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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBJECTIVE

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Discipleship2, 666:(and will, perforce, have to ascertain) the objective, secret scope and field of service, plus theDiscipleship2, 695:has certain spiritual activities for an esoteric objective for which this present incarnation isDiscipleship2, 704:hold you steady to the purpose and true to the objective? No one can formulate the vision for you;Education, vi:based on the dualism of an outward-looking, objective attitude of the Western world, and anEducation, vii:lie ahead of us. The time to resynthesize the objective and subjective, the extrovert and theEducation, viii:creative self-development of the individual. (b) Objective Planning; a theory of the good societyEducation, x:in the offerings of the University. The main objective is to cultivate the habit of reflectiveEducation, xii:Age - Chapter I - Introductory Statements I. The Objective of the New Education IntroductoryEducation, xii:and coming educational methods and ideas. The objective is to elucidate the cultural unfoldment ofEducation, 6:a fundamental truth which embodies not only the objective, but also indicates the problem beforeEducation, 7:is the center of the personality life, then the objective of the educational process imposed uponEducation, 9:in books, and their application to the events of objective existence, plus (and here lies a thoughtEducation, 9:needless. Meditation is the process whereby the objective tendencies and outgoing impulses of theEducation, 9:with open doors ahead of him into the world of objective phenomena and relationships; it shouldEducation, 12:The above and the below become as one. The objective and the subjective worlds are unified. SoulEducation, 16:to the world of meaning, and not to the world of objective phenomena. Until the aim of education isEducation, 19:the organ of sensitivity, the spinal column. The objective of education should therefore be theEducation, 19:medium of its triple mechanism, constitute the objective of all education. These aspects are, asEducation, 20:becomes group interest. Such should be the major objective of all true educational endeavor. LoveEducation, 23:future from the angle of the ultimate [23] soul objective and not, as in the past, from the angleEducation, 26:the children of the race can be trained. Our objective is to deal with the more universal andEducation, 28:which emerges from the heart center. The objective of evolution in form is now relatively complete.Education, 39:or material and spiritual - which is the objective of all education. Education is the major agentEducation, 42:and the spiritual has ever been the goal and the objective of those who comprehend the true meaningEducation, 48:He should begin to relate the worlds of objective outer living and of inner subjective existence. IEducation, 49:flower, this will be the assured and recognized objective of the educators of that time. Education, 57:in the future? And what will be the major objective of the coming new religion? Primarily it willEducation, 89:Human Relations and thus respond to the major objective of the coming educational systems.Education, 93:in the child from infancy, then the third objective of the new education will come with greaterEducation, 99:intelligent citizen of two worlds (the world of objective existence and the inner world ofEducation, 102:materialistically-minded person whose major objective has been self-betterment in a material sense.Education, 124:with those of a group which has for its basic objective the materializing of some ideal. ThroughEducation, 127:animal body, and the response mechanism whereby objective and outer contacts are made possible.Education, 137:The sex relation has, therefore, only one major objective, which is to produce physical bodies forEducation, 138:Summing up very briefly, I would say that the objective before the race as it enters into the newExternalisation, 14:a group of intelligent psychics should be a main objective, and the astral plane will then be, forExternalisation, 19:time, or against practices which have for their objective the arousing of the fires of the body,Externalisation, 22:Years is going forth today upon its mission. Its objective is to educate public opinion. It carriesExternalisation, 23:serve in these three ways, if you so desire. The objective of all the work to be done at this timeExternalisation, 27:impulse. They are subjective in fact and not objective in nature. They are distinguished by qualityExternalisation, 27:by form. That they may eventually produce potent objective effects is to be desired and such isExternalisation, 31:The second group, the Trained Observers, has the objective to see clearly through the use of theExternalisation, 31:The third group, the Magnetic Healers, has the objective of working with forces on the physicalExternalisation, 33:groups and the introverted groups, into the objective and the subjective levels of consciousness,Externalisation, 38:- will take the place of glamor, and the objective (personally considered) of this group ofExternalisation, 45:and the coming culture. It embodies the objective of all their work, and their contribution to theExternalisation, 46:triple healing activity is intended to be the objective of all groups working as this third group,Externalisation, 47:interesting course of study and an illuminating objective. Its instructions (See Education in theExternalisation, 49:strictly and consciously human. This was the objective of the impulse which inspired theExternalisation, 51:thought. Let it not be forgotten that the objective of all true governmental control is rightExternalisation, 52:unity in that the subjective spirit and the objective form are functioning towards one recognizedExternalisation, 53:it a material, national and selfish twist and objective, and so force it on the masses [54] byExternalisation, 56:two parties or two groups - those found on the objective and those on the subjective side of life. Externalisation, 59:to the energy in any form will be the training objective of the group members. Owing to theExternalisation, 65:Nothing can basically separate you. The objective of the work of these seed groups is toExternalisation, 79:group work and permit it to usurp the place of objective service. If it is so hard, my brothers, toExternalisation, 84:as you know, on that which is tangible and objective, guarded, defended or gained and procured byExternalisation, 84:and to the achievement of a tangible and objective civilization, the forces of materialism areExternalisation, 90:kingdom in nature may be a tangible, factual and objective occurrence upon the Earth. In theExternalisation, 94:through this crisis. Bear in mind that the objective before these groups is [95] to relate theExternalisation, 103:which germinates does not eventually appear in objective manifestation the activity is thenExternalisation, 106:as the press, the radio and travel. The inner objective of all this was to bring human beingsExternalisation, 126:its attendant risks) to pour into the world. The objective was to stimulate the free will of theExternalisation, 146:as it is a sequential happening and not an objective. Effectiveness is, therefore, dependent upon aExternalisation, 150:- Section II - The General World Picture The objective of these processes of invocation isExternalisation, 154:Picture You will now see a little of the occult objective which lay behind the words which I askedExternalisation, 192:General World Picture Right Human Relations The objective of their work can be summed up thus: theExternalisation, 192:any form of government, religion or party. The objective of those who are entrusted with theExternalisation, 213:between the two ways of living and the two objective attitudes are far more clearly defined than atExternalisation, 221:swing the weight of any influence you may have - objective or subjective, spiritual, emotional orExternalisation, 223:between the subjective world of energy and the objective world of forces and a thing of power, ofExternalisation, 226:for the work of the two Full Moons, keeping your objective clearly in mind and submittingExternalisation, 243:They point the way and indicate the needed objective. It will come when the mystic and the man ofExternalisation, 258:and are equally and uniformly united with the objective of ending oppression and slavery and ofExternalisation, 258:to these potent seven. Such a unification of objective and of purpose is possible and needed; andExternalisation, 263:other type of organization with some planned objective. Much reflection and brooding willExternalisation, 300:known as Love supernal, love as the goal and objective of creation, love as the basic principle ofExternalisation, 303:name because it expresses the quality and the objective of the force He brings and wields. AnotherExternalisation, 304:individual note is also synthesis and whose life objective is the will-to-good. These areExternalisation, 306:Where there is kinship in quality, in objective and in nature, it is possible for the Avatar toExternalisation, 323:was not and is not the only group with this objective, but it is definitely among the mostExternalisation, 324:individual activity is subordinated to the group objective and the decisions of the group inExternalisation, 324:of the group - unitedly dedicated to a specific objective - which is the point of major importance.Externalisation, 327:by trained desire, and will be brought into objective expression by the right direction of thought,Externalisation, 331:new ideals correctly, and aid in this main world objective. This understanding is more importantExternalisation, 340:due to the fact that the condition of unity of objective, of method and of interrelation had to beExternalisation, 342:men and between nations will be a longed-for objective, and what humanity determines to have itExternalisation, 348:between humanity and the Hierarchy. The first objective has been definitely reached. Today, at theExternalisation, 368:its object. If Gandhi were to succeed in his objective now, it would precipitate civil war inExternalisation, 377:hoped-for new world order and word briefly the objective which each person and nation should holdExternalisation, 384:blending yourself [384] with the sensed divine objective and identifying your will with the DivineExternalisation, 406:and humanity (blindly and unconscious of their objective) at the same time made great efforts toExternalisation, 412:effort at release and illumination, with the objective of group goodwill. We learn to perfectExternalisation, 470:in man, in all forms in all kingdoms, is the objective of the entire evolutionary process and thisExternalisation, 479:to the [479] strength of the evil group - objective and subjective - which has sought to gainExternalisation, 482:and happier approach to life is the primary objective. These forces will bring about the emergenceExternalisation, 482:the spiritual values which should determine the objective policies. These Forces will salvage theExternalisation, 495:forward were therefore both subjective and objective. A concerted effort was made by a number ofExternalisation, 496:of planned activity. This, by the way, is the objective of all true meditation work. It is in thisExternalisation, 516:world of endeavor as focal points for love. Our objective is the helping of the Great Ones and the
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