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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBJECTIVE

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Discipleship1, 546:brief communication which has for its main objective the intensification of the link alreadyDiscipleship1, 548:I will give you. I shall not tell you its objective as we will let the physical [549] results takeDiscipleship1, 554:earnestly their subjective value and their objective realization: 1st month - The Way of Love isDiscipleship1, 561:by ideas. You will note, my brother, what is my objective in this initial training to which I askDiscipleship1, 571:realization can take the place of exterior and objective analysis? In these words I give you a clueDiscipleship1, 581:organization or school of thought; it may be objective to you now or simply subjective andDiscipleship1, 582:be your guide and one-pointed love your major objective. Choose a field of service which has itsDiscipleship1, 587:means not only identification with the group objective or identification with the major principlesDiscipleship1, 596:Mistake me not, my brother: The ultimate objective of the physical plane life has been to lay theDiscipleship1, 596:at the disposal of the Great Ones, but this objective has not colored your technique. You will knowDiscipleship1, 610:Balance is ever, for the aspirant, a major objective. The two sentences which I give to you forDiscipleship1, 629:which has been subjectively gained - making it objective in your consciousness. The gain of thisDiscipleship1, 647:ray. The shift of emphasis has in it the main objective of this present incarnation and hence yourDiscipleship1, 691:themselves and he never loses sight of this objective. You, as disciples, have, therefore, to learnDiscipleship1, 695:on earth. This is the first step towards that objective. If this embryonic externalization succeedsDiscipleship1, 702:into one whole - a whole which is united on objective and vision but which may (and frequentlyDiscipleship1, 710:with outer matters, with form life and objective things. Let me put it this way: What you say toDiscipleship1, 727:the outer and the inner Ashrams, between the objective group upon the outer plane and the very muchDiscipleship1, 745:disciple upon the physical plane and express his objective and his subjective life. They areDiscipleship1, 747:out in your current life processes? Is your main objective the building of character and theDiscipleship1, 766:connected with the individual form nature. The objective of each aspirant is to expand hisDiscipleship2, XIII:impersonal. I would commit this particular objective to your intelligent consideration. I wouldDiscipleship2, XIII:I would have you begin your new work with this objective and goal in your defined consciousness. IDiscipleship2, XIII:defined consciousness. I therefore stated the objective clearly, so that your minds may be tuned toDiscipleship2, 13:yourselves anew, to hold back nothing, either objective or subjective. I ask for your whole-heartedDiscipleship2, 17:of the seven centers in the body will be the objective of the meditation, basing the work upon theDiscipleship2, 26:to shift the focus of the attention from the objective to the subjective work. It is an attitudeDiscipleship2, 31:of my disciples. The hierarchical Plan is the objective of that will; the purpose of Sanat KumaraDiscipleship2, 31:the use of that will (under instruction) is the objective of your next year's work; as we proceedDiscipleship2, 38:active, creating the network of light; in the objective work, the men and women of goodwill willDiscipleship2, 50:reality and human life) was and is the major objective. Upon this statement I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 51:of service. Bring about a fusion between the objective and subjective life of humanity. 3. ThisDiscipleship2, 53:similarity and of group value. All this was the objective of the work I outlined. Much remained toDiscipleship2, 55:and consequently, of the subjective world to the objective worlds, of the realm of causes to theDiscipleship2, 56:evolution warrants it. Men can today grasp the objective, share in the united aspiration, and carryDiscipleship2, 56:shortened, but tremendously intensified, and the objective was to produce a far more dynamicDiscipleship2, 57:were all intended to produce the fusion of the objective and subjective worlds and the consequentDiscipleship2, 61:forces which could and will pour through it into objective expression? I would remind you that theDiscipleship2, 90:of spiritual instructions may result. My present objective is now to help A.A.B. conclude theDiscipleship2, 98:a closer contact with your soul, with the same objective of effective spiritual living? In order toDiscipleship2, 99:outer world and have reference primarily to your objective expression. The next two questionsDiscipleship2, 100:you know the type of assistance - subjective or objective or both - that you could give? This lastDiscipleship2, 116:be one of a constant recollection of purpose and objective, and a process of what has been calledDiscipleship2, 130:way, your subjective realization can become an objective happening. Do this exercise each morningDiscipleship2, 142:its teachings. This takes time. Still another objective of this meditation was to bring theDiscipleship2, 152:intended to bring this about; it had only one objective: the impartation of an idea and theDiscipleship2, 154:a receptive activity of the brain. Putting the objective of all this into its highest possibleDiscipleship2, 177:realized and you have done little of a truly objective nature to bring this Invocation to theDiscipleship2, 185:is upon the inner planes has to become objective; thus his spiritual livingness becomes an everydayDiscipleship2, 198:is always the first stage of the meditation objective and the final or permanent stage attained.Discipleship2, 221:much time in producing their effects upon the objective, tangible plane of divine manifestation.Discipleship2, 222:meditation and invocation) which has for its objective the deflecting of money from material endsDiscipleship2, 224:identifies himself with the purpose and objective of the meditation, dedicates himself toDiscipleship2, 224:dedicates himself to cooperation with this objective and redeems all aspects of his own life inDiscipleship2, 243:all-exacting. Ponder on this last phrase. The objective demands being made upon all disciples andDiscipleship2, 252:the angle of Points of Revelation. The entire objective of the initiation preparatory process is toDiscipleship2, 298:Pages 41-57.) which will eventually be the major objective of the educational systems which will beDiscipleship2, 298:The reason for this new sensitivity being the objective of hierarchical cultural training is thatDiscipleship2, 299:therefore evoking wise activity. Its immediate objective - to which all the past has led. ItsDiscipleship2, 300:for persistence, and for devotion to his objective. But all that lies far behind the true modernDiscipleship2, 311:But in initiate [311] training, where the objective is wisdom and (above all else) the developmentDiscipleship2, 314:elucidate. Men are apt to think that the entire objective of the work of the Hierarchy is to findDiscipleship2, 347:The stage of spiritual impact. The Outer Objective Technique: Penetration. Polarization.Discipleship2, 372:generates automatically an energy which produces objective forms, induces related action, and isDiscipleship2, 372:power of thought and of its consequences - objective realization. We are to concern ourselves withDiscipleship2, 373:to the initiate: procedure, location and objective. Each is therefore susceptible of many andDiscipleship2, 387:and racial distortion and a purely material objective - the objective of territory. All this is, inDiscipleship2, 387:distortion and a purely material objective - the objective of territory. All this is, in its turn,Discipleship2, 398:the Points of Revelation: Procedure, Location, Objective. All three of them are of use here inDiscipleship2, 400:inflow of transfiguring glory. This is the objective of the initiation, and the triangle ofDiscipleship2, 400:and the triangle of procedure, location and objective is created, flashes into being, and then - atDiscipleship2, 404:unfolding intention and planetary service. The objective is equally clear; it is the assembly ofDiscipleship2, 417:initiation leads to a subsequent revelation. The objective of all initiation is a conferredDiscipleship2, 420:which confronts all of you at this time). The objective of the first two initiations is to enableDiscipleship2, 420:initiate to live in the world of meaning; the objective of the next four initiations - up to andDiscipleship2, 423:We say the words glibly and they voice a vague objective. Nevertheless, they veil and signify theDiscipleship2, 425:for the Aquarian Age is just beginning. The Objective of this combination (which has occurred sixDiscipleship2, 429:are not primarily interested. The prime objective set before every Master of or in an Ashram is toDiscipleship2, 452:Ponder on this phrase and make this objective a matter of real importance to you until the timeDiscipleship2, 455:can be carried on without interfering with your objective life of service, of obligation and ofDiscipleship2, 467:times. In our Aryan race the head center is the objective of all stimulation - even the stimulationDiscipleship2, 476:prominence and usefulness. It is toward this objective that the meditation here suggested by me isDiscipleship2, 485:I would have you do this with the specialized objective of understanding how you, as a disciple inDiscipleship2, 486:This is assuredly so, but your particular soul-objective in this life was to bring this soul energyDiscipleship2, 489:The heart is in no way to be involved. Your objective is to preserve consciousness as you withdrawDiscipleship2, 542:subjective, which are more important than the objective. You need to live more subjectively. It isDiscipleship2, 563:I trust you have followed it with care. The objective of this life of interlude and of a somewhatDiscipleship2, 570:of yourself on mental planes with your spiritual objective - an identification which is true,Discipleship2, 577:I have given you much food for thought. The objective of the personal meditation which I suggestDiscipleship2, 590:over the world of events, over the exoteric objective world of tangible happenings. Still holdingDiscipleship2, 593:emphasis during the coming year be laid upon the objective aspect. The subjective quality has beenDiscipleship2, 593:expression must be living and expanding if the objective form is to take its place in worldDiscipleship2, 595:will is he. The Plan for this cycle of the sixth objective crisis is goodwill for all men, andDiscipleship2, 596:triangular relation. Ponder on this. [596] The objective of the Plan is to reproduce upon the planeDiscipleship2, 611:related Ashrams should form your 612] immediate objective and the goal of your endeavor. This wouldDiscipleship2, 637:are closely related. Crises, my brother, can be objective or subjective; they can take place on theDiscipleship2, 659:self in all should be your steady and practical objective. To aid you in this, I suggest theDiscipleship2, 660:at the close [660] of your group practice. Its objective is the increase of the flow of energy toDiscipleship2, 660:breathing it out from soul levels with no fixed objective in your mind. Do this six times. ThenDiscipleship2, 663:and that divine indifference is your quality objective. Do you realize the importance of those two
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