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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBJECTIVES

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Rays, 133:equally well known to the average person; the objectives of the hierarchical work must beRays, 203:no faintest idea; we are touching upon goals and objectives which confront the advanced Members ofRays, 212:inner Ashram. These are not, however, impossible objectives, or I would not waste your time or mineRays, 233:impulse coming from the Hierarchy. These objectives are not only individual objectives, but theRays, 233:These objectives are not only individual objectives, but the goal for the entire group. All whoRays, 300:organization - no matter what their expressed objectives - and the universality of the field fromRays, 328:unknown to you; what divine qualities and objectives may be revealed to the Master and to theRays, 335:Hierarchy has its own life and its own goals and objectives, its own evolutionary rhythm and itsRays, 397:put in touch with our planetary life; these objectives - with the life and conditions theyRays, 435:is true and - until the third initiation - these objectives, their conscious fusion, plus aRays, 442:This inner life with its three slowly revealed objectives concerns essentially the life ofRays, 459:branches and with its differing goals and objectives. The distinction (I said not "difference," andRays, 467:and their recognition and development are the objectives upon the Path of Probation. But to buildRays, 547:Ashram. Forget not that the Ashram has its own objectives, intentions and inner techniques whichRays, 567:the four higher initiations are to become living objectives in the initiate's consciousness. It isRays, 741:men succeed in renouncing their present material objectives and so prepare the way for a greatReappearance, 23:and thought about establishing the need, the objectives involved, the means to be employed. TheReappearance, 78:recognition that the sons of men are one. These objectives the Avatar of Synthesis will foster andReappearance, 95:united in their idealism, in their humanitarian objectives, in their sensitivity to spiritualReappearance, 165:essential or necessary that all these desirable objectives should be accomplished facts upon EarthReappearance, 167:what he contributed of help to these desirable objectives is little indeed. He knows that hisReappearance, 181:he may work, and who have the same spiritual objectives as he has. In this way and in due time, heSoul, 124:to the reality of the soul life. One of the objectives of human evolution is to accomplish this.Telepathy, 95:sensitive; the ideas, concepts and spiritual objectives of which he is becoming aware are steadilyTelepathy, 105:and therefore you will see one of the main objectives of true meditation. [106] The stage of
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