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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NURSE

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Autobiography, 23:and were left there whilst my father (with a nurse-valet) went on a long sea voyage to Australia.Autobiography, 24:at the top of the house where a governess, a nurse and a maid were responsible for the two of us.Autobiography, 26:that hour, we had to go to the bedroom where the nurse or maid got us ready to go down to theAutobiography, 107:children were born, and only once had a hospital nurse with me. Anyway, when my first child wasAutobiography, 107:forget her. Later the doctor sent in a practical nurse but she was so incompetent that I sufferedAutobiography, 112:his parochial duties. I had a good little Jewish nurse who was getting frightened about me and keptAutobiography, 113:with me and to sew and mend. They relieved the nurse in looking after me. They invited my husbandAutobiography, 113:the ninth day after Mildred's birth, without any nurse or help of any kind. The church warden'sAutobiography, 116:skill on the doctor's part and I am a good nurse. That doctor was a wise man; he knew that I hadHealing, 346:is aware of pain and suffering, and those who nurse and watch know this well, but there is no realPsychology1, 116:and to know that we work with souls and do not nurse the personality. Seems this too hard a sayingPsychology1, 210:best possible way. It is the ray of the perfect nurse for the sick, careful in the smallest detail,
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