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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - NURTURING

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Astrology, 253:God the Holy Spirit, the active intelligent and nurturing principle of the universe. This aspect weAstrology, 262:She stands also for the womb of form and for the nurturing mother, guarding the Christ principleAstrology, 345:to the requirement. Virgo - This is the nurturing force of substance itself, subject to the nineAstrology, 554:[554] It is the Cross of the responsive form, nurturing and developing the life of the indwellingAstrology, 627:Virgo, you have their work in cooperation, the nurturing of the life of that second ray phenomenon,Destiny, 55:and Brazil are all feminine and constitute the nurturing mother aspect. They are feminine in theirDiscipleship1, 19:the physical body and physical creation, to the nurturing of the creative faculty upon the mentalDiscipleship2, 409:emanating from them was protective, guarding and nurturing. Later, the Hierarchy withdrew into aDiscipleship2, 448:intelligent response to human appeal? Are you nurturing a small and healthy seed or are youDiscipleship2, 553:but in later years it has been warming and nurturing. I think you know that sound and fire areDiscipleship2, 713:your life in the coming years to the concept of nurturing and fostering the seed or germ of the newExternalisation, 601:spiritual demands on a large scale, and the nurturing - on a worldwide scale - of the ChristFire, 820:with their formation, their vitalization, their nurturing, and eventual unfoldment. It will beHercules, 121:after righteousness. All this as part of the nurturing function of the mother of the world, whoHercules, 159:Christ; that the personality, the form side, was nurturing a beautiful hidden something, and hisMagic, 461:right thought, the awakening of desire, and the nurturing of right public opinion. They thus bringPsychology1, 388:and Brazil are all feminine, and constitute the nurturing mother-aspect. They are feminine in theirPsychology2, 251:The sowing of these seeds, their care and nurturing is part of the phenomenal task of theRays, 658:for the "planting of the germ of Will" - the nurturing of which is a future part of human destiny.Rays, 660:and fostered and its growth promoted. This nurturing and fostering will be the task of a group ofReappearance, 47:spiritual demands on a large scale and the nurturing - on a worldwide scale - of the Christ
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