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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBJECTIVES

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Healing, 387:Law of Karma. Fear is needless. One of the first objectives of the healing agent should be to aidHealing, 426:is governed by its own laws, and seeks its own objectives. But - in time and space - they mergeHealing, 427:of form, temporarily taken for two specific objectives: To gain control in the three worlds. ToHealing, 508:have their effects and their planned objectives within those three worlds. Hercules, 9:the server of humanity. Competition and selfish objectives have to be completely changed andHercules, 32:him the promise that, having achieved certain objectives, he may cease from incarnating and attainHercules, 32:of souls, and to vision group ends and group objectives. Now he has to learn to use the life forceIntellect, 24:its goal and so clarify our ideas as to the objectives ahead of all our endeavor. This is no easyIntellect, 28:questions arise as to the real goal and the true objectives. Dr. Randall realizes this in anIntellect, 65: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Four - The Objectives in Meditation CHAPTER FOUR TheIntellect, 65:- The Objectives in Meditation CHAPTER FOUR The Objectives in Meditation "Union is achieved throughIntellect, 67: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Four - The Objectives in Meditation Meditation carries theIntellect, 70: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Four - The Objectives in Meditation But the mystical way isIntellect, 73: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Four - The Objectives in Meditation This real Self is God -Intellect, 76: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Four - The Objectives in Meditation Man is a point of divineIntellect, 79: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Four - The Objectives in Meditation We are told, forIntellect, 79:These, when used with selfish and personal objectives, enhance the body life, strengthen the formIntellect, 83: From Intellect to Intuition - Chapter Four - The Objectives in Meditation Finally, meditationIntellect, 85:Becoming, are pertinent to this chapter on the objectives of the meditation process. He refers toIntellect, 91:Evelyn Underhill We have studied briefly the objectives which we set before ourselves as we seek toIntellect, 179:the study of mind reactions, their causes and objectives, are engrossing the attention [180] ofIntellect, 223:evoked by the breath for the furtherance of its objectives and for world service. Therefore, weMagic, 74:to note this and to remember that one of the objectives of the daily meditation is to enable theMagic, 239:ends, and the use of knowledge for personality objectives stand before the portal of the path inMagic, 258:majority, physical and emotional purity are the objectives, and primarily therefore liberation fromMagic, 359:and divine purpose is steadily working out its objectives. Magic, 503:earnest and sincere aspirants, there are other objectives than just the one of producing soul andMagic, 503:the ability of man unduly to emphasize the wrong objectives. It might well be asked if it isMagic, 602:a spiritual entity, different in nature, objectives and methods of working from the bodies which heMagic, 630:comes under the tongue of criticism. The false objectives of numbers, of power or of a formulatedMeditation, 115:close associates on the physical plane are his objectives in service, and if in the endeavor toMeditation, 155:certain specific stages and attained certain objectives (which attainment can be ascertained by aPatanjali, 354:of different types of energy to the chosen objectives, and herein opens up a vast field of studyPatanjali, 428:by the soul for the achievement of group objectives and the development of group consciousness uponProblems, 5:consciousness; these basically condition human objectives, all human contacts and underline withProblems, 9:and endeavor to implement sound, psychological objectives. International unity must be attained andProblems, 9:upon mutual trust but also upon correct world objectives and true psychological understanding. MenProblems, 30:their separate way towards their own selfish objectives? Will the smaller powers as well as theProblems, 32:- rebuilt along different lines, with different objectives and incentives and with well-definedProblems, 32:interest, a sense of responsibility and possible objectives but they are of small importance in anyProblems, 35:the past) but which will emphasize certain basic objectives which have hitherto been largelyProblems, 43:is also essential. Surely a basic unity of objectives should govern the educational systems of theProblems, 46:of the World One of our immediate educational objectives must be the elimination of the competitiveProblems, 55:an imperfect but symbolic picture of the triple objectives of the coming education: Civilization,Problems, 57:from our present competitive and materialistic objectives into those that will more fully expressProblems, 60:plus the recognition that the required shift in objectives and change in methods will take muchProblems, 68:one thriving group of human beings. All these objectives are good and their application to the lifeProblems, 93:- impossible vision of the [93] idealist. Their objectives, however, are still material, physicalProblems, 129:and ambitious. It has combined political objectives with pomp and ceremony, with great stoneProblems, 132:churches are also distinguished by material objectives. They are relatively free from any suchProblems, 147:nature, in its origin, its spiritual and mental objectives, its capacities, its qualities and itsProblems, 175:and not in terms of boundaries, of technical objectives and fears, in terms of the bargaining valuePsychology1, xxv:CHAPTER ONE I. Introductory Remarks 1. The Three Objectives in Studying the Rays The study of thePsychology1, 179:might be regarded as constituting the three main objectives in the fields of science, of politicsPsychology1, 186:aspects. This is, and should be, one of the objectives of all esoteric training. Men are intendedPsychology1, 222:considers the significance of these words. The objectives and processes of the two highest kingdomsPsychology1, 279:plane sexual relations for purely commercial objectives, then evil is the result. But it must bePsychology1, 351:This is one of the main activities and objectives of the Hierarchy, and in the right understandingPsychology1, 361:group spirit, and the rhythm of the group, the objectives of the group, and the ritual-working ofPsychology1, 382:of World Servers, for this is one of their main objectives and tasks. This must never be lost toPsychology2, 40:Longing for glory, beauty and for material objectives, Submergence in illusion, glamor, and maya,Psychology2, 43:The wrong use of speech to bring about chosen objectives, Untruth, Sex magic. The selfishPsychology2, 87:to make the meaning of these laws clear, their objectives simple and their potenciesPsychology2, 91:of Soul or Group Life A study of those expressed objectives A development of consciousness APsychology2, 180:is a fundamental and essential statement, if the objectives are rightly to be understood. In thesePsychology2, 182:a preliminary statement, we have the following objectives in the group work of the New Age, as theyPsychology2, 182:at this time. The later and more esoteric objectives will emerge as the earlier ones are reached:Psychology2, 216:Soul Control 1. The Aim of these Rules The objectives can (for our purposes) be stated as four inPsychology2, 218:of a still vaster and broader sweep, and Their objectives involve humanity only as an item in thePsychology2, 242:lay Their plans to bring about the desired objectives of the Heads of the Hierarchy, as They inPsychology2, 260:in the world and there pursuing their life objectives. They thus condition their surroundings byPsychology2, 326:that they remain unaware of the deeper objectives. Those who are dimly awakening to the fact thatPsychology2, 338:for material ends, bringing to bear upon those objectives all the force and power of an integratedPsychology2, 452:if he does not know it). A clarification of life objectives, and hence a dominant emphasis upon thePsychology2, 638:into ideals. These become in time the desired objectives of the thinkers, and are by them taught toPsychology2, 646:side of life. This program must have three objectives: 1. To discover, educate and blend togetherPsychology2, 650:or recognize each other from the similarity of objectives, ideals and methods, to be seen in theirPsychology2, 652:Today - The New Group of World Servers a. Objectives and Ideals The statement has been made thatPsychology2, 652:main objective has been reached. The immediate objectives of the Plan might be stated as follows:Psychology2, 655:inner synthesis, which is based on uniform objectives and which leads to that universal good willPsychology2, 656:Such is a broad and general idea of the objectives of the Plan and the aim of its Custodians. EachPsychology2, 660:Servers must have the above outlined ideals and objectives held constantly before them and theyPsychology2, 663:mutual good will and the unanimity of their objectives, expressed irrespective of nationalPsychology2, 667:public must be educated as to the aims and objectives of the new [668] group. Meditation groupsPsychology2, 675:and writing, and for that inner synthesis of objectives which recognizes the value of thePsychology2, 677:of World Servers is to interpret the ideals and objectives which should govern the race and toPsychology2, 681:A number of such units already exists. Their objectives are as follows: To educate the people inPsychology2, 682:circles and church, and enlighten them as to the objectives of the Group. [683] It takes no greatPsychology2, 688:momentous full moon in May? I shall state the objectives sequentially and [689] in the order ofPsychology2, 689:can and will be possible if the first of the objectives is achieved through the accomplishment ofPsychology2, 689:objective. Ponder on this synthesis of the three objectives. By what name these Living Forces arePsychology2, 690:been set forth, and who react favorably to the objectives of international understanding, economicPsychology2, 693:of the Hierarchy. The way in which these three objectives must be brought about, and the world bePsychology2, 717:of the New Group of World Servers. One of the objectives considered by the Council in May, 1937,Psychology2, 750:of all groups and persons working with similar objectives. The submergence of your temporaryRays, 17:emerged in the realm of human determinations and objectives. These are all the results of greatRays, 18:will still remain the character and purificatory objectives of the dedicated individual, but areRays, 76:Rules For Group Initiation That is one of the objectives before the Hierarchy at this time (writtenRays, 120:intelligence and love should be evolutionary objectives on the planet and the first two divineRays, 133:its grades, its modes of working and its objectives are now common property; much has been accepted
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