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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBJECTIVITY

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Astrology, 628:the Christ consciousness and the appearing, in objectivity of the Christ principle. In time andAtom, 34:what lay back of all manifestation and of objectivity itself. But when radium, and the otherAtom, 130:substance aspect of manifestation; it deals with objectivity, and with that which is material,Destiny, 110:ideas and idealisms must be brought through into objectivity and so expressed in a new way. OnlyDiscipleship2, 491:you will make rapid progress into spiritual objectivity, and your light [492] will shine forth moreExternalisation, 27:that has been part of the intended plan. Right objectivity and expression has been the goal, andFire, xiii:of sentient lives who form the essence of objectivity; to indicate the nature of those HierarchiesFire, 41:second aspect. (S. D., I., 108) Their method is objectivity The reawakened Energies sprang intoFire, 52:not loss of identity, but the cessation of objectivity and the escape of Spirit, plus mind, to itsFire, 53:the evolution of all that has evolved into objectivity by means of latent fire. Planetary, or theFire, 63:Out of manifestation time is not, and freed from objectivity states of consciousness are not. 18 T.Fire, 72:as Fohat has to do with active manifestation or objectivity, so the personality Ray has to do withFire, 79:etheric body of man holds hid the secret of his objectivity. It has its correspondence on theFire, 85:out can be seen in every case of entified objectivity. When the Thinker on his own plane withdrawsFire, 87:existing in etheric matter - will withdraw from objectivity and become obscured. From the usualFire, 132:is active intelligent matter plus the gain of objectivity, and the increased radiatory and latentFire, 132:form, the solar system is not in pralaya but in objectivity, - this objectivity having in view theFire, 132:is not in pralaya but in objectivity, - this objectivity having in view the addition of anotherFire, 147:his manifestation. Just as our Logos is seeking objectivity through His solar system in itsFire, 147:of which the present is the second, so man seeks objectivity through his three bodies - physical,Fire, 150:and third Logoi (being the production of the objectivity of the essential Spirit) is more easy toFire, 158:The production of obscuration, and the end of objectivity or manifestation, The reabsorption of theFire, 164:the Monad abstracts and garners the fruits of objectivity. We will therefore only concern ourselvesFire, 165:powers of Spirit. They are not connected with objectivity and manifestation, but with force, or theFire, 166:through, and are instrumental in bringing about objectivity, - being the force centers. The centersFire, 176:wherein love and wisdom are being brought into objectivity, the bulk of the monads are on theFire, 179:force centers exist which are productive of objectivity. The centers in the human being areFire, 224:fundamental importance. [224] a. The science of objectivity. The manifestation of the Son throughFire, 232:blaze forth and demonstrate light or fiery objectivity. Expand so as to include that which liesFire, 237:perplexing mystery of the reason why there is objectivity at all. It is one that has been askedFire, 240:of their marriage or at-one-ment. He assumes objectivity in order to express that which is in eachFire, 243:the interplay between the two produces: [243] Objectivity, or the manifested Son or Sun. EvolutionFire, 243:is objective and of that which lies back of objectivity. 99 Consciousness expresses that whichFire, 244:above logoic relationship during evolutionary objectivity, and the whole aim of progressiveFire, 254:His spheroidal shape. His ring-pass-not, during objectivity, is definite and seen. His internalFire, 260:and all concerned with the fact of intelligent objectivity itself. Perhaps if we paraphrased theFire, 260:query, and brought it down to microcosmic objectivity, the problem might not appear so complex. WeFire, 261:threefold lower nature, the points of densest objectivity. This threefold lower nature is inFire, 262:- Manas, or higher mind. The Son aspect in objectivity. The body egoic or causal body. The lowerFire, 263:Love-Wisdom. The Vishnu aspect. On the plane of objectivity - The Triad: 3. Atma. 4. Buddhi. 5.Fire, 263:as He manifests in duality. This is prior to objectivity, which requires the presence of the three.Fire, 264:form. We have, therefore, considered: Sevenfold objectivity - the material forms. SevenfoldFire, 268:the result of the evolutionary process. Just as objectivity is dual, life-form, so subjectivity isFire, 274:a subplane note, and of all that is called into objectivity by that note - Plane Repetition. TheFire, 286:the information which is concerned with densest objectivity, the sumtotal of facts connected withFire, 289:system, to the acquisition of wisdom through objectivity, and to the transmutation of the earlierFire, 310:the great Will-to-be that brings Them forth into objectivity. Manas has been defined as mind, orFire, 311:aspect of that force which eventually results in objectivity. Cosmically considered, it is thatFire, 313:a similar sense these Three find Their densest objectivity in the three Physical ethers. The lowerFire, 314:body, and the discontinuance of all enforced objectivity in the three worlds at the close of theFire, 315:causes that which we call light, and thereby objectivity. During evolution this demonstrates asFire, 315:Man and a solar Logos, and their bodies of objectivity. In man this polarity is achieved, the threeFire, 317:of intelligence, of desire, and of physical objectivity. Always must the analogy be held betweenFire, 319:Word. Electricity as Light, causing spheroidal objectivity. This is the birth of the Son. It coversFire, 319:only with three planes, and flashing into objectivity on the solar physical. It will beFire, 325:current burns up that which had caused objectivity, and that which shone. Let us carry this ideaFire, 325:cosmic ethers, and therefore form the body of objectivity of a Heavenly Man in exactly the sameFire, 332:of a Heavenly Man and His lowest point of objectivity. In man his lowest point of objectivity isFire, 332:point of objectivity. In man his lowest point of objectivity is the fifth subplane of the physicalFire, 334:of the egoic cycles of man. The cycle of objectivity of a solar Logos persists for the greaterFire, 381:incarnation of a planetary Logos, Emerging into objectivity, [382] Manifesting, Gradually enteringFire, 383:The wheel turns, and in its turning sweeps into objectivity one of its seven globes, or brings intoFire, 395:purpose of some Being, working out in active objectivity, and having touched upon the interrelationFire, 397:- S. D., I, 143. The six are the symbol of objectivity - S. D., II, 625. They are the deva aspectFire, 404:manifestation and only through the cycles of objectivity, is such an entity as man possible, or canFire, 405:which we call a sun, and results in light or objectivity. Within the ring-pass-not, therefore, theFire, 409:manifestation, equally involving lesser forms of objectivity, and holding them likewise unified byFire, 414:of that name in our scheme) will flash into objectivity. Forget not that the schemes manifest asFire, 415:eventually schemes, will apparently vanish from objectivity, and drop out of sight. They will beFire, 437:cosmic ether, but which, at the present stage of objectivity, become systemically visible in theFire, 449:- through utterance - sweeps into evolutionary objectivity His scheme and all that is therein. TheFire, 458:the close correspondence between their bodies of objectivity. 2. The animal kingdom is the third ofFire, 501:Purpose', which lies back of all physical objectivity, and which is seen working out in every life.Fire, 507:which hold hid the fires of substance, or of objectivity; it cannot be too strongly pointed out atFire, 516:into form, and attracts matter for purposes of objectivity. The astral sound produces theFire, 519:in physical matter which produced His body of objectivity. On the second plane are found the sevenFire, 527:aspect force or substance. What has been said of objectivity, or of the cosmic atom can be equallyFire, 530:S. D., I, 407. Impulse is spirit energy causing objectivity. - S. D., I, 349; S. D., I, 683. TheFire, 558:dense physical globe will die and pass out of objectivity, and other globes will temporarily holdFire, 561:concerns the tangible, that which deals with objectivity, is the more emphasized, and of supremeFire, 606:have not sufficiently grasped the fact that objectivity is an inevitable result of an innerFire, 613:It is that subjective activity which produces objectivity, and concerns those emanatory impulsesFire, 654:plane from the standpoint of creation, and of objectivity, for they are the life of matter itselfFire, 671:negative and positive substance which produces objectivity must be studied in a threefold manner ifFire, 685:of the Heavenly Man, and thus swings into objectivity those Monads (energized by the life of theFire, 729:the three aspects of the Deity. He is, while in objectivity: The Self, the Not-Self, and theFire, 733:from a particular type of activity, involving objectivity, yet from the point of view of the greatFire, 788:form we know so well. It is his lowest point of objectivity and his direct "imprisoning." ThisFire, 845:substance of any particular globe in physical objectivity. The mystery of the whole subject liesFire, 906:ray is a primary factor in the production of objectivity. The energy of the planetary Logos of theFire, 927:from all the three aspects, to bring into objectivity that which is as yet subjective. This isFire, 957:upon the physical plane, and thus achieve objectivity, man has to work as a unit. This infers theFire, 971:clothed in mental and astral matter, passes into objectivity on the physical plane. [972] A laterFire, 1013:one of two types of force before it passes into objectivity. Upon the action taken depends theFire, 1013:becomes an expression of the divine attributes. Objectivity may then ensue as a voluntary offeringFire, 1021:the etheric levels. Here the work of producing objectivity is carried forward, and here the workerFire, 1023:the magician (as he is working on the plane of objectivity) is in a position to use his own vitalFire, 1024:vital energy which will drive this idea into objectivity. As the different types of forces meet andFire, 1063:S. D., I, 407. Impulse is Spirit energy causing objectivity. - S. D., I, 349, 683. The LogosFire, 1234:in itself, becomes a concretion on the plane of objectivity, and as stated above, an idea lies
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