should ever be borne in mind that seven is the number which governs the evolution of substance andFire, 608:in the solar system, but that nine is the number governing the development of the consciousnessFire, 642:the Brothers of the Left Hand Path 11 and of a number of unconscious magicians (of whom there areFire, 642:unconscious magicians (of whom there are quite a number) who would use it only for selfish, evilFire, 676:and of the solar Logos. They are myriads in number, and include deva existences ranging all the wayFire, 677:They are divided into certain groups - three in number - connected with science, religion andFire, 696:plane, when flashing forth at initiation, this number signifies the full development of the fifthFire, 705:be noted that the points involved in this symbol number eight - a picture of that peculiar state ofFire, 707:comes specially under the influence of its Number, Name, or Lord.) When the hour [708] strikes andFire, 708:plane certain vibratory impulses - nine in number - corresponding to the fivefold vibration ofFire, 712:differing types of energy in one symbol and a number, but it cannot here be revealed. TheFire, 724:the onward march of affairs. Under Him work a number of cosmic entities who, as stated in theFire, 726:time of the initiation of a planetary Logos. The number of initiations taken by a planetary LogosFire, 738:Subperiod (1) may last from a few minutes to a number of years - the phrase 'a few years' becomingFire, 753:case for a very long time, and will involve a number of Great Ones. In a similar effort during theFire, 753:H. P. B. was concerned, and a fairly large number of chelas. In the effort immediately ahead, [754]Fire, 776:the mantram (which grows in volume, depth and number of sounds involved as time elapses) the forceFire, 793:of the other planetary bodies (of great number) within the solar ring-pass-not. The entire solarFire, 803:may make clear somewhat the significance of the number five, esoterically considered. ElectricFire, 825:incarnations. The figures do not convey an exact number of years, but are figurative andFire, 827:must be studied; this time they are hid in the number ten, or three cycles of three lesser periods,Fire, 828:and the central ring is ready to open. 63 The Number 10. - See S. D., I, 125, 126. 1. The three,Fire, 828:the circle are the sacred Four. Adi-Sanat, the Number, Unity. The Logos, or the One in physicalFire, 855:egoic lotuses are all organized, and have a number of petals unfolded whilst some are in the finalFire, 856:Their rate of vibration, Their type, Their key number, The particular group of lunar Lords who areFire, 859:student is concerned are, as we know, four in number: The head, The heart, The throat, The base ofFire, 864:torso. These centers in the torso are three in number, the heart, the throat, and the centerFire, 895:elves, gnomes, or other sprites, pass a certain number of cycles in the bird realm. Why the twoFire, 897:the term, even though they do not exceed the number of lives which form the gaseous portion ofFire, 911:to that of the human. These devas are many in number, are of involutionary and evolutionary nature,Fire, 914:physical plane evolution. They are not many in number, being only twelve. Four work in the violetFire, 914:presiding officer of rank equal to a Chohan. The number of the deva evolution is six, as that ofFire, 919:for purposes of clarity, considered as seven in number. In their totality they form the atomicFire, 929:are active, and every petal, forty-nine in number, on the fourth plane of Buddhi is producing aFire, 942:Elementals These groups of builders are four in number: The builders of the mental body. TheFire, 944:into activity by the builders, are three in number: The gaseous elementals. The liquid elementals.Fire, 991:work under certain great Entities, six in number, who are spoken of, for instance, in the ChristianFire, 991:instance, in the Christian Bible as having the number 666. (Rev. 13:18.) They came in (beingFire, 992:and coming under the force of a different number. The few who do not do so in this manvantara areFire, 1015:magical creation. These formulas are three in number: [1016] First, those which blend the twoFire, 1018:between these various lotuses exists in the number and arrangement of the petals. The solar systemFire, 1018:the secrets of initiation is revealed when the number of the petals of Our earth planet, Our
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