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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NUMBER

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Psychology2, 520:the mystical or the spiritual life) and a large number of our psychological difficulties arePsychology2, 529:the solar plexus center? There are quite a large number of lesser centers and their energies, but IPsychology2, 546:dealing are, therefore, the result of a large number of causes and it might be of service if IPsychology2, 566:the man to see that which is hidden, such as the number of symbols on a playing card which isPsychology2, 576:race will be on the path of discipleship. The number also of the initiates and adepts, present inPsychology2, 582:the modern psychics which lies at the root of a number of their undoubted difficulties. They arePsychology2, 615:composed of a few Aquarians, many Pisceans and a number of people who are in a transition stagePsychology2, 618:criticism and when the directed thought of a number of persons is focused on one or twoPsychology2, 642:masses. Those constitute an incredibly large number of people who hate war because they regard allPsychology2, 649:of the races. Today there are a sufficient number of men and women [650] in the world, adequatelyPsychology2, 677:come in the history of humanity when so large a number of people have been awakened to the finerPsychology2, 681:in all nations must be built up steadily. A number of such units already exists. Their objectivesPsychology2, 695:is permanently established and a large enough number of thinking men and women realize its functionPsychology2, 705:in human affairs. When there are a sufficient number of people who are in conscious touch withPsychology2, 709:is due to two things A great many men, and the number is rapidly increasing, are making contactPsychology2, 713:upon the astral plane; these include among their number many thought forms of the Great Ones. ThesePsychology2, 716:in the pamphlet, "The Next Three Years"), the number of conscious disciples was given as beingPsychology2, 716:as being under two hundred. Since then this number has materially increased owing to two causes:Psychology2, 716:successful work of the previous three years. The number of conscious disciples in the world todayPsychology2, 717:but there are, nevertheless, a large number of disciples in the world today who are in no wayPsychology2, 719:before the assembled Council were three in number. More than these three, humanity cannot grasp norPsychology2, 720:definite limits. These forces are many in number and it is possible to indicate the nature of somePsychology2, 726:mutual understanding if a sufficiently large number of the world aspirants and disciples desiredPsychology2, 730:and known for what they are by a sufficient number of people. The work of the great first rayPsychology2, 742:of all men, that there will be such a vast number of men and women of good will in the world -Psychology2, 743:Servers has its members in every land. A vast number are known. They are practical intelligentRays, 19:in group initiation. These Rules are fourteen in number. Today I will simply give you, first of allRays, 79:or This word equals the number 24 which in its turn equals 6. I would call yourRays, 79:it nine letters, and - as you know - nine is the number of initiation. The goal of all theRays, 79:with the will or purpose of Deity. The number 6 is the number of form or of manifestation, which isRays, 79:will or purpose of Deity. The number 6 is the number of form or of manifestation, which is theRays, 79:the angle of Deity Itself. Again, 6 being the number of the sixth ray, it is therefore the numberRays, 79:the number of the sixth ray, it is therefore the number of idealism and of that driving force whichRays, 79:and that is why 666 is regarded as the number of the Beast or of materialism, the number of theRays, 79:the number of the Beast or of materialism, the number of the [80] dominance of the three worldsRays, 80:the instrument and expression of spirit." The number 24 is of deep interest, expressing as it doesRays, 80:- the greater and the lesser zodiac. Just as the number 6 expresses space, so the number 24Rays, 80:Just as the number 6 expresses space, so the number 24 expresses time, and is the key to the greatRays, 80:of harmony through that conflict; 4 is also the number of the human hierarchy, and 2 is the numberRays, 80:the number of the human hierarchy, and 2 is the number of the spiritual hierarchy. TechnicallyRays, 80:are along the second line of force, 4 and 2. The number 8 inaugurates ever a new cycle, followingRays, 80:ever a new cycle, following after the number 7, which is that of a relative perfection. It is theRays, 80:is that of a relative perfection. It is the number of the Christ-consciousness; just as 7 is theRays, 80:of the Christ-consciousness; just as 7 is the number of man, 8 is the [81] number of the Hierarchy,Rays, 81:just as 7 is the number of man, 8 is the [81] number of the Hierarchy, and 9 is the number ofRays, 81:the [81] number of the Hierarchy, and 9 is the number of initiation or of Forget not that, from theRays, 81:esoteric information to those who realize that number gives the clue to the form and purpose of theRays, 113:Rays (Part II), and has already been given to a number of senior aspirants, in the hope that theyRays, 125:The reasons for such a discipline were two in number: purification and the necessity for theRays, 185:rule sentence by sentence. These are five in number, and the first which we will consider is: TheRays, 189:around themselves. It is these groups, many in number and differing in ray potency, which will leadRays, 201:of the Council at Shamballa (for only a limited number of initiates are so placed), he neverthelessRays, 313:as a soul was finished, for twelve is the number of completed [314] labor. The symbolism of HisRays, 350:that time and in that period (so remote that the number of years of distance can be stated only inRays, 378:to the subject to be correct. I have given you a number of definitions of an Ashram in the previousRays, 379:of a college group, of a band of workers or of a number of men and women working under theRays, 384:was in cyclic activity, a much greater number of disciples appeared, prepared for initiation; theRays, 405:Human and Solar. They are necessarily few in number, and a small group of Them remains to study inRays, 408:all kingdoms in nature and to other planets. The number of Masters deciding on this Path is, as IRays, 409:book is, however, intended for a much larger number than those who read (and claim, erroneously, toRays, 411:initiates on to the seven Paths; only a certain number are required to fulfil cosmic intention; itRays, 414:of liberated humanity, and therefore a large number of the initiates who have to make decision,Rays, 415:Morning, is closely related, and hence the large number of human beings who will become disciplesRays, 426:development, the fourth Path includes the larger number of the sons of men. In the Hierarchy of ourRays, 429:yet entirely over. The Lords of Karma (four in number) are today working through these four GreatRays, 448:in the head. Some people, fewer of course in number, are steadily linking the soul and the mind,Rays, 450:These threads, which man creates, are triple in number, and with the two basic threads which haveRays, 486:service only becomes possible when a sufficient number of the human race are distinguished by theRays, 531:process in its earlier stages. When an adequate number of disciples will have succeeded in relatingRays, 560:finding their way on to that ray, and the number of people found upon that line of energy isRays, 577:and finally used, are steadily increasing in number and potency at each initiation; these impactsRays, 585:the disciple is being subjected are three in number, and these effects differentiate and conditionRays, 586:create their own ashrams, though a large number do so. The work of those initiates who do not formRays, 617:place for this focal point, will be the number and the ability and status of the disciples foundRays, 654:upon the sixth initiation is that at this time a number of the Masters are taking this great step,Rays, 666:majority at this time, and an increasingly large number of mystics will emerge out of the modernReappearance, 27:occupied (as a soul) was finished; twelve is the number of completed work, as witness the twelveSoul, 19:organism is the product, the by-product, of a number of cell factories which control the parts ofSoul, 73:place. They have been gathered out of a vast number. It is noticeable that there is a verySoul, 112:a corporeal element. It is stated that the total number of nadis is seventy-two thousand; accordingSoul, 149:it lacks in precision it makes up by its vast number of trials and errors extending over manyTelepathy, 46:These impressing agencies, being seven in number, constitute seven different streams of impressingTelepathy, 64:more enveloping and comprehensive. There were a number of points to which I did not refer then, butTelepathy, 101:is an accepted disciple, the errors decrease in number even though the trials (or the experimentalTelepathy, 137:energized by third ray energies (again seven in number), whilst the throat center of the spiritualTelepathy, 140:through the inspired activity of H. P. B., a number (an increasing number as the years slipped by)Telepathy, 140:activity of H. P. B., a number (an increasing number as the years slipped by) of theosophicalTelepathy, 163:is consistent with the fact that nine is the number of initiation, and by the time the destinedTelepathy, 163:of initiation, and by the time the destined number of disciples have taken the nine possibleTelepathy, 171:there is far too much curiosity about the number of petals in any particular center, about theirTelepathy, 173:in service. It is here that the knowledge of the number of the petals which form a center isTelepathy, 173:involved, because this knowledge indicates the number of the energies which are available for
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