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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NUMBERS

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Astrology, 36:to the earnest student through a study of the numbers connected with these Hierarchies. The first 5Astrology, 36:as pure abstractions. Hierarchy One has the numbers - 6.1.7. Hierarchy Two has the numbers - 7.2.6.Astrology, 36:has the numbers - 6.1.7. Hierarchy Two has the numbers - 7.2.6. Hierarchy Three has the numbers -Astrology, 36:has the numbers - 7.2.6. Hierarchy Three has the numbers - 8.3.5. Hierarchy Four has the numbers -Astrology, 36:has the numbers - 8.3.5. Hierarchy Four has the numbers - 9.4.4. Hierarchy Five has the numbers -Astrology, 36:has the numbers - 9.4.4. Hierarchy Five has the numbers - 10.5.3. Hierarchy Six has the numbers -Astrology, 36:has the numbers - 10.5.3. Hierarchy Six has the numbers - 11.6.2. Hierarchy Seven has the numbers -Astrology, 36:the numbers - 11.6.2. Hierarchy Seven has the numbers - 12.7.1. It is necessary to take note ofAstrology, 36:will be found to the Hierarchies under different numbers. This serves to conceal, but it will alsoAstrology, 85:and make literally: 7 + 7 + 2 = 16 = 7. In these numbers the mystery of our evolutionary processAstrology, 128:finally by the soul. The significance of numbers enters into this science of esoteric astrology,Astrology, 166:the stage of being the world disciple, and vast numbers relatively stood upon the Path ofAstrology, 221:- Service. These are signs 1-4-8-11. These numbers in themselves are most significant for they areAstrology, 221:the history of the soul is sealed up in these numbers. Astrology, 249:"to tip the scales." Today, there are countless numbers and hence the intense activity of Saturn asAstrology, 299:Leo is related [299] to Scorpio, whose numbers upon the zodiacal wheel are the same as those ofAstrology, 374:in the human family who are ready (and their numbers are now very great). This is happening and theAstrology, 568:to the Mysteries are steadily increasing in numbers at this time and this involves theirAutobiography, 133:numerology, for God, we are told, works through numbers and form, but I have never been impressedAutobiography, 262:after fulfiling the requirements. I refer to the numbers of mystical, metaphysical, Theosophical,Autobiography, 286:we had about 140 school secretaries but their numbers increase naturally as the school grows, andBethlehem, 36:initiation. For this, Christianity has prepared numbers of the race. The new interpretation and theBethlehem, 192:and the arrival of the time when men in large numbers could be initiated into the mysteries,Bethlehem, 219:of course, one of the most important and sacred numbers. It stands for divinity, and also forBethlehem, 274:earth? By the gradual and steady increase of the numbers of those who are citizens of that kingdomBethlehem, 274:Set a second to my One, and I have given all the numbers." (The Meaning of God in Human Experience,Bethlehem, 284:When such men can be gathered together in large numbers (and they are gathering rapidly) we shallDestiny, 5:the second and the third. Relatively large numbers of first ray egos are also to be found acting asDestiny, 29:gains power through the very force of organized numbers. This truth will emerge more clearly as weDestiny, 90:personality to the United States. Hence the vast numbers of Germans who come to the States in orderDiscipleship1, XIII:or Idealism. Many Christian people. Fanatics. Numbers of earnest Churchmen of all the worldDiscipleship1, 80:integrated human beings in increasingly large numbers on to the etheric levels of consciousness andDiscipleship1, 100:who are standing in the blaze of pain (and their numbers are Legion), of agony, anxiety andDiscipleship1, 260:aid in determining the pace and so swell the numbers - small as yet - of those who constitute theDiscipleship1, 325:potency of their souls, they [325] sweep large numbers of people into a higher aspirationalDiscipleship1, 522:my group of disciples and to others - in larger numbers than you think. It is a place of gatheringDiscipleship2, 60:outer world of men, thus duplicating in their numbers what Christ experienced when he "descendedDiscipleship2, 60:Ashrams to absorb and assimilate the much larger numbers, without upsetting ashramic stability. HeDiscipleship2, 62:who are groping their way (in relatively large numbers) toward the Hierarchy. For them still has toDiscipleship2, 331:is now subjected and reacting brings far greater numbers of disciples into relation with theDiscipleship2, 375:This becomes clear when you realize the untold numbers of those who are definitely [376] orientedEducation, 51:of instinct, intellect and intuition. Their numbers were relatively few in the early stages ofExternalisation, 112:(from 1914 till 1942). These are interesting numbers, for 28 is 4 x 7, which are the years of aExternalisation, 219:of the individual and of humanity in large numbers to the individual state will no longer beExternalisation, 261:that only the massed spiritual purpose of vast numbers of men can be potent enough and far-reachingExternalisation, 317:depths" simultaneously can see truly, but their numbers are not large, and the Christ spoke a trueExternalisation, 379:of other lands? Humanity is so immense, its numbers so vast and its races so many that he feelsExternalisation, 389:servers who can be reached (there are countless numbers of whom you have no knowledge) and to theExternalisation, 453:by the enlightened elements who exist in fair numbers already, and are rapidly growing in strengthExternalisation, 513:present in the days of old in Palestine. The numbers of those associated with Him will be greatlyExternalisation, 556:group than just the few known to you. Today its numbers are several million. The result of thisExternalisation, 628:selfless in their viewpoint, exist in sufficient numbers to make their power felt - if they will.Externalisation, 650:to help from on high, and in due time their numbers will be so great that totalitarianism, as wellExternalisation, 659:is using this mantram in steadily increasing numbers, and this - combined with its scientific useFire, 41:each of these four Yugas is respectively as the numbers, 4, 3, 2 and 1. The number of siderealFire, 288:and chemistry. The Sankhya school - System of numbers. The materialistic school. The theory of theFire, 354:within His system? All these questions, and numbers of others, will arise in the mind of theFire, 360:much advantage will be felt when men in large numbers conceive of the purpose of specificFire, 389:be found advisable to call the chains by their numbers, and to drop the names as at present used:Fire, 417:must carefully bear in mind that the sequence of numbers has no reference or relation to place orFire, 427:the numbering of the Rays clearly in mind. The numbers preceding the names have to do with theFire, 427:to do with the sevenfold manifestation, and the numbers succeeding the names concern the fivefoldFire, 430:the sixth subrace. It should be remembered that numbers of the old Atlanteans (fourth root-raceFire, 455:their agency. The coming into incarnation of numbers of old magicians and occultists, and the rapidFire, 460:those years, had statistics been taken, the numbers of human beings killed would reach a stupendousFire, 578:power or will on the atomic subplane, but their numbers are not many, and they simply form aFire, 579:very rare in incarnation. They came in, in large numbers, at the close of the moon chain, and willFire, 606:unlock a door hitherto fast closed. They are the numbers of achievement, of potentiality broughtFire, 606:emanating from psychic causes. These three numbers are the basis of the cyclic calculations whichFire, 652:immediate availability of comparatively large numbers of the sons of man. We must not forget thatFire, 669:to the student, but in the significance of numbers much can be discovered. This angle of the matterFire, 676:a few of the many groups, and that there are numbers whose name is utterly unknown to man and wouldFire, 695:carefully study here the significance of the numbers three, four and five in the evolution ofFire, 695:psychologically. In this solar system, the above numbers are the most important from the angle ofFire, 696:consciousness. [696] In the earlier system, the numbers six and seven held the mystery hid. In theFire, 697:into the Flame. Initiation and the mystery of numbers primarily concern consciousness, and notFire, 827:Again the numerical significance of the numbers must be studied; this time they are hid in theFire, 828:physical planes. The Voice of the Word, the Numbers, for He is one and nine. The second aspect. TheFire, 882:and chemistry. The Sankhya school - System of numbers. The materialistic school. The theory of theFire, 985:the greater Deva Builders, and through sound and numbers he blends their work, and thus influencesFire, 1079:there have since achieved the goal, yet no large numbers have passed successfully through the firesFire, 1164:there are seven (or ten), paramount centers but numbers of other centers for the purpose ofFire, 1198:gain. It is the energy of this Hierarchy (whose numbers are two and seven) which results in theFire, 1210:subject of speculation. They - from their great numbers and high stage of intellectuality - willFire, 1255:is consequently a relation between these two numbers both in the system and the cosmos. ThisFire, 1260:of [1260] cosmic force hide themselves under the numbers fourteen and seventeen. This will serve asFire, 1260:veils a zodiacal sign. Hierarchy - veiled by the numbers 14 and 17. Method - duplex rotary motionFire, 1261:pass on to Path IV. In considering these numbers it must be borne in mind that the figures are ofFire, 1271:M, and A and O -. In the significance of their numbers and the utilization of their colors is theGlamour, 12:knowing that each line has significance, all numbers have their interpretation and all forms areGlamour, 48:travelling the same way with [48] him, and their numbers will steadily increase as he progresses.Glamour, 74:of the fogs of materiality are now sufficient in numbers to do some definite work in connectionGlamour, 109:this race flourished on Earth there were vast numbers of people with the Lemurian consciousnessGlamour, 112:in their consciousness, even though few in numbers relatively speaking. Illusion is rapidly growingGlamour, 172:or force-substance, and bringing men in large numbers on to the Probationary Path. Where there isGlamour, 201:as a searchlight. They will count among their numbers those who (occultly speaking) have theHealing, 62:who thus practiced them are today, in great numbers, in incarnation, and the ancient habits are tooHealing, 64:These cases are to be found in small numbers everywhere, even though their numbers, in relation toHealing, 64:in small numbers everywhere, even though their numbers, in relation to the world population, isHealing, 69:man today. He does not realize that large numbers of people today are Atlantean in their
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