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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBJECTIVE

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Patanjali, 355:is the great objective of our race, and the objective of all Raja Yoga work. This may be calledPatanjali, 360:of evil." The yogin or disciple has achieved his objective. He has (through dispassion andPatanjali, 362:their own evolutionary path, but their immediate objective and their state of consciousness is notPatanjali, 362:its study would lead a man out of the world of objective effects into that of subjective causes. ItPatanjali, 364:emanations or "breaths," and every form in the objective world is the expression of a life asPatanjali, 365:subjective aspect in contradistinction to the objective and the essential. 3. Form or body. This isPatanjali, 365:Consciousness Form. Essence Subjective nature Objective form. [366] Of this knower we can apply thePatanjali, 368:3 - Union achieved and its Results 55. When the objective forms and the soul have reached aPatanjali, 368:can function freely on earth. Thus has the great objective been reached and through a following ofPatanjali, 369:of matter). 14. The manifestation of the objective form is due to the one-pointedness of thePatanjali, 378:realization, but serve as magical powers in the objective worlds." These higher powers arePatanjali, 382:himself; as he shifts his consciousness from one objective to another, so he alters himself, andPatanjali, 382:of our conscious thinking state from a low objective to a high one produces a flow of energy of aPatanjali, 382:of a vibratory quality equivalent to the higher objective. This produces a change or a mutation inPatanjali, 386:is found the one sentient existence; back of objective nature, the sum total of all forms in allPatanjali, 398:come to an end. Form consequently ceases, objective manifestation is no longer sought after, andPatanjali, 401:4 - Illumination 14. The manifestation of the objective form is due to the one-pointedness of thePatanjali, 401:the result of the egoic thought that it makes objective manifestation inevitable. The chitta orPatanjali, 405:spent itself cannot become the cause. Hence objective existence must be granted as independent ofPatanjali, 406:is the result of God's thought; every objective vehicle through which the life impulses of thePatanjali, 406:of the universe flows is produced and kept in objective manifestation through the steady flow ofPatanjali, 418:to the work of bringing that ideal into objective manifestation; he sees the vision of the kingdomPatanjali, viii:laid. The fourth initiation was at that time the objective. [ix] The subject of these greatProblems, 11:the ambitions of a nation) constitutes its ideal objective and is most effective in conditioningProblems, 63:Human Relations, and thus respond to the major objective of the coming educational systems.Problems, 99:symbolic in the days of its use, but a presented objective of his travels. The coloring of theProblems, 118:races and internationally all call for the same objective and for the same process of adjustment:Problems, 129:Western faith, Christianity, has been definitely objective in its presentation of truth; this wasProblems, 156:Subjective realization always precedes the objective manifestation and so it is today in this case.Problems, 158:the recognition of its stupendous potency; the objective of the coming Approach, of the preparatoryProblems, 176:is positive and scientific and, therefore, objective. This is further complicated by the fact thatPsychology1, xxiv:clearly the subjective [xxiv] outline under the objective form. But the effort to understandPsychology1, 13:drops away. To achieve that is their aim and objective. Psychology1, 18:express that which we call matter, or form, or objective expression; it is that illusory tangiblePsychology1, 22:and slowly becoming aware of the process and the objective, as our consciousness becomes more likePsychology1, 23:and to emerge from subjective being into objective becoming. We call these seven by various names,Psychology1, 48:devotion to the pursuit of a seen and determined objective. The soul is a Lord of love and wisdom,Psychology1, 54:masters the technique of contact which is its objective in any particular form. The soul therefore,Psychology1, 57:the technique of living which is, for man, the objective of his entire evolutionary experience. LetPsychology1, 60:He is a septenate at all times, but his objective is to be consciously aware of all the states ofPsychology1, 62:his intent, to live his life, and to fulfil the objective for which he created his body ofPsychology1, 67:to increase responsibility. The capacity to see objective significances and [68] then apply them toPsychology1, 69:how His energies (having produced the tangible objective worlds) are turned to the manifestation ofPsychology1, 82:or to achieve [82] popularity, or any other objective to which he consecrates his time and energy;Psychology1, 82:about the rearranging of all energies with the objective (unrealized consciously as yet) ofPsychology1, 90:For ages the search has gone on, [90] with the objective of the search - scientifically speaking -Psychology1, 122:with one-pointed zeal work towards some sensed objective. Many of the flowers in which you nowPsychology1, 136:remain thus the primal triplicity. Appearance is objective, and forms have been studiedPsychology1, 172:minds of its organizers: First, Political The objective of the work here planned was thePsychology1, 173:of a state of mind which was the primary objective, and not the establishing of some impossible andPsychology1, 184:dimension, and will blend the subjective and the objective together into a new world. Death willPsychology1, 185:Seven Rays I shall try to express the deepest objective of the Brotherhood, so that you canPsychology1, 193:in consciousness. Let us not forget that the objective of our present evolutionary process is thePsychology1, 194:the range of human knowledge, have the same objective. At the same time, they increase our capacityPsychology1, 216:Life, from the angle of: Phenomenal appearance, objective manifestation, or the externalization ofPsychology1, 222:inadequately, as follows: Kingdom Process Secret Objective 1. Mineral Condensation TransmutationPsychology1, 222:to elucidate the new psychology, and as its objective is to increase man's understanding ofPsychology1, 223:Base metals, standard metals, precious stones. Objective agency: Fire. Fire is the initiatingPsychology1, 224:world. We are considering the tangible and objective world. The internal constitution andPsychology1, 229:- resulting in the production of dense objective or solid matter - is the tangible result of thePsychology1, 229:into functioning activity, and in between their objective cycles the other rays dominate andPsychology1, 229:back again into that of which it is the objective condensation. Again language fails to find thePsychology1, 229:has been condensed into the dense tangible objective world. This - under the evolutionary plan -Psychology1, 234:found under the general heading of sea growths. Objective agency: Water. Subjective agency: Touch.Psychology1, 238:divine life. This living entity has a different objective to the Life which informs the fourthPsychology1, 242:This ray of struggle and of conflict has as its objective the production of harmony between formPsychology1, 252:of which it is not yet possible to judge? The objective of the experiment might be stated asPsychology1, 253:these groupings of lives fall in this kingdom. Objective agency: Fire and Water, - fierce desirePsychology1, 255:of the will, of directed purpose, of planned objective, and of intelligent design or plan. ThesePsychology1, 255:we shall see emerging a measure of purposive objective; and one means towards this end is to bePsychology1, 262:to the five senses in man, both subjective and objective. But we find the rays pouring throughPsychology1, 283:we shall work towards a solution and an objective which exist as yet on purely abstract mentalPsychology1, 289:forth to man his spiritual goal and God's great objective in the evolutionary process. First, thePsychology1, 317:them) in terms of their quality leading to their objective, as follows: The first Ray of Will leadsPsychology1, 320:the human evolution in this major cycle. Our objective is the harmonizing of the higher and thePsychology1, 328:the inherent light of the other three, that the objective of man's evolution is reached. ThisPsychology1, 330:I - Section Two - III. The Rays and Man Objective Agency: In the case of the human being, in whomPsychology1, 332:personality, and not just from the outer and objective physical condition. The influences whichPsychology1, 334:emerges in the consciousness and determines the objective of all evolving forms. Each human being,Psychology1, 334:universe and on a planet which is constantly the objective of God's love and desire, and whichPsychology1, 344:therefore, in their meaning, his goal and objective and the process whereby he attains: "The HolyPsychology1, 346:6. The creator, unifying the subjective and the objective. It is apparent that force in the firstPsychology1, 363:but they are rituals which have for their objective the inauguration and the assistance of variousPsychology1, 377:of Cleavages, - a divine law and one of fruitful objective. This must not be forgotten. ThePsychology1, 384:powers function in this way and with this wide objective in order to give to the planet,Psychology1, 423:Base metals, standard metals, precious stones. Objective Agency: Fire. Fire is the initiatingPsychology1, 424:under the general heading of "sea growths." Objective Agency: Water. Subjective Agency: Touch.Psychology1, 427:of which it is not yet possible to judge? The objective of the experiment might be stated asPsychology1, 428:these groupings of lives fall in this kingdom. Objective Agency: Fire and water, - fierce desirePsychology2, 6:of Soul Influence In man, the microcosm, the objective of the evolutionary purpose for the fourthPsychology2, 9:explain the human problem; they indicate the objective before man; they account for and explain thePsychology2, 9:the goal for the disciple. The initiate has the objective of expressing the Will of God throughPsychology2, 48:unity between the outer and the inner, the objective and the subjective, between spirit and matter,Psychology2, 64:system of the body. 6. This subjective and objective system governs the manifestation of the soulPsychology2, 69:plane. This is a simple statement of the objective of all aspirants. When the five energies arePsychology2, 78:the seen, the known, and the familiar, external, objective forms. The stage wherein thought formsPsychology2, 79:been detachment from the seen, the false, the objective and the unreal. Complete liberation fromPsychology2, 86:the individual good and the group good, the objective goal and the subjective goal, the materialPsychology2, 106:them work with perfect unanimity of purpose and objective, of technique and method, or completePsychology2, 120:of Divinity which are, today, man's next great objective.
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