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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NUMERICALLY

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Autobiography, 111:class, however, and that was a huge success. Numerically it outnumbered my husband's Sunday morningAutobiography, 273:those in the first group, and are much smaller numerically, because the leader adheres more closelyDiscipleship2, 406:grow and initiates of the third degree increase numerically on Earth, what will be the result?Discipleship2, 559:workers for humanity as well as increasing them numerically. This book should go forth upon theDiscipleship2, 680:movement, which may turn out to be a big thing numerically but a poor little thing specificallyExternalisation, 16:and the desire that their group should be numerically the most important which prompts the frequentExternalisation, 300:places in the ranks of the initiates. There was numerically a great influx of aspirants into theExternalisation, 562:space as He has. It involved a great expansion, numerically and in the consciousness of theFire, 324:mind that each plane and each subplane which is numerically allied, is embodying the same type ofFire, 365:on the particular globe of their scheme, which numerically coincides with the particular otherFire, 369:or to each other. Only two are to be considered numerically accurate at this stage and in thisFire, 415:the twofold process of evolution, it might be numerically expressed as: During involution theFire, 473:when the incoming seventh Ray Egos will be numerically strong enough to be recognized as theFire, 474:of this greater etheric energy will be that a numerically larger number of people will possessFire, 573:always that these seven laws hold good on the numerically corresponding subplane on each plane. LetFire, 578:quite a number of the Monads of activity, but numerically not as many as the Monads of love. TheyFire, 578:subplane and its corresponding higher subplane numerically, and there is, therefore, a direct andFire, 778:from thence to the synthesizing scheme. They are numerically more than those who remain within theFire, 1100:the mental bodies of the human beings (who are numerically allied with the above progression) willFire, 1243:of our planet the "Lords of Compassion" are numerically greater than the "Masters of the Wisdom."Healing, 224:to you, there are certain diseases which are numerically dominant in the world today. They are:Hercules, 100:This is one of the most interesting labors numerically, and in order to understand it thoroughlyInitiation, 143:chain in our Earth scheme which corresponds numerically to the particular originating planetaryMagic, 357:possession of their intellectual heritage but, numerically speaking, scarce one in ten thousand isMagic, 430:This is due to the fact that the occultists are numerically few in relation to the masses ofMeditation, 252:[252] vibration, and physical disease will be numerically considered. All constructive work willMeditation, 317:make here is that these advanced schools will be numerically small, and this for a very long timeMeditation, 322:each of the pupils (and you must remember that numerically they will not be large), a privatePsychology2, 737:in them all, stands another group. It is numerically smaller but spiritually potent and is composedRays, 79:Shamballa, the component letters of which are numerically: S.H.A.M.B.A.L.L.A. or, 400:and fifth rays, for instance, follow the Path numerically the same; such is not the case; nor thatRays, 426:of our planet the "Lords of Compassion" are numerically greater than the "Masters of the Wisdom."Reappearance, 162:work for the Coming of the Christ will be done. Numerically, they are adequate to the task and need
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