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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBEY

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Autobiography, 284:In the Arcane School, no pledges or vows to obey are exacted from any student, at any stage. As theAutobiography, 284:coming from his soul and then hastens to obey. The goal of meditation is, first of all, to bringBethlehem, 11:which many Christians may now pass, and thus obey His injunction to enter into new life? Must weBethlehem, 104:of the World," (St. John, VIII, 12.) and to obey His command wherein He tells us to "let your lightBethlehem, 266:rule is given us, and we are told merely to obey the voice of conscience and to follow the glimmerDiscipleship1, 686:he is basically right. He objects to having to obey. This is today axiomatic. Out of thisDiscipleship1, 686:which I would like to cite. Has the disciple to obey the slightest hint which the Master may give?Discipleship1, 770:and each other, and if they would simply obey to the point of crucifixion the "order of Service,"Discipleship2, 72:slowly built as disciples aspire and serve and obey. It is an individual mechanism, and a groupDiscipleship2, 418:experience. Those laws he perforce continues to obey, as a member of the human kingdom, but hisDiscipleship2, 733:made this life if - in your closing years - you obey instructions. Go forward in confidence, myExternalisation, 593:They stand ready to carry out His bidding and to obey the Master of all the Masters and the TeacherFire, 930:he will cooperate, and others still he will obey. It is in the realization of these facts anentGlamour, 48:and automatically and naturally he will begin to obey the higher rhythm and give his assent to theHealing, 426:and of theft, a voice will then be heard. Obey that voice. It is the voice of that within thyselfHealing, 501:which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served itsHealing, 535:which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served itsHealing, 536:which he will automatically and intuitively obey. We might consider these Laws and Rules inHealing, 663:and of understanding can keep this law or obey this rule, and of such there are only a very few onHealing, 678:which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey. The Word goes forth that form has served itsHealing, 680:which comes from the Son to the Mother, and then obey. Even whilst we realize from the context thatHercules, 2:Chamber of the Lord and heard a word go forth: "Obey the Teacher on the Way. Prepare for the lastHercules, 17:to the power of Eurystheus, and obliged to obey him in every demand. He consulted the oracle ofHercules, 113:must give up this girdle which I wear. Shall we obey the word, O Amazons, or shall we fight theHercules, 179:to liberate himself from his bondage and to obey his deeper aspirations. And let him above allInitiation, 83:have been achieved, and the [83] willingness to obey must be very strong. The channel between theInitiation, 192:the applicant for initiation needs to study and obey. There is a great distinction between theIntellect, 78:no disappointment to the man who is willing to obey the rules and work with the system. MeditationMagic, 4:feebly and blindly tumble over themselves to obey. They think thereby, through their misplacedMagic, 103:in occult work. There is no obligation to obey. We seek to train intelligent servers of the race,Magic, 353:Great Ones are looking for those who can rapidly obey the inner voice of their soul. The times areMagic, 583:necessary for the disciple to: Enquire the Way. Obey the inward impulses of the soul. Pay noMagic, 585:- Rule Fourteen - The Treading of the Way 2. Obey the inward impulses of the soul. Well do theMagic, 585:the humdrum duties of everyday. He who seeks to obey the impulses of the soul has to cultivate anMeditation, 155:least conscious of the results achieved. He will obey the orders, say the imparted words, or workMeditation, 295:upon the lack of response. His the part to obey the rules, to conform to the forms laid down, toPatanjali, 347:of divinity, the mental plane. All the elements obey this force of will as used by the yogin.Psychology1, 301:man had listened to the Christ and had sought to obey His command? We should have eliminated muchPsychology2, 158:and we are urged to serve our brother and to obey our soul, it seems to us so familiar and soPsychology2, 158:of the occult science, we are told to serve and obey, we are not interested. Yet service is thePsychology2, 158:heart of man is sound, but oft asleep. Serve and obey! These are the watchwords of the disciple'sPsychology2, 159:he who is wise will apply himself to serve and obey. Psychology2, 166:as a disciple with spiritual insight one will obey, because one is awakened; if one is an initiate,Psychology2, 177:this law begins to sway him and he learns to obey it instinctively, intuitively and intellectually.Rays, 18:to conform, and which they must follow and obey together. The Hierarchy into which they will enterRays, 126:to himself that he can hold them and obey them, he is then freed from them and needs them no more.Rays, 316:source from which he originally came. He can now obey the command to Reveal, because theRays, 317:sensing them, and that because I am learning to obey the fifth word which we will briefly, veryRays, 485:future; on your side, you can only experiment, obey, have confidence in the experience of those whoRays, 618:call which He may not deny and one which He must obey. This fourth Ray of Harmony through ConflictReappearance, 27:as it will in the consciousness of all those who obey His injunction and arrive at the perfectionReappearance, 37:They stand ready to carry out His bidding and to obey Him, the Master of all the Masters and the
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