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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBJECTIVELY

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Astrology, 380:desire into aspiration, begins his career - objectively and in full consciousness in the signAutobiography, 251:subjectively and - where [251] possible - objectively all those people of spiritual purpose and aAutobiography, 302:of every senior disciple must not only be useful objectively to the Hierarchy and to the ashram,Discipleship1, 29:to what the results will be - if any are to be objectively realized. The results may be sensed byDiscipleship1, 135:January 1940 The necessity to do and to be objectively active is a major glamor of yours, brotherDiscipleship1, 163:is over, what has been done subjectively and objectively will be so definite in its effects thatDiscipleship1, 211:that the present cycle of loneliness is still objectively true but subjectively ended. Do youDiscipleship1, 309:and keep in close touch, subjectively and objectively if possible, with your group brothers. [310] Discipleship1, 570:paramount, even if it has to be made objectively apparent. It is of vital moment to you. ItDiscipleship1, 592:You are now beginning to work out the solution objectively. Those who have erred in any spiritualDiscipleship1, 644:the human mind to understand, subjectively and objectively, the nature and purpose of man'sDiscipleship1, 724:a much closer rapport and relationship, both objectively and subjectively. Discipleship1, 783:band together subjectively and (where possible) objectively all those people of spiritual purposeDiscipleship2, 410:group is the one with which you are affiliated, objectively and subjectively; groups like the oneDiscipleship2, 575:the ignorant, the centers are first studied objectively, psychic exercises are undertaken in orderEducation, 101:supposed thereby to achieve some recognition, objectively and naturally, of the processes andExternalisation, 101:actuated, then the Kingdom of God will function objectively upon the earth. This is not yet theExternalisation, 106:the outer plane of existence and thus parallel objectively the developing inner, spiritual unity.Externalisation, 227:of the Full Moon of May, because it not only objectively links the major Eastern religion with theExternalisation, 248:re-established subjectively. They must be aided objectively and again inspired to work in orderExternalisation, 330:are a case in point. Therefore keep in touch objectively and subjectively with as many people asExternalisation, 333:four corners of the earth, both subjectively and objectively, and with reality; immediately theExternalisation, 572:the physical plane - subjectively as well as objectively - of the direction of human affairs. ThisExternalisation, 575:preparatory. This first great initiation will be objectively staged and the general public willExternalisation, 636:relationships, and at the same time demonstrate objectively the nature of the bad way. This theExternalisation, 652:if and when the Masters of the Wisdom function objectively and physically among people in - forExternalisation, 660:truism "as above, so below" will be rapidly and objectively demonstrated. This result and theExternalisation, 660:will nevertheless be one of the last to manifest objectively on the physical plane. The mission ofExternalisation, 660:who is making the primary effort to function objectively, to work before the screen of life and notExternalisation, 678:is existent, then the living form can appear. Objectively, therefore, the second ray work ofFire, 79:matter which (though physical) is not as yet objectively visible to the eye of man. They are theFire, 97:These three are the subjective life manifesting objectively. Fire: The essence of the first Logos.Fire, 223:basis of all that is now seen and known, both objectively and subjectively. We have somewhatFire, 233:cosmic Christ, the Son, or the Logos manifesting objectively. Fire, 244:and to full and active knowledge. This Son is objectively the solar system, inherently will orFire, 268:actively intelligent, inherently love, and are objectively seen through Their forms, the planetaryFire, 268:intelligence, are inherently love, and can be objectively contacted on the seven chains of aFire, 268:intelligence, is inherently love, and is objectively seen through one or other of his bodies. WhatFire, 269:this question can be expressed in terms of Fire: Objectively Subjectively 1. The sea of fire 1. OurFire, 273:them a specific sound which will demonstrate objectively as environing circumstances. In otherFire, 382:not be forgotten that, though manifesting thus objectively, He embodies in totality the chain andFire, 438:instance, works through force centers, manifests objectively through the color which is HisFire, 542:the "Great Sacrifice." This stage can be seen objectively to the eye of the clairvoyant as dual inFire, 691:body of the planetary Logos is manifested objectively. This is what is meant by the statements thatFire, 892:reason that the basis of all that which can be objectively seen is the etheric structure, and theseFire, 933:been generated to permit of his manifestation objectively. He remains as yet subjective. He has hisFire, 935:- the human, the animal, and the vegetable will objectively exist in etheric matter; that will beHealing, 506:of conditioned energy with which we are not so objectively familiar but which even psychologyHealing, 570:upon it. People have little idea how much - objectively speaking - they increase the potency of theHercules, 145:and discrimination: humility, to see his plight objectively and recognize his shortcomings;Intellect, 59:and mental life, with its attention focused objectively, goes through a process of reorientation,Intellect, 162:is an immediate 'information,' without an objectively interposed intermediary; it is the only actMagic, 157:succeeded by the stage wherein the form is seen objectively and becomes a vibrant living entity.Magic, 334:ladder of evolution, will be noted and become objectively apparent, the relative capacities of oldMagic, 541:individual dynamic ideas, must eventually emerge objectively on the physical plane. This is anMagic, 568:the soul as it takes incarnation and manifests objectively through a form, nor with the work of theMeditation, 228:life of the personality and are brought forward objectively through the practice of meditation;Meditation, 236:even the two kingdoms beneath the human will be objectively demonstrable. It was no idle boast ofMeditation, 251:capacity to make use of the laws of vibration be objectively possible. Think not that only thePsychology1, 160:under investigation is considered more or less objectively, and the true sources of the phenomenalPsychology1, 170:along other lines of force - whether manifesting objectively or active subjectively - havePsychology1, 373:the Temple of God, the solar system, organized objectively and subjectively; its courts and holyRays, 275:of light and of goodwill, and then will work objectively, directing the activities of those who areRays, 276:the true outer work begins, its potency will be objectively demonstrated because the Buddhas ofRays, 414:to sacred have not fully demonstrated themselves objectively. The mystery of this relationship isReappearance, 18:activity, but it will not be so when He is objectively and actually here. This is a point which theSoul, 54:spiritual activity. He asserts that all that is objectively seen is but the outward manifestation
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