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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBJECTIVE

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Destiny, 44:the period wherein mind development has been the objective and which humanity shares with two greatDestiny, 52:powers function in this way and with this wide objective in order eventually to give to the planetDestiny, 54:with the subjective aspect, as it conditions the objective. The "black forces," so called, areDestiny, 64:for they are anti-evolutionary and their objective is quite impossible of achievement, for they doDestiny, 86:and planned activity will hold Italy true to the objective. The following conditioning forces makeDestiny, 103:the waking consciousness of the subjective and objective life of the individual. A new relationDestiny, 105:and the concrete, the subjective and the objective will be brought into a functioning unity and manDestiny, 111:to the world of higher values has been the main objective of the Piscean age which is ending nowDestiny, 112:which is a point oft forgotten. The second objective of the sixth ray disciple or of the man who isDestiny, 114:taste" is a highly cherished mass virtue and objective today. This is a totally new thing and oneDestiny, 126:the physical plane with a constant and steady objective in order to bring about results which willDestiny, 129:be called desire or aspiration, according to the objective. The latter may [130] simply be mentalDestiny, 136:Active Intelligence. This third ray has been in objective manifestation since 1425 A.D. and willDestiny, 140:alignment can take place and this is a planned objective for which the Hierarchy is preparing andDestiny, 142:this time, however, the second ray is becoming objective in its influence upon the physical plane.Destiny, 142:background. RAY III - This ray will remain in objective incarnation from the point of view ofDestiny, 147:the "light of knowledge." Today, education whose objective is to lead all men on to a "lightedDiscipleship1, 8:an experiment in group work and that its main objective is not the perfecting of the individualDiscipleship1, 8:become more clear as time elapses. The first objective is, therefore, to weld and unify the groupDiscipleship1, 13:the stage of discipleship which is the immediate objective. These cannot be given here. TheseDiscipleship1, 19:It is a question, in reality, of what is the objective in any particular time cycle. The presentDiscipleship1, 19:in any particular time cycle. The present objective is that the human family should now, as aDiscipleship1, 20:move of spiritual living and this must be the objective of all working disciples. Let such workingDiscipleship1, 23:and potently working - will have a wider objective than just the elevation of humanity. The potentDiscipleship1, 25:world evolution and of the unity of the divine objective. All life and all forms are seen then inDiscipleship1, 26:faculty and become trained communicators. The objective before the Hierarchy at this time is toDiscipleship1, 28:and dynamic thinking, but this time with a group objective - the objective of group fusion, groupDiscipleship1, 28:but this time with a group objective - the objective of group fusion, group united thinking andDiscipleship1, 36:group is that of the Trained Observers. Their objective is to see clearly through all events,Discipleship1, 38:international understanding will be their major objective. This group communicates the "quality ofDiscipleship1, 40:aggregation of forces which must perforce become objective. The work of the disciples who findDiscipleship1, 40:of power. 2. Never lose sight of the group objective. [41] 3. Cultivate the dual capacity to applyDiscipleship1, 41:way, each disciple can serve the group and his objective eventually becomes: At-one-ment with hisDiscipleship1, 42:groups are also an experiment which has for its objective the manifestation of certain types ofDiscipleship1, 45:process. Inner work which does not work out into objective activity upon the physical plane isDiscipleship1, 45:to the authority of such a member, then the objective of all the work undertaken would fail toDiscipleship1, 52:to do with these groups? What is the larger objective? The groups have not been formed to trainDiscipleship1, 55:of the Hierarchy is now taking place and its objective is to offset the tendency of the race toDiscipleship1, 67:as you study and work in a Master's group. The objective is not your individual assistance andDiscipleship1, 68:interests. All [68] will be working towards one objective or goal and all will work with the sameDiscipleship1, 74:work for unity - both subjective and eventually objective. It is wise for human beings to realizeDiscipleship1, 74:must be the first to disappear. The main objective of our joint work is still group integration andDiscipleship1, 80:have in mind for all of you: 1. The main present objective. I seek to bring about a much neededDiscipleship1, 80:your own judgment and rectitude. 2. The future objective of these ashramic groups. It isDiscipleship1, 80:to Disciples - Part VIII 3. The general group objective. This is the shifting of consciousness ofDiscipleship1, 81:under hierarchical guidance. 4. The individual objective. This necessitates the preparation of theDiscipleship1, 84:of its secondary development and its basic objective of a progressive identification with the soulDiscipleship1, 86:spiritual reflection will foster the dual life - objective and subjective - of the disciple whilstDiscipleship1, 96:temporarily, not living up to his initiation objective; they might be subtly jealous or undulyDiscipleship1, 97:some weakness of character, some dear objective, or some physical condition will cease. You willDiscipleship1, 113:fashion and have been too often unduly objective and not sufficiently moved by opportunity. YouDiscipleship1, 122:the shift of your life emphasis from the outer objective work to the inner subjective realities. InDiscipleship1, 129:you choose the longer way around towards your objective. [130] You have two things to do which - ifDiscipleship1, 150:Much of your life has hitherto been given to objective activities and you have forced yourself toDiscipleship1, 164:and only the awakening of the brain and of the objective mind remains to be accomplished inDiscipleship1, 174:a meditation which makes this alignment it major objective. Also, in order to clarify your mind inDiscipleship1, 185:is recognized and evokes reaction upon the objective plane in your immediate environment and byDiscipleship1, 187:and to make sacrifices for his fellowmen. Our objective is to function as a group, pledged to aDiscipleship1, 189:for a while and I seek to help. Your first objective is to set up an understanding relation withDiscipleship1, 189:who are seeking helpers in the outer world. Your objective is and has been service. This we knowDiscipleship1, 189:and to increase your capacity to serve is my objective. Are you willing to be taught and will youDiscipleship1, 199:method of bringing about subjective results with objective changes, what will these results andDiscipleship1, 216:to attempt it, my brother, and to pursue this objective in spite of all personality objections. InDiscipleship1, 220:resistance should be the mind, and your major objective in life and in meditation should be theDiscipleship1, 230:to the significances of the work assigned. The objective is to enable you to pursue two lines ofDiscipleship1, 234:of a trained mind and an awakened heart is the objective of the disciple who at your stage ofDiscipleship1, 239:you and my other disciples has been with the objective of intensifying their group relation, toDiscipleship1, 260:about a better presentation of your soul's objective through the medium of your daily life. This IDiscipleship1, 268:In these words are to be found for you the objective of this life's endeavor. True accomplishmentDiscipleship1, 279:Is it not so? In any group which has for its objective the development of the intuition, there mustDiscipleship1, 283:brothers into your consciousness was the main objective of the experience. Outer personalityDiscipleship1, 284:will differ in the varying cases, but the objective is the same. Guard your health, my brother. Discipleship1, 285:attention. There must be for you that definite objective upon the physical plane which willDiscipleship1, 285:personality which possesses no spiritual objective, no mystical sense and no real powers ofDiscipleship1, 288:and powerful, remembering that at present their objective is the inner organizing of the bodies andDiscipleship1, 295:motive that impels and its effect, and of each objective gained and its consequence. The fruits ofDiscipleship1, 295:subjective life and also aware of the outer objective world; this must be undertaken and developedDiscipleship1, 296:simple breathing exercise which has for its main objective the increase of the potency of the heartDiscipleship1, 296:of this synthetic linking which is my present objective with you. Bear this in mind and learn firstDiscipleship1, 298:which I seek to evoke, and which must be the objective of your attention during the coming months.Discipleship1, 302:it as the point from which you are working. The objective of this exercise is to integrate theDiscipleship1, 308:meditation considerably this next half year. My objective in so doing is twofold: I seek to see youDiscipleship1, 310:detachment is for you, therefore, a major objective. I have in this last sentence summed up for youDiscipleship1, 338:understanding, and swerve not from your basic objective to serve the race of men, the Plan and us.Discipleship1, 340:after duly linking up soul and brain. Your objective in alignment will then be the mind, linkedDiscipleship1, 342:the same time) seek to explain the reason and objective. But whilst working in my group, will youDiscipleship1, 344:Healing need not necessarily be physical in its objective. The highest form of healing at this timeDiscipleship1, 376:in the brain) which must be your immediate objective. To this end, I suggest that you preface theDiscipleship1, 382:the past two years have enabled you to make objective. NOTE: W. D. S. takes his work in this groupDiscipleship1, 390:of the Presence. This is well, for that is the objective that I had in mind for you. It is saidDiscipleship1, 399:my fellow pilgrims on the Way of Joy? Is the objective of joy always before me? [400] Can I drawDiscipleship1, 407:and trained to be pure channels. This is a great objective, my brother, therefore, be notDiscipleship1, 424:on subtler levels - a testing which had for its objective the discovery of those who hadDiscipleship1, 431:Path. Which of these words expresses my personal objective and why? How far is the archetypalDiscipleship1, 432:am rightly to practice indifference? What is the objective of such a practice? Can I express itDiscipleship1, 458:may differ but the training and the objective are one. Loneliness will end when the inner groupDiscipleship1, 458:next few months, my brother, must have for its objective a decentralization which will set you freeDiscipleship1, 476:they are), you will find your main and immediate objective expressed. For you, the releasing powerDiscipleship1, 483:to you what you lack; it will train you in the objective and subjective recognitions which you soDiscipleship1, 514:AND MY FRIEND: The same instructions, the same objective and the same-necessity to cultivate the
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